Successful E-Commerce Marketing Strategies

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    Website development and ecommerce marketing platform creation is a big and complex work, which includes the path from business analytics and various studies to the release of the final product. The final ecommerce marketing strategies solution in the form of a site or corporate portal is a service that solves the client's business problems.

    Very often, when customers come to an online agency to develop a new site, in their view, the site is a beautiful picture and no more. The page on the Internet for many business owners is not connected with the tools for solving business problems. So, let's find out how the process of creating a website helps put in order the customer's business, increase its efficiency and increase the total profit.

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    Problem number 1. The customer thinks that a cool design and a new website will solve his business problems. Let us consider a specific example. A large logistics operator has a few orders from the site. Customers make orders inside of their accounts. The conclusion of the company: to increase the number of orders, a new personal account design is needed. Where is the mistake? A personal account is one of the stages at which the potential client and the operator interact. All the way and all points of contact are important here: from the appearance of the company's trucks and its points of issue to the usability of the entire site and the convenience of the reference service. Improving the work of one of this list is pointless. The user may fall off at another stage.

    If you narrow the problem directly to the convenience of a personal account, then here you can find a huge field for activity:

    • is it convenient to register with the service
    • which processes require automation
    • where it is possible and necessary to make clear prompts
    • where they will not be relevant and so on.

    If you do everything correctly, you can achieve the transformation of your personal account from the Excel-colored table into a powerful tool for increasing the efficiency of interaction with the client.

    How to make a successful e-commerce solution for b2b? One more example. The customer decided that a convenient and functional online store would help increase its sales. He or she DEVELOPED and launched the site but it turned out that despite that the number of orders for goods increased, the profit did not even start to grow. The answer is simple – the store staff physically does not have time to process all orders because the internal resources were not ready for the increased workload. The real problem is imperfect internal business processes. Primary business analytics can reveal such narrow moments and prevent such situations. Ways of a possible solution – to formulate business goals that are planned to be solved using the site. Examine your business. Create a customer-centric strategy. Optimize business processes.

    Problem number 2. Business does not know the needs of its customers and does not seek to study them. Client-centric strategies are formed due to the holistic vision of the entire life cycle of the client. From the moment he came to you with the application to the first account and the signed act, this is a client-oriented way of thinking. First of all, you should think about how to solve the problem not of yours but of your client. Digital transformation begins with the client – this is not only implementation of CRM and smiling managers greeting you in the office and glossy offices of A-class but also a formed vision of the client's cycle. Today, there are two big trends: omni-channel and service design. For example, the efficiency of a digital project may be affected by the schedule of parking at the customer's warehouse. If on Wednesdays, it is impossible to park there, you will not carry away purchases. So, nice leads cannot be provided on this day either. The client does not report such things (even when questioned) simply because he does not pay attention to them or is shy. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct analytics.

    In order to offer customers omni-channel solutions, it is necessary to study in detail how the company is arranged from the inside: how transactions are made, how CRM is organized, how your efforts work with users and how these all relate to an external digital platform. Thus, the omni-channel is the ability to connect with the brand through any convenient channel and always get a decent level of customer service.

    Service design. This is where service design comes to the rescue, which helps find out how the client is led before making a deal. Service design is essentially a set of techniques that allow you to predict the quality of user experience when using a service or product.

    It is important not only to study the set of user actions on the Internet but also to understand what a person does when he or she has not even approached the monitor yet. How and when did he/she have a need for a product or service, what will he do next, what processes are taking place when (s)he has already bought something, and so on.

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