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  • Onecue Brings Kinect-Like Motion Controls to Apple TV, Other Devices

    Tue 8:23pm By Leif Johnson
    We're still waiting on Apple to start implementing its own motion controls into Apple TV (if they ever come at all), but in the meantime, other companies are already stepping in to fill the gap with third-party devices. Among the most notable is Onecue, which…
  • Apple's Market Cap Reaches $700 Billion Milestone

    Tue 6:48pm By Leif Johnson
    Another day, another story about Apple breaking records for its market value. But this time, it's really, really impressive. Today the Cupertino company's market capitalization shot over $700 billion for the first time before slipping a bit in after-hours…
  • How to Get Started with Libre Office

    Tue 2:53pm By Matthew Hanson
    If you use your Mac for word processing, creating and editing spreadsheets or putting the finishing touches to a slideshow presentation, you need a suite of office applications with the right tools.The Microsoft Office suite is near ubiquitous, but we’ve…
  • Review: Shovel Knight

    Tue 1:13pm By Chris Hoffman
    For years Apple fans have clamored for Nintendo to bring its catalog of vintage games to iOS, and though that’s not likely to happen anytime soon, the arrival of Shovel Knight on Mac might be the next-best thing. Clearly inspired by the games of yesteryear,…
  • Deals: Get ilumi, the Smart Bulb that Will Last You For 20 Years

    Tue 12:00pm By MacLife Staff
    Having the right lighting in a room can change the entire feel of the environment. Imagine setting up the lights in your room like those that you see in a theater, or getting the perfect feel for your house party with light that matches the music. No matter…
  • Morning Report: New iPhone 6 Ads, Universal Rescues Biopic, Voice Thanks

    Tue 8:11am By J.R. Bookwalter
    In what has to be one of the quickest turnarounds in Hollywood history, the Steve Jobs biopic dumped by Sony last week has a new home at Universal, complete with a new leading man to play the iconic Apple CEO. Our Tuesday Morning Report also has the details on…
  • iCloud Progress Held Back By 'Deep Organizational Issues' at Apple

    Mon 8:05pm By Leif Johnson
    Apple has always been, shall we say, behind the times regarding iCloud, allowing the competition to gain significant footholds in cloud-based services while the Cupertino company launches new features at a sluggish pace. And according to a new report from The…
  • iPhone 6 Pushes App Store to Record Downloads Last Month

    Mon 8:02pm By Leif Johnson
    We already know from estimates of hardware sales that the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are selling spectacularly well, but new marketing research from Fiksu demonstrates that its success is apparent elsewhere, too. According to their data, sales and interest in…
  • New App Recap 11/24/14: Thanksgiving Edition

    Mon 6:06pm By J.R. Bookwalter
  • Easy Mac Hacks: Using the San Francisco Font in OS X Yosemite

    Mon 1:42pm By Cory Bohon
    When the WatchKit was released last week, developers were shocked, stunned, and thrilled about a new font that the Apple Watch uses: San Francisco. This new font is the default font on the Apple Watch that is clean, crisp, and makes readability much better on…
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