Zero to Hero: Geek Your Car Out With an OBD2 App

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    By StaffNov 6, 2018, 1:07 am892 pts

    Are you still struggling with high fuel consumption rates of your car? With the current technology, such problems should be past tense in your car experience. With the modern cars, they fit computers and software that help to care for these problems at ease. Such software includes the OBD II adapter. OBD II is a port that allows car owners to have direct access to the data processed at the engine control center. However, to access these data, you have to connect an external device such as a Smartphone.

    The OBD II adapter is however of no use without an onboard diagnostic app. These apps are available online in large numbers for you to make a selection. You, therefore, need help with the selection process, and in this article, we outline a list top 4 best OBD II car apps. In this list, we discuss the benefits of each app and why it is among the best.

    1. OBC Tracker

    OBD car tracker is also known as the UUID GSM app, and it operates as a cloud application. Drivers use this app to keep track of their car engines and carry out diagnostics directly using a Smartphone. The app design works for both Android and iOS devices. Also, use this app to get the general information about your car. These include the speed, heat rates, emission among other features. It works with an alarm that will alert you when something odd is happening within the car. The app also keeps updates of your trip records and will inform you how safely you are driving. You can even know how much money you are spending as you drive. The app is available at Google play and on the iTunes.

    2. The Torque Pro app

    Torque is another great OBD II app that shows the drivers real-time condition of their cars. These include temperature, emission, among other events. It is ideal as it shows where the problem locates in the vehicle. The app also features a tracking device that records your journey wherever you go. The app is available at Google play and designed to work comfortably with all Android devices. Consider downloading the latest version and enjoy its services.

    3. Carista OBD2 App

    If you desire to personify your car, this is the OBD II app for you. It monitors viabilities in your vehicle and reports all the faults. If any errors are present, you can correct all the codes and reset the engine. It also has an extended customization feature that allows you to change the way your car is behaving. Set your headlights to turn on automatically, or automate the car's door lock. It is an ideal app for preventing car damages as it alerts you of any cases of overheating. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices, and you can download them from Google Play.

    4. OBD Car Doctor

    If you are in search of a simple OBD2 app to operate with your OBD II adapter, this will be an ideal one for you. It is a real-time vehicle indicator. It analysis full information from the adaptor identifies all the faults available and corrects them. The app also allows you to display and read multiple parameters at a go. It is also GPS supported keeping track of your driving ways. OBD2 car doctor also keeps in check the engine light control. The latest version is available for both Android and iOS devices, and you can download it from Google Play.

    In conclusion, there are multiple OBD2 apps that you can access online. The above are considered as among the best and aims at making your selection simple. Consider in trying one of the above OBD2 apps with your car today. By doing this, it will help you translate your experience with cars from Zero to be a Hero.

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