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    By Partner EditorialsSep 18, 2019, 5:08 am485 pts

    We use a crazy amount of different applications and software to go about our daily lives. It's no surprise that people have started using technology to develop software that goes hand-in-hand with education for school students.

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    It's extremely important to keep track of different tasks that take place throughout the day for a school with many students. You'll be able to do many things at a much faster pace using advanced software that would have previously taken much longer. You can track classroom registration, event attendance and manage your visitors with Inventry, the software that expands the school experience to an entirely different ballgame, and here's why it's beneficial.

    Here Are 5 Reasons Why Inventry Is Great For School Use:

    1. It Saves So Much Time While Taking Attendance

    At the beginning of every class, the amount of time that's wasted on simply taking attendance can be just a couple of minutes, however, a couple of minutes per class would add up to around 30 hours of wasted time in an average school year for the students. Utilizing technology to speed up the process of class attendance would save up so much time throughout the academic year.

    1. It Provides Easy Communication For Large Amounts Of People

    If there's a club event or a particular school event that involves a section of the entire school, Inventry helps provide communication tools to reach all the people involved in that particular event with ease. It helps communicate with groups through mass texts for the students, their parents, and the staff.

    1. It Can Gather Important Data That Can Be Used For Improvement

    The amount of information gathered daily, like the attendance for both students, staff, and visitors helps accumulate a good amount of data that any data analyzer can put to good use. This data can be used to improve management techniques and efficiency throughout the school system.

    1. It Speeds Up The Visiting Sign-in & Sign-Out Process

    Visiting schools can be such a hassle, especially when it's your first time. The process for you to get signed in and allowed to enter the premises can take a long time, and that can be awful if you're a frequent visitor. Inventry helps the school create profiles using facial recognition for frequent visitors and speeds up the process for first-timers, which makes for a better experience when visiting.

    1. In Emergency Settings, It Helps Communicate Quickly & Effectively

    If there happens to be an emergency like a fire or any other safety hazard that requires immediate evacuation, Inventry steps in with its evacuation app. It helps you record attendance within seconds and locate anyone who might be at risk of danger within the school grounds, which saves so much precious time in high-stakes situations.

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    Introducing the new software to your school makes the entire place function a lot smoother and more accurately, as with the features mentioned above, along with the other features available, it can completely remove the need for any inaccurate paperwork. It easily replaces any form of paperwork into accurate data that's stored securely and conveniently on your servers or uploaded to the cloud.

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