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    By Partner EditorialJul 10, 2019, 1:20 am733 pts

    In September, Tim Cook is expected to unveil the new iPhone 11, but the latest leaks point to a disappointing absence of groundbreaking novelties. Two months before the presentation of "the best iPhone ever", it is clear what the device will offer. Thanks to Apple supply chain and peripheral manufacturers, you may see that high expectations will remain unmet.

    iphone 11 rumor

    Since the early 2000s, smartphones have become indispensable in our daily lives. Humans are accustomed to doing everything on the go. You may even swipe through dating profiles during your commute. HookupGeek posts expert reviews of dating services, including features, pricing, and security aspects. Such platforms are easily accessed from an iPhone - check Elite Singles review for example. Wherever you are, numerous services are brought to your mobile device, and we are used to seeing more dramatic features added regularly.

    Here are the main features of iPhone 11, as can be seen from a presentation by Olixar. The team was responsible for designing a protective case for the sought-after smartphone. From the pictures, it is possible to deduce what Apple is planning to offer.

    Triple camera

    In terms of design, the new model follows in the footsteps on iPhone X revealed in 2017. The rear part is clearly dominated by a triple-lens camera, which underscores the addition of the "oven hob" with flash and other sensors. The design solution, however, is far from being subtle. The camera bulge is clearly minimised, but the protective case in the presentation makes the images quite disruptive.

    iPhone 11 leak

    No USB-C

    Sadly, there is no switch to USB-C that aroused such big expectations. The beta code for the new iOS 13 does suggest the replacement of the lightning port with some kind of universal connector. However, judging by the smartphone pictures, Apple is still determined to maintain control over the peripheral industry, which is annoying to many.

    This translates into additional profits for Apple, but inconvenience for so many of us. Imagine how easier life would be if you could use a cheaper charging cable from other manufacturers, rather than lightning. Maybe it's high time this monopoly vanished.

    More space for front cameras

    It is easy to notice that the notch at the top of the screen has grown wider. It facilitates the Face ID sensors and forward-looking cameras, which is logical but boring. The design language clearly indicates that Apple still sticks to its previous designs, and it is lazy to say the least. With the iconic iPhone shape preserved, the model is unlikely to amaze the fashion-conscious public.

    Apple's rivals are now exploring many options. Some opt for smaller cut-outs, some choose little punched holes, and some even mount their cameras under screen elements. IPhone 11 will therefore confirm the company's lack of progress, which is contrary to the principles Apple was built on. Of course, the smartphones may still sell very well, but the failure to keep up with the times is, sadly, obvious.

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