favicon Auxo completely reinvigorates the iOS app switcher

  • iDownload Blog Dec 20, 2012, 5:24 pm by: Jeff Benjamin368 pts


    Back in October we posted a tidbit on an iOS app switcher concept that was making waves across the Internet. Initially posted on The Verge forums, designer @Sentry_NC‘s concept was met with approval by many, including readers here on iDB.

    A lot of times, though, these sorts of things never go anywhere. Concept photos and videos are nice, but rarely do they evolve into anything more than that. Well, I’m happy to tell you that Sentry’s concept hasn’t followed the status quo in this regard. Bent on making his concept a reality, he collaborated with developers, Jack Willis, and JamieD360, to bring the idea to fruition.

    We’ve been fortunate enough to gain access to the final build of the real live working tweak. Auxo is its name, and changing the stock iOS app switcher for the better is the game…(...)
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