PC vs Mac: What is the Better Option for Trading?

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    When starting out in the trading business, one of the issues that you will grapple with is which type of machine to go for. The two biggest options readily available for you are PC or Mac. The two systems all come with unique benefits and disadvantages. In order to fully understand the kind of system right for you, you need to analyze each independently. Let us look at the features that each of these machines come with and what makes them unique for trading.

    Key advantages of PC

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    There are many advantages that come with using a PC for trading. One of these advantages is its popularity among users. Apple has admittedly said that Windows is up to 4 times more popular than its Mac. The obvious benefits that you will enjoy with PC include:

    • Wider compatibility with trading platforms
    • Affordable
    • Versatility

    1. Compatibility

    With the PC platform, the first and most important thing you will take advantage of is the compatibility. The Windows operating system is designed for business. Most applications that work in the trading markets were first developed for this ubiquitous platform. You will thus enjoy the ease of trading and you will also have access to a wide range of apps, tools, and add-ons. With PC, you will find it easy to trade, choose CFD broker, access traders community platforms and so much more. The Windows system is also not locked and you can boot more than one OS from a PC.

    2. Affordability

    Since they are made for the general market, PCs are also very affordable. The market is full of a wide range of options and you can get models that are made for the entry-level market and even for the high-end market. All this is possible without users losing any features. Traders who are just getting into the market will thus find PCs to be just the right option for their budget.

    3. Versatility

    PCs are also very versatile. Most machines come without programs and the user is given the opportunity to customize them as they please. There is no central source for drivers and programs as users can choose when and where to download them. Apart from that, PCs are made by different manufacturers who tweak the machines to be as versatile as possible.

    Key Advantages of Mac

    When it comes to Mac and iOS in general, most people know of some strong superior features that trample other systems. The key advantages of Mac are:

    • Easy setup process
    • Reliability
    • Great customer support

    1. Setup process

    Macs are built to give the customer an easy time. The Mac is thus a machine that involves simple to no setup processes. The Mac also comes with very few additional software and applications. These features are unheard of in the PC realm. Most Windows machines with many unnecessary programs and they are difficult to set up whenever it is necessary.

    2. Reliability

    Mac users also choose the system because of its reliability. The machines are sturdily built to withstand both hardware and software limitations. It is unlikely for a Mac to crash in instances where Windows machines do. In addition, Mac users will enjoy frequent updates and more dependable applications. The combination of speed and reliability make Mac machines a great option for people who do not want any mishaps during work.

    3. Customer support

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    When it comes to keeping in touch with customers, Apple customer service beats every other competitor. With up to 93/100 scores, this platform has the highest-rated support service. The key factor that keeps the Apple ecosystem strong is the fast and dependable customer support that users get. In the Windows realm, support is basic and often unavailable. The satisfaction that comes with using the Mac will thus often drive many traders to this platform.

    Which one should you go for?

    When it comes to the option to go for, the selection process comes down to two things – familiarity with the system and financial ability. If you are familiar with Windows, it will definitely be the best option to go for because of its versatility. If you have enough cash and want a dependable system though, you can opt for Mac. The key issue to note though is that Windows PCs are the most popular when it comes to usage. You will thus find a wealth of information as a trader easily available to you when using the platform.

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