How Can Your Apple Device Help You While Studying?

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    Those experiencing the booming of technology can be extremely thankful for what Apple has been contributing in the fields of education and development. Apple seems to understand the never-ending link between the science of learning and the science of technical development in order to improve and perfect our efficient interaction with gadgets. Technological development has seen a great use on the studying and teaching practices of students around the globe, making it an inevitable aspect of not only our social interaction but also educational and learning opportunities. Therefore, Apple hardware and software have become the principal associates in regards to offering support for diverse and unique learner's needs, for the class and home learning respectively.

    Because Apple is so supportive of education, we've decided to provide some examples in which Apple devices can help you out in studying. But, before we do that, make sure to also consult a personal statement service uk where a good writer may save you, or simply in case you have no time, and need help with the statement writing.

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    Best studying apps for iPhone and iPad


    Forest is one of those apps you're not sure how you haven't discovered earlier. It is the top app in regards to assisting focus and productive studying sessions. As many teenagers and young adults struggle with staying focused and actually away from their phones, Forest decided to not take your phone away during studying but actually to immerse it into the session and make it helpful. It allows you to turn to nature and use the processes in nature, as planting, to learn organization, productivity, and efficiency. This app will help you stop getting distracted by the phone and make you motivated to get things done.


    Studies is one of the best study apps out there. It is used to assist you in acquiring knowledge and improving memorizing skills through adaptable flashcards. Regardless of your field of study, Studies can expand your knowledge from medicine, fine art, chemistry, to music and martial arts. The app offers immersive study sessions, multiple choice quizzes, as well as notes sharing and data migration from other apps. It is also optimized in such a way actually to help you not only complete a study session, but also to achieve your goals. The Studies app is available for all the Apple devices, which makes it even easier to use.

    Sound Note

    According to Top Universities, lecture capture apps are getting more and more popular with students around the world. Instead of taking notes during a lecture, students can now record a lecture and replay it whenever they're studying or revising. For that reason, Sound Note has become one of the best lecture capture Apps for iOS devices. The app acts as both, a notepad and an audio recorder, where you can store an entire lecture in both visual and audio form. It is the best choice for taking notes in meetings, lectures, and even interviews; it tracks what you type or draw while recording the audio. This ensures you never miss out on anything important.

    Best Anti-Distraction Apps For iPhone And iPad

    According to SysTweak, social media is the main distraction in modern day lives. Whether we are at work, with a significant other, in class or studying, social media notifications are there to distracts us and waste our precious time. Thankfully, Apple has taken into consideration the importance of our time and developed numerous anti-distraction apps for the times we actually use our gadgets to work or study.


    Offtime is an app that simply gives you some time off from social media. On your iPhone, it enables you to control usage by tracking your smartphone in real time. Accordingly, it schedules times off and creates time for a break from your phone and social media. The main features of the app will help you improve your focus on studying and work as well as create personal device usage goals.


    Moment is one of the best ways to block apps and social media on your iPhone. The app can monitor both your phone and your family members screen time to control the distraction and possible phone addiction. Moment can also schedule your screen-free dinner time, or even studying time in such a way that if you do start using your phone, an annoying alarm will go off. Moreover, the app also keeps track of how many times you've picked your phone to use it, which will give a terrifying number, motivating you to leave it on the table while you're studying.

    Other Ways in Which Apple Devices Help In Studying

    Apple devices are easily incorporated in the modern curricula, allowing teachers and professors to adopt flexible learning and studying methods that have proven to be successful. Apple devices are also being used for the reduction of subject matter processing, to support processing of key facts and concepts, as well as to foster processing to build knowledge.

    This approach is not only helpful for students in studying and lectures but also allows students with sensory and learning disabilities to partake in the regular educational process. For example, the basic functions on one's Mac, like a Calculator, allow students with dyscalculia the option that speaks individual key presses as well as the result when the equals key is pressed. Or, for students struggling with dyslexia, Apple devices allow text to be added to iTunes as a spoken track.

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