5 Games that Changed the Gaming Industry Forever

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    Previously, video games were perceived by the public as something frivolous and childish. The video game industry has passed a long way before becoming a mass phenomenon, growing into art and even a new sport that is known as a cybersport.

    Games are becoming more perfect with each generation of game consoles. Now, RPGStash has a lot of things to offer gamers. Today we've made up the top 5 games that changed the gaming industry forever.

    pac man maker

    1) Pac-man

    • Release Date: May 22, 1980.
    • Publisher: Namco, Midway.
    • Developer: Namco.
    • Genres: Arcade, Maze.

    Many of us began our journey into the world of video games with the Pac-Man game that became a hit in the US and in the world. In general, most of the old games set a single goal for the player – to collect as many points as possible, and deal with NPCs chasing the player. By the way, Pac-Man was the first character awarded with a name and a unique behavior model. Pac-man's enemies are 4 ghosts – Blinky, Pinky, Inca, and Clyde – facing which leads to a restart.

    mario bros

    2) Super Mario Bros.

    • Release Date: September 13, 1985.
    • Publisher: Nintendo.
    • Developer: Nintendo R&D4.
    • Genre: Platformer.

    The legendary plumber Mario was created a little earlier than Super Mario Bros. The gameplay, graphics, and musical accompaniment of Super Mario Bros in 1985 made a revolution among the young gamers. The main task of the plumber was to save his beloved Princess Peach from the clutches of the evil dragon Bowser. The developers did their best creating the most recognizable image in the gaming industry.

    3) Fallout

    • Release Date: September 30, 1997.
    • Publisher: Interplay Entertainment.
    • Developer: Black Isle Studios.
    • Genre: RPG.

    War never changes – a powerful phrase that entered the hearts of fans forever. This game was a breakthrough in the RPG genre and gave gamers a huge franchise. Everything was perfect in the original game: both the role component, the nice picture, and even the dialogs that are written in an interesting lively language. The post-apocalyptic atmosphere of Fallout has become its hallmark.

    4) Grand Theft Auto

    • Release Date: November 8, 1997.
    • Publishers: BMG Interactive, ASC Games.
    • Developer: DMA Design, Tarantula Studios.
    • Genre: action.

    A series of GTA games is not just the complete freedom of action, it has become a reformer for the entire industry taking first positions in the open-world games. Many modern projects have been inspired by the success of GTA and created a reference open world as Mafia or Just Cause.

    5) FIFA International Soccer

    • Release Date: July 15, 1993.
    • Publisher: Electronic Arts.
    • Developer: EA Canada.
    • Genre: sports simulator.

    FIFA International Soccer isometric game amazed all fans of sports entertainment. It contains national teams from 48 countries. In the original game, there were opportunities to customize the match. The player was also invited to take part in international competitions of the game.

    The gaming industry will undoubtedly change again. We can only guess what will happen to video games shortly.

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