Latest App Store scam exposed is a kids game with a hidden online casino

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    By Michael PotuckApr 15, 2021, 5:42 pm490 ptsTop

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    Developer Kosta Eleftheriou has developed a knack for finding App Store scams over the last few months. And the latest one he’s exposed is quite interesting. The app disguises itself as a kids’ game but in reality, it’s an online casino that bypasses Apple’s in-app purchase system and appears to be scamming users out of unknown sums.

    Kosta shared about this latest scam he discovered on Twitter today. In the description, “Jungle Runner 2k21” claims to be a “fun running game” for ages 4+ (Apple appears to have pulled the game in the US). However, for those opening the game from an IP address in Turkey (or with a VPN), the app is actually a crooked online casino that uses its own payment system.

    Notably, we have seen another case where a developer snuck a banned Iranian app back into the App Store with this same strategy.

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