Alternative Payment Methods for MacOS, iPhones, and iPads for User Diversity

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    The rise in financial and technological innovation has been met by numerous sanctions from national governments worldwide because the payment solutions providers operate under the licence of various governments and their monetary policies. Inclusively, Apple Pay is a licensed platform used by Apple users all over California in conducting multiple transactions, such as subscriptions, shopping, trading, and others. But, are there other alternatives?

    This article discusses the alternative methods of payment for Apple users, especially the non-English speaking population. Accessibility for this population segment means a robust revenue margin for Apple and third-party vendors. It also means that these developers consider the socio-cultural setting of these users in these payment solutions' functionality, retention, and profitability.

    Here are some of the best payment solutions and alternatives to Apple Pay to suit users diversity.

    Best alternative payment methods for Apple users

    Some of these payment methods have been around for long, and they have had a lot of time to adapt their product to a more significant percentage of the population. Developers have optimised these alternatives for financial inclusion and access across cultural and national barriers.

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    Before the launch of Apple Pay, first in the United States and then the rest of the world, Mastercard had been integrating payment solutions and conducting transactions for a while. The platform allows for integration into e-commerce platforms with different languages. Of the 215 physically recorded countries worldwide, Mastercard boasts of serving organisations in up to 210 countries. The platform hosts languages from the Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America‎, North America, the Middle East, and Africa.

    Mastercard is accepted across many platforms since it has been around for a long time. For example, industry experts at BonusFinder Italy, Amazon, and Alibaba amongst many others use a Mastercard payment gateway for their customers to access their services. It's crucial that payment portals are trusted and recognised by users, especially on sites offered by BonusFinder, as punters want to ensure their money is being looked after on various gambling sites. While it is slightly beyond reach for startups to utilise, Mastercard it is the preferred payment solution for more extensive, high-turnover businesses.


    Postepay is a co-brand of Mastercard. Postepay was founded in 2018 to offer payment solutions to the tech-savvy Italians. It has since grown and integrated into several platforms. Sites targeted at the Italian demographic now have a payment solution that fits their linguistic needs.


    Skrill is a digital wallet. As a digital wallet, Skrill is more suited to be an alternative to Apple Wallet than to Apple Pay. We have included it in this article because it solves payment issues for iPhone users across different borders and platforms. Skrill was formerly known as 'MoneyBookers,' and from 2001, has grown to operate in 131 countries, offering up to 40 currencies. After Optimal Payments acquisition of Skrill, the platform obtained more features and had more functions integrated into it. It now also accepts and transacts in cryptocurrency.

    As time and technology advance, there are more and more socio-centric solutions made available for business and lifestyle. As Apple products improve the quality and class of life for its users worldwide, these payment solution providers make financial inclusion and access easier for users regardless of their cultural and geographical orientation.

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