An Overview of New Mac Products for Students

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    By Emma RundleAug 12, 2019, 9:14 am829 pts

    The new school year is getting close. Apple is always the first to recognize an opportunity. For them, it's not a matter of selling more. Macs already enjoy great popularity. For students who want to buy a new laptop or a computer, the question is more likely to be: "which Mac should I buy?"

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    Did you see the promotional offer? Apple offers lower prices for students, plus 20% off on AppleCare+. With education pricing, you save up to $200 on your new Mac, plus you get free Beats Studio3 Wireless headphones.

    Apple offers special financing programs with Barclaycard Financing Visa, so you can get a state-of-the-art machine even if you're stiff on money at this point.

    The offer is great and we won't deny it. Let's focus on the point that leaves some space for discussion: what's best MacBook for students?

    Why Should You Buy a MacBook for College?

    If you take advantage of the promotional offer, you can get a bundle of pro apps for education for $199.99, plus a free 6-month subscription to Apple Music. We already mentioned the free Beats and the reduced price for your Mac.

    Newly accepted college students and their parents can benefit from the offer. Homeschool teachers, faculty, and school staff members are also eligible for the reduced prices. As a college student, you benefit from a few additional offers, such as the Pro Apps Bundle for education.

    But it's still a lot of money for an average student to invest. There are more affordable laptops out there. What's the deal with a Mac for students? Is this just a trend or are there real benefits to spending this money?

    MacBooks are expensive, but they offer a lot of value for the price.

    • The battery life is epic. The MacBook Air will give you 14 hours on a single charge. Another brand can't even come close to this. Most batteries are dead in half that time. As an example, the Dell Inspiron 15 3000 will last for 7 hours on a charge.
    • Typing is a breeze! It's so easy that you'll stop thinking "I need someone to help me write my essay." The computer won't do the work for you. However, it will make essay writing more enjoyable. You can use distraction-free writing apps, such as iA Writer. It helps you focus on the work and be more productive during the writing process.
    • The MacBook is sleek, portable, and beautiful. There's hardly another laptop that can compete with Apple's products in terms of design.

    What's the Best MacBook for College?

    You're choosing between two options:

    1. MacBook Air

    As the cheaper MacBook, an Air is an appealing option for students. There are many other expenses to cover at the start of a new school year, so the more affordable price makes a lot of difference.

    But are there any other advantages to the Air?

    • For $999 on a student discount, this MacBook holds a lot of value. But be careful; that price is for the model with 128GB SSD storage. You won't find it enough, so we highly recommend you to at least consider the 256GB model.
    • This is a sleek, portable device. You can bring it to class and you won't feel the weight. If you're regularly on the move and you need your MacBook with you, this is the right option for you.
    1. MacBook Pro

    This is the more powerful option. You can get a 13-inch Pro with prices starting from $1199, or a 15-inch Pro starting from $2249. Yes; it's more expensive. But it also features a more sophisticated processor for boosted performance.

    The best processor for the 13-inch device is the 2.4GHz Quad-Core with Turbo Boost up to 4.1GHz. The 15-inch powerhouse can come with a 2.6GHz 6-Core or a 2.3GHz 8-Core processor. When you compare this to the 1.6GHz Dual-Core processor of the Air, it's easy to justify the difference in price.

    Maybe you don't need such a powerful laptop. But if you're studying programming or graphic design, it's worthy of consideration. It's also the best computer for music and video editing.

    Apple Makes the Choice Easy

    With the discounts for students, it's easier for you to choose the right MacBook. You only need to make a decision: do you need a more affordable and sleek device that supports basic functions, or are you ready to invest more money in a more powerful MacBook?

    The fact that there aren't too many options is good. You only make a choice between the Air and the Pro, and then you choose the model that meets your needs in terms of memory and processing power.

    Whatever decision you make, one thing is certain: you can't go wrong with a MacBook.

    Emma Rundle is a blogger, editor, and a loyal MacBook user. She's always excited to try different Mac apps, especially the ones that make writing easy. Thanks to freelancing and online learning opportunities, nothing stops Emma from traveling the world while she studies and makes money at the same time.

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