From Casino to Podcasts: Four of the Best Apps to Keep You Entertained This August

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    There are dozens of great reasons to own Apple devices, but if you're reading this site, we're going to assume you're already aware of them. From ease of use through to clever features and that unique iPhone experience, it's easy to understand why the brand has so many diehard fans out there.

    One upside that's not talked about as often as it should be are the millions of apps that Apple products give you access to. With something to suit your every need and want, there are some truly incredible options out there, ranging from simple to super-refined and highly specialist.

    Some are designed to make it easier to stay organised; others, to get on top of our health and fitness. Our favourites, however, are created for the sole purpose of keeping us entertained, and they manage to do it with aplomb.

    Here are four of the best apps to download this August.

    Pocket Casts

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    Are you a fan of podcasts? Then this one is for you! While there are lots of great options out there, it's fair to say that Apple's specialist home-grown podcast app doesn't always do them justice, so sometimes you have to look elsewhere to find the breadth and quality of content you want. Enter Pocket Casts, which makes it eminently easy to discover the sort of output you're actually interested in. With lots of settings to refine your searches and help you stumble across as-yet-unknown options that will be right up your street, it costs very little and has the added boon of being available on multiple devices. This means you can sync it across your various pieces of tech, to listen to what you like whenever and wherever it suits you.

    Paddy Power

    Do you like to have the occasional flutter on the roulette table, or is it online blackjack that's your poison? When you download the Paddy Power app, you're granted access to all of this and more, with everything that's available via the company's website made mobile-optimised in the app version. This includes not only online slots and instant wins but an extensive selection of card games, sports betting and live casino too, leaving players spoilt for choice.


    Radio is a technology that should have fallen by the wayside once portable music came along, yet still it endures. Not only that, but we haven't lost one iota of our love for it! That's why we know you'll enjoy this app. Sharing broadcast and internet-only radio channels for listeners from across the globe, it has lots of niche and highly specialist stations, so that even the most discerning music aficionado can find something they like. If you have a taste for more vintage tunes, for example, there are channels that only play music from the '40s and '50s; likewise, if your palette leans more toward modern, you'll have hundreds of different options to pick between.


    game controllers

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    Last but not least, how about downloading Twitch this summer? While the app may not enable you to stream your own videos, it does still give you access to content from all of your favourite gaming personalities, while enabling you to chat with fellow fans playing demo slot all game providers through your mobile too. Filled with content from players of all levels, from pure hobbyists to full-time professionals, its archives contain footage from almost every video game ever released – as well as creative pursuits of various types. That means plenty to keep you entertained the next time you're climbing the walls.

    Do any of these fun boredom-buster apps tickle your fancy?

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