How Secure Are You Gambling Online With iOS

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    It's difficult to get an accurate estimate of the total number of iOS users around the globe in 2019; but we can get an idea from Apple's announcement in 2018, they announced that they sold over 2 billion iOS devices worldwide. With over 2 billion devices communicating every day, Apple had to make sure that the security of these devices is watertight. The release of IOS 4 in 2010 caused the leaders of the tech industry to turn their heads thanks to the introduction of MDM. It's is the technology behind locking, locating, and wiping of devices over the air without having to do it manually in case they're lost. Siri was introduced in the next IOS update, it also provided a lot in terms of security than any other phone in the market back then. Updates continued to augment the security of the operating system; iOS 12 reached a great pinnacle of security.

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    Online gambling is reaching an epitome of usage with tens of millions of serious gamblers around the globe. It's safe to say that at least a third or even half of these users are using iOS. We'll be reviewing what makes iOS a perfect operating system for gambling online and not having to worry about your cybersecurity.

    Less Viruses & Malware

    There was a common myth going around that there is no such thing as viruses targeting iOS. That isn't exactly true, yet it's not far from the truth, it managed to circle around because the number of viruses and malware targeting android and windows is immensely greater than those that target iOS. We can't exactly say that iOS is an impregnable fortress that no malware can invade, but it's extremely harder to do so because of its complex architecture and the black hat's focus on windows and android. Since Google happens to own android, the number of devices that has android installed on it is immense. The expansion of Google's scope into the tech world led to it being the lead target of malicious attacks.


    Apple and android designed their operating systems in extremely different ways; Android allows their applications to interact with the core functions of the system, this is why malicious code makers find it easy to break into; iOS operates using sandboxing, which is essentially a technique used to isolate an app running from any unauthorized interaction with other apps or system functions.

    Sandboxing ensures that your gambling applications are secure, you'll be able to gamble safely without having to worry about any malicious code scrambling any sensitive information. This is important, especially in Judi Bola, due to all the sensitive banking information and addresses involved in the gambling process. The only precaution you should take in a public space is to make sure that no one visually catches the information that you're entering into your device.

    Better Print Scanners and Facial Recognition

    Android first came up with finger scanning and facial recognition technology; it became a pioneer for a short while, until iOS came up with improved scanning systems that helped it steal the thunder from Android. This fortress of scanning technologies made it easy to authorize payments with simple gestures, so you don't have to stop gambling or lose your train of thought every time you make a transaction while gambling. Android's facial recognition had a few hiccups as it was proven that even Samsung's flagships can be tricked with a 2-D photo of the user's face instead of the actual physical face of the user itself.

    The App Store

    Apple's app store is known to be the most secure app market in the field. They're famous for their scrutinizing checks and reviews, all done by professional experts that leave no room for mischievous codes or fake applications. You can rest assured that any gambling app you download onto your phone is safe and won't be causing you any security breaches in the future.

    Gambling is Safe on iOS

    Apple has been working day and night on making sure that their operating system is a pioneer of cybersecurity. Some applications do not have a gambling app, but iOS can easily allow you to access the website and also provide you with a mobile-optimized version of the website. When you're a serious gambler, your online activity on a casino means having to use your phone for a lot of monetary transactions. Making sure that your activity is protected from malware and viruses is going to be your top priority, after all, it's better safe than sorry.

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