iPhone 16: Rumours of Bigger Screens and Better AI Circulating

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    Jun 18, 2024, 2:46 pm378 pts

    The launch of the new iPhone is rapidly approaching so, of course, the hurricane of rumours around its design, tech, and new features are whipping around. While a release date hasn't been confirmed, and won't be for some time, we roughly know when it'll launch. Each year, the iPhone launches in the first few weeks of September. Expect an unveiling in the first half of the month on a Tuesday or Wednesday, followed by pre-orders that Friday and the full release the following Friday.

    Larger Display, but Only for the Pro

    One of the most widely expected advancements made for the iPhone 16 surrounds its display. Now, most reports indicate that it's probably only the iPhone 16 Pro that will get the improvements. The Pro model is said to be getting a 6.3-inch screen, which is a 0.2-inch bump on the iPhone 15 Pro, with the iPhone 16 Pro Max going even bigger, to 6.9 inches for an equal 0.2-inch increase on its predecessor. Standard iPhone 16 models are also not expected to upgrade to the ProMotion displays yet, either.

    A lot of talk is pointing to just the Pro and Pro Max models getting the improved high refresh-rate ProMotion displays, the larger display size, and the 120Hz that comes with Pro Motion. It's a move that keeps the even more premium models better than their cost-effective kin. Those who seek the best graphical performance for their online activities, particularly those who stream or live stream content, will gravitate to the iPhone 16 Pro.

    The difference between the 60Hz and 120Hz display will make a big difference, especially for entertainment products like live casino table games. Being live-streamed from a studio with human dealers, a better display will result in a better experience on the likes of Live Treasure Island, Live Power Up Roulette, and Ultimate Blackjack with Olivia. With 8K streaming set to be the next big jump for platforms, the iPhone 16 Pro could become a very handy tool indeed.

    AI to Be an Even Bigger Feature

    Artificial intelligence has been one of the big selling points of iPhone devices for years. It was way back in 2010 that Siri was released for iOS before being gobbled up by Apple to become an exclusive program for their hardware. CEO Tim Cook seems pretty confident in the advancements made in AI for the upcoming iPhone 16, even expecting Apple to have the edge over the widely praised apps put out by Google and Samsung.

    Naturally, these gains will be displayed in the new operating system, iOS 18. It's said by many to be the biggest single update in the history of the popular smartphones. It'll be packed, per the rumours, with generative AI technology, and large language models that will make Siri even smarter. However, the new AI software isn't expected to be added to many previous iPhones.

    The iPhone 16s are rapidly approaching and look set to be padded with improvements that Apple fans will love. You'll be able to get an even bigger screen with a superb display and make use of even better AI software. So, 2024 looks to be an exciting year for anyone looking to dive in on the new iPhones.

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