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  • Speed-up Word 2016 [1]

    Jun 17, 2017, 8:58 am By mcf
    As a professional writer I use Microsoft Word a lot but Word 2016 has always been problematically and annoyingly slow once I get beyond a few pages of text. Here’s some suggested fixes.
  • Massively speed-up your Mac's public VPN [2]

    May 26, 2017, 10:54 am By mcf
    Recently I underwent a revelatory experience when using the public VPN service I subscribe to. I’d only ever been able to get 1Mbit speeds, at best, and typically the speed yo-yoed between just a few kilobits and that speed. On a whim I tried a third-party…
  • Fill your Mac's menu bar with USEFUL info!

    May 26, 2017, 7:03 am By mcf
    Speaking personally I love the Mac’s menu bar, which runs across the top of the screen. I think it’s one of many things that makes using a Mac so much more likeable and fun. It stays there no matter what (provided you don’t choose to hide it!), and the…
  • Kill irritating web page elements in Safari [1]

    May 25, 2017, 10:46 am By mcf
    The history of the web has sadly been a history of irritations. Even now web designers don’t know better than to place irritations in the way of content. Sometimes these are adverts. Sometimes they’re social widgets. Sometimes they’re just things the web…
  • How to hide menu bar icons on Mac – for free! [2]

    May 2, 2017, 12:30 pm By mcf
    For many Mac power-users the Bartender app has been a solid inclusion in their must-have list of apps. It’s asking price isn’t high at $15 but there’s now a way to get the most vital feature it provides – hiding any menu bar icons you select –…
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