The Apple Vision Pro and Developments in VR

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    Dec 18, 2023, 1:52 pm1k pts

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    The new Apple Vision Pro, a mixed reality headset, is due to hit the US markets next year.

    Apple hasn't revealed a great deal of information about the impending release, but we do know that it looks pretty slick! The release of the headset has been dauubed in some trepidation, with industry experts hailing Apple's venture into VR as somewhat of a risk.

    However, with its sleek design, customisation options and even rumours of anti-motion sickness technology, it looks like it could be something pretty special.

    For now, we'll have to stick to our regular VR sets and as we eagerly await Apple's new arrival we take a look at what's working (and what isn't) across various sectors in the virtual and augmented world.

    Interior design

    Retail giant Furniture Village has recently introduced a virtual store, allowing shoppers to virtually browse the shop floor of their Crawley branch. This gives customers the chance to peruse items as they would in person as opposed to viewing stand-alone images. Whilst a little rudimentary, the technology offers the opportunity to come across products that may not have been discovered using a standard search and allows shoppers to compare and contrast items.

    What's more impressive is the augmented reality being employed by some retailers, so shoppers can place items in their own rooms and get a sense of proportions and design fit before making a purchase.


    shopping website with woman displayed

    Virtual store software provider Obsess has been in high demand by a number of high-profile clients. Brands including Fendi, Prada, Charlotte Tilbury and Dyson have been drawing on the platform's expertise to develop virtual stores.

    Developments in metacommerce are evolving constantly but to make it a truly worthwhile experience, more customisation or personalisation is perhaps needed. That said, some brands such as American Eagle already offer a more interactive experience by providing live engagement with some of its influencers alongside real-time styling advice.

    Sport and Leisure

    One of the latest developments in VR leisure activity is the introduction of the virtual sports stadium. This technology allows fans to enter the stadium to watch sports events in real-time with 360-degree views of the grounds.

    It's not just the sporting world benefitting from advances in the metaverse. VR casino platforms are also popping up on the market, offering an interactive experience with customisable avatars and live games. When entering virtual sports stadiums, users can connect, however, this isn't always possible with virtual casinos, perhaps eliminating some of the more interactive aspects of play.

    Despite some impressive advancements, VR tech is still evolving. More traditional online gambling platforms such as the NJ casino app offers live table games as well as online slot machines and real-time dealers. In the future, it's possible that this technology could allow some of these types of games to enhance how players can interact with live games.

    VR has swiftly redefined itself as more than an add-on for gamers and is instead changing the face of how we interact online. It is also fast becoming a stalwart within the retail industry, countering the potential effects of the much-reported impending 'death of the high street'.

    It will be interesting to see what new features are available on the Apple Pro and the impact they may have on how we work, shop and play.

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