How To Check & Improve The Reputation of Your IP Address

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    A bad reputation of an IP address is a pretty serious problem that leads to a blacklist. It is incredibly hard to get rid of it. However, do not lose hope because there are still chances. Today's tutorial focuses on getting out of IP address from a blacklist.

    How can IP get a bad reputation

    As a rule, you have to send a great deal of spam to get into the blacklists. In the event that you discover your IP address in blacklists database, you ought to look at the server mailbox logs. It is conceivable that one of your accounts has been hacked, and is utilized presently to send spam. At that point, as a matter of first importance, you have to verify the hacked profile.

    Search for blacklists containing the IP address

    Blacklists of IP addresses are most comfortable to analyze using the Cleantalk Blacklist Checker tool. Enter your IP in the search field and run a scan. You should pay attention to any items listed there.

    Request to remove from the blacklist

    Most specialized blacklist services offer an alternative that enables you to delete your IP from the list. Above all, you have to fix the issues that led to the blacklist. The application might be rejected if the server keeps on sending a lot of spam.

    The primary blacklists are:

    • Barracuda Central;
    • Spamhaus;
    • LashBack;
    • Invaluement;
    • DNSBL

    Most likely, you will have to explain why you created request, and what you did to protect your IP. Be honest and try to prove that this problem will not happen again.

    Blacklist of Microsoft

    Microsoft has its own blacklist for users of Outlook / Live / Hotmail. The hardest part is getting out of it.

    First, you need to register in the Junk Mail Reporting Program, which Outlook has created specifically for email newsletters. The service allows you to use special lists that contain copies of emails marked as spam by Outlook users.

    And then, you need to register in the Sender Score. Sender Score is an indicator of confidence in the sender's IP address. It is used by mail services and filters for additional protection of electronic mailboxes.

    After that, feel free to send Microsoft a request to remove you from the list.

    Other warnings

    After checking the IP address for spam, remember to use DomainKeys Identified Mail, which takes responsibility for transit emails. The service checks them regardless of whether it is its sender or only an intermediary in the redirection chain. Technically, DKIM offers a method for validating the domain name of the email sender.

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