Getting iPhone 11 Not Advisable, Better to Wait Until 2020

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    By Partner EditorialJul 9, 2019, 12:23 am363 pts

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    Ever since the photos of the iPhone 11 were leaked with the ugly rear camera bump, a lot of people have been wondering if it would be better to skip this particular iteration altogether and just wait for the next models to come out. According to recent reports, this might just be the best thing to do since the 2020 models might actually represent Apple's return to form with some impressive features.

    More than anything else, it is Apple's apparent lack of any substantial innovation that is beginning to turn consumers off from its products except for the most devoted fans of the company. Apple has not been a leader in revolutionizing the tech industry for a few years now, with companies like Samsung outpacing its propensity to provide advanced features. In recent reports by Forbes and CNBC, however, it's highly probable that this could change in the future.

    To start with, the 2020 iPhones are reported to come with 5G connectivity. This information is courtesy of analysts from JPMorgan who expect the Cupertino firm to capitalize on the highly sought after feature. As a result, it is expected that sales for the iPhone models released after the iPhone 11 will see a boost, especially those for the iPhone XS.

    Apart from the faster 5G internet connection, there is also the matter of the screen sizes that are expected to change with the advent of the 2020 iPhone models. With the 5.8-inch iPhones, it is predicted that they will be smaller, at 5.4 inches. This might seem counterintuitive, but considering that they are budgets phones, this size reduction for the screens could also result in lower prices.

    On the other hand, the larger iPhone models are expected to go up to 6.7 inches from 6.5 inches. Of course, this is all predicated on the fact that Apple is unlikely to really go beyond that for its more conventional iPhones. As for the iPhone XR, however, the analysts believe that it will remain at 6.1 inches.

    When putting all of these options together, consumers will have more options to choose from with regards to the screen sizes of their choice. Then again, it's not as if those are enough to justify a purchase of the phones. To begin with, the main thing that drove people to purchase iPhones from the start are the innovative features that they came with.

    Other smartphones have different screen sizes and it is already a fact that other smartphone manufacturers are already thinking of adding 5G connectivity to their upcoming devices. What can differentiate the 2020 iPhone models from the others in the industry, however, are the more image-related features.

    For example, the 2020 iPhones are likely to come with upgraded AR and VR technologies with better 3D sensors. These would then make them perfect for a huge variety of applications such as gaming and even shopping.

    These days, impressive AR and VR features are practically expected by consumers who want to use smartphones that can basically allow them to superimposed digital assets on the real world. It is no longer enough to simply have filters or fun AR emojis. These days, even something as mundane as online shopping could benefit from AR technology.

    Companies like Ikea have been experimenting with AR technologies to help shoppers purchase items with a more informed eye through 3D mapping. Taking a furniture image and then superimposing it on a spot in a living room, for example, can provide a better picture of what it would look like or if it would even fit.

    The same goes for when shopping online for clothes since shoppers could virtually try shirts or dresses on by simply pointing the camera at themselves. Of course, this is not likely to come with the 2020 iPhones since such advancements do require time. However, Apple could essentially place itself as a leader in this regard by making it clear that it is investing much in this particular aspect of mobile technology.

    Finally, it would appear that the 2020 iPhones will finally say goodbye to the notch on a more permanent basis. There will no longer be a need to put up with such an unsightly feature that was bizarrely popularized by the iPhone X. This was actually one of the reasons by Apple became a major target for criticism by reviewers and smartphone customers, along with services like Apple Music.

    The decision to keep such an ugly design choice just to distinguish itself was quickly picked up by other manufactures but was also just as quickly dropped. It became instantly clear that no one liked the notch and the 2020 iPhones will finally be rid of them.

    Now, it's worth pointing out that that these are just some of the expected improvements that will come with the 2020 iPhone models, which makes skipping the iPhone 11 a worthy consideration. Perhaps the jolt of being ignored by consumers for the lack of innovations will finally spur Apple into actions instead of being complacent.

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