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  • Need an iPhone battery boost? Install iOS 7.1.1

    24 April 2014, 4:47 pm by: Kevin C. Tofel

    After installing iOS 7.1.1 when it became available on Tuesday, I thought I saw a marked improvement in my iPhone’s battery life. I’m not the only one as ZDNet’s Adrian Kingsley-Hughes noted the same on Thursday, sharing results from multiple six-hour…
  • Google, Apple, Adobe and Intel will pay $324M to settle anti-poaching lawsuit

    24 April 2014, 4:04 pm by: Jeff John Roberts

    It's going to be an extra payday for thousands of Silicon Valley engineers after some of the region's biggest employers agreed to settle a lawsuit over an illegal pact not to hire each others' employees.
  • Tapped out: A few reasons why Apple iPad sales have slowed

    24 April 2014, 2:15 pm by: Kevin C. Tofel

    Typically a product that shows nothing but yearly growth, Apple's iPad slipped in sales this past quarter, marking otherwise excellent results. Was the drop due to inventory management as Apple CEO Tim Cook suggests? Perhaps. Perhaps not.
  • This Qi-enabled wireless battery pack looks like an iPhone (and works with one too)

    24 April 2014, 12:24 pm by: Kif Leswing

    QiPack's wireless charging power pack hopes to stand out from the crowded battery field with a iPhone-aping design and a slick aluminium case.
  • Opera Coast: Simple and enjoyable browsing on an iPhone or iPod touch

    24 April 2014, 10:02 am by: Kevin C. Tofel

    My new favorite browser for iOS is Opera Coast. The newest version for iPhone and iPod touch joins the already available iPad edition, bringing more of a simpler web consumption experience instead of a web navigation exercise: Definitely a must try.
  • ShopKeep raises $25M for its processor-agnostic iPad payments system

    24 April 2014, 7:30 am by: Kevin Fitchard

    ShopKeep is selling a host of cloud-based tools for handling cash and card transactions, managing employees and tracking inventory -- all accessed from an iPad screen. Unlike its competitors, though, ShopKeep isn't actually processing transactions.
  • Apple earnings: $46B in revenue, 43 million iPhones sold

    23 April 2014, 4:31 pm by: Kif Leswing

    Apple on Wednesday reported second-quarter revenues of $45.6 billion and profits of $10.2 billion. It sold 43 million iPhones and 16 million iPads.
  • Move over Xbox Kinect, Siri might be coming to Apple TV

    23 April 2014, 4:12 pm by: Kevin C. Tofel

    It's about time Siri learned a new trick and it may come in the form of Apple TV support. Code snippets in iOS 7.1 suggest that Siri could help you find new television content or change the channel for you.
  • Another day, another ridiculous cloud storage deal

    23 April 2014, 11:50 am by: Barb Darrow

    iDrive is now offering iPhone and iPad users 100GB of storage for 99 cents. For the year. Meanwhile, 50GB worth of Apple iCloud weighs in at $100 per year.
  • Viber launches new polished apps for iOS 7 and BlackBerry 10

    23 April 2014, 10:57 am by: Kevin Fitchard

    Viber's new look for iOS 7 isn't just cosmetic. It's added a handful of new features such as multi-photo messaging and block lists. It's also finally supporting BlackBerry's latest OS.

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