New iPhone Features Are Coming in 2020

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    Apple has always kept their customers and competitors in anticipation of what they will do next. They are not just secretive about their products, they keep their technologies and patents quiet as well. While there won't be that many changes to the last of the 2019 model iPhones, there will be many new technologies that might premiere in the 2020 models. Right now, Apple hasn't said much, but there are many rumors, much speculation, and numerous details that have been revealed by insiders. 2020 could mean big advancements for the mobile phone industry, which will also affect other devices.

    New iPhones 2020 2019

    2019 iPhones

    At the end of the year, Apple plans to release the newest models of the iPhone. There will be relatively few design differences, but the Touch ID has been removed. They will have additional rear cameras and may be slightly different in size. The Barclays analyst Blayne Curtis visited Apple distribution centers in Asia, and has not just released information about the iPhones that will premiere this year, but the changes that will likely apply to next year's phones.

    2020 iPhones

    Once the 2019 phones are released, Apple will announce their 2020 models and their new features. According to analysts like Curtis, these new phones will have full-screen Touch ID, a frosted glass casing, bilateral charging, and larger batteries than ever before.

    According to the specialists at MoneyPug, a site that is used to as a platform to mobile phone deals, the 2020 iPhones will also be able to support the fifth generation mobile network, or 5G. This will lead to all kinds of new advancements including the ability to stream 4K video, interact with more VR platforms, and facilitate the spread of automated vehicles.

    These new iPhones will also have a 3D sensor through the rare cameras and a fingerprint option that will allow you to open the phone and access your sensitive information by touching anywhere on the screen. LG may become the secondary supplier of OLED displays for future iPhones, with a split between orders between 10 and 30 percent. As early as 2020, all iPhones will have LG OLED.

    It is must be noted, however, that these details have not been confirmed by Apple themselves. They may not roll out these advancements at the same time, and they might have something up their sleeves we aren't even aware of. Still, one of thing is for sure-Apple has patented five different Touch ID technologies.

    The Return of Touch ID

    When it was announced that Touch ID would be taken off the remaining 2019 iPhones, their customers were quite disappointed. What they didn't know is that the company had been taking steps to improve the technology. A new report claims that Apple filed fiver different Touch ID patents that will provide new methods of scanning fingerprints to unlock their phone, access data, and make payments. These patents will enable users to simply touch the Home button or anywhere else on the screen.

    Though these patents were filed in December 2018, the technology hasn't been included in any iPhone. Samsung's Galaxy s10 has an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor under the display that uses soundwaves to create a map of a fingerprint, but Apple's new technology goes beyond this. It is said that the new sensors are so powerful that they can use any part of the body, including cheeks and ears, to open the phone and access information. This technology was actually patented in 2016, but was only announced last month.

    What this Technology will lead to

    As Apple's patent company, Patently Apple, and other mobile device companies pursue brand new technologies, they may be moving quickly towards the future without thinking of the technologies' consequences. While the Touch ID technology may make our phones more secure in certain ways, it seems as though it may be very easy to force a phone open if any part of the body will do so. Facial recognition technologies have similar problems. Its use by police and other authority figures has brought attention to the sensitivity of these technologies. As with all new advancements, it is important to be steadfast about progress and show caution when the world is moving faster than we can keep track of.

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