iPhone Casinos vs PC Casinos

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    The argument of whether it is better to play at mobile casinos or PC casinos is as old as the mobile gaming industry itself. The modernization of the iGaming industry has led to a much more widespread presence of iPhone casinos, while PC casinos have now been around for well over 20 years.

    Although most modern casinos work well on computers and smartphones alike, we feel like it's time to finally settle the age-old debate of iPhone casinos vs PC casinos. In this article, we'll provide arguments for both sides and draw conclusions based on the facts that we gather from our research, as well as what we know from our experience.

    iPhone Casinos & PC Casinos – What You Should Know

    Whether you're looking to play on mobile or PC, it's important to know the basic aspects of each type of casino before you embark on your iGaming journey. Let's take a look at the general characteristics of these casinos and some general similarities that both types of websites share.

    • Available Games: The vast majority of modern casino games are developed to be played on mobile devices as well as on computers. Thus, it is common to see galleries with thousands of games in either type of casino.
    • Casino Bonuses: Casino bonuses can be claimed on mobile or PC. In fact, you can claim a casino bonus on PC and fulfill the wagering requirements on your iPhone, provided that the casino is available on either platform. A no deposit bonus casino could be available either on PC or on mobile!
    • Payment Methods: Since players share casino accounts between platforms, payment methods are also the same. Credit cards, debit cards, Skrill, Neteller, or even cryptocurrencies can be used to deposit and play on PC or iPhone casinos.
    • Software Providers: World-class providers like NetEnt, Pragmatic Play, and Evolution go out of their way to develop games that are compatible with all available platforms. You will have the choice to play
    • Security: As long as your preferred casino offers SSL encryption and safe payment methods, you should be safe to play on any platform of your choice.

    Benefits of Playing in iPhone Casinos

    iPhone casinos are extremely popular – even more so than Android casinos. Let's take a look at the main reasons why these sites are so popular and why they may be a better option for you to visit instead of their PC counterparts.

    • Ease of access from anywhere: The main advantage of iPhone-compatible casinos is that you will have the option to play your favorite games from anywhere you are. iPhone casinos are accessible from your browser or via an app, which makes it easy for you to easily choose your favorite games and play them on the go.
    • Optimized galleries and games: The best iPhone casinos allow you to safely and easily browse their game galleries without much trouble. Your phone's screen will display a smaller catalog than your PC, but this will make the games much easier to find and browse.
    • Mobile-specific rewards: Some online casinos, albeit not all of them, offer mobile-specific rewards. Some casino bonuses can only be activated if you play on your phone, whether that is by downloading the app of casino or accessing the casino on your iPhone browser. Read the terms of each offer to understand how it works.
    • Apps and browsing: iPhone Casinos don't only have this advantage in their favor over PC casinos, but also over Android Casinos. Apple isn't as limiting regarding betting apps as Google, which means that you'll be able to safely download them from your device's store. There's no need to incur external download links to get them, nor will you need to jailbreak your device.

    Benefits of Playing in PC Casinos

    Playing on iPhone Casinos has its many advantages, but there are plenty of reasons why some players still opt to visit PC Casinos (or Mac Casinos, for that matter). We'll take a look at some of the points in favor of PC Casinos:

    • A wider array of games: You will notice that the game galleries of your favorite casinos are often wider when browsing them on a computer. This is because even though most modern games are developed to operate on iPhone Casinos as well as on computers, older games were only made for PC and some newer games are still incompatible with mobile devices
    • A smoother experience: As fast as iPhones are, most online casinos run smoother -and load quicker- when browsed from a computer. Games that aren't mobile-optimized generally make up less than 10% of a casino's catalog, but it's still a factor to consider when playing on a PC.
    • Easier deposits: Access to a computer makes it easier for players to deposit and withdraw money from their favorite casino. You can use your phone to confirm payments (depending on the method chosen) if you're not playing directly on it.
    • Larger screen: As convenient as it is to play on an iPhone Casino, those who seek to enjoy games on a larger scale are likely going to prefer playing on computers. This is especially true if you're keen to enjoy activities like virtual sports betting or live dealer games.

    iPhone Casinos vs PC Casinos – Where to Play?

    iPhone casinos and PC casinos have their sets of benefits that make them worthy of a visit. Ultimately, the best type of casino that you can visit will vary depending on what you're looking for. If you're on the go, then iPhone casinos will be the way to go. However, if you don't mind sitting in front of your computer to play, then we have to recommend you check out PC casinos.

    Most of these websites are available on both platforms anyway, be it via an app on your phone or via the mobile browser of your iPhone. You can play on a computer while at home and then play on your phone when you're away. You can use the same account to play, so you won't even need to transfer your balance from one place to another.

    Be sure to visit licensed online casinos before you make a deposit, choose a site that offers the games that you're looking for, and begin your journey now!

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