Your Apple Gift Guide This Christmas

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    Dec 5, 2023, 12:02 pm1k pts

    It's that time again when the big man finds his way down the chimney, the adults all find a reason to eat too much, and we search out new gifts for our friends, families, or ourselves. 2023 has delivered a great refreshed line of Apple systems, evolving old designs and bringing forward cutting-edge new features. To help you find the perfect gift for the perfect person, we're going to cover the key releases anyone would be delighted to find under their tree.

    Looking for a Phone?

    Apple's iPhone line set off the trend of smartphones when they first hit shelves in 2007, and they still set many standards in the industry today. Now entering their 14th generation, the different iPhone models are still the hottest sellers in the smartphone space.

    To choose which iPhone will make the right gift, you'll first need to consider the usage patterns of the person you're buying for. This will ensure you'll end up with the perfect device to fit their needs. Whether dropping some subtle questions or just checking out their social media posts, it shouldn't be too difficult to understand what fit will be best for them.

    Armed with this knowledge, it's time to check out iPhone comparison details to narrow down your choice. If they push their phone to the max and use all the features it has, the powerful iPhone 14 Pro Max - £1,199 could be the best bet. Should they require a smaller device, 6.1" iPhone 14 Pro - £1,099 could be the superior choice.

    How About a Tablet?

    Not to be outdone by their cousins in the phone space, iPads offer a similarly great selection of features from those after a bigger package. As with iPhones, it's best to ask around first to see what the recipient will need to ensure our purchase is the right one.

    If going fast is important, then the speedy iPad Pro 12.9-inch - £1,249 demonstrates the best in their class. Users after a lighter and more mobile tablet could instead focus on iPad Air - £669, which offers unparalleled convenience. Of course, classic iPads - £499 are still great all-rounders.

    Putting a Laptop Under the Tree

    Rounding the final corner of potential presents to wrap, we have to weigh the laptops which are great fits for browsing, studying, or getting some serious creative work done. As with the other systems in this list, there's always a platform to suit someone's particular needs.

    Turning to the lighter end of the designs, MacBook Air - £1,399 is a powerful and easily transportable system. All-rounders are catered to by MacBook Pro 14-inches - £1,699, now featuring a cutting-edge Apple M3 Chip. For those in need of a serious working platform, MacBook Pro's 16-inch lineup is the most powerful on offer.

    No matter what platform of device you end up choosing, it might be worth also purchasing the right accessories as companions. The right USB cables and headphones can do great things and can help streamline the setup process even further. Most of all, we hope you have a great time this holiday season.

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