Helpful Gadgets For Forgetful People

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    Have you ever been in a situation where you were absolutely sure you had everything, only to find out you forgot the most important thing? We've all been there. It's a very common mishap. We'll walk out of the door in the morning with our coffee, suit, keys, but not our briefcase. Or we go to the gym and realize we left our headphones. We all have bouts of forgetfulness. Some admittedly more than others. But in this day and age, we don't have to subject ourselves to the mental blind spots we, for whatever reason, seem to have. We now have the technology to bypass that. Thank goodness for that.

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    Below is a list of some of the best and most helpful gadgets for those of us who tend to forget things.

    Keys Locator

    The absolute most forgotten thing on this list are keys. They could be anywhere. Anywhere except our pocket or purse. One has to wonder how a shiny set of jangling metal can be lost so frequently. Fortunately for us, we can have keys locator set up on our phones. There are a whole bunch of different kinds, but the best ones are the ones that have both Bluetooth and GPS. So if you have a hunch that they're somewhere in the house? Use the Bluetooth function. If you think you may have left it in your hotel that you checked out of, turn on the GPS. You can use this same kind of technology to track your phone, too. They're pretty slender and can fit behind most softer cases.

    Electrical Socket Timer

    One of the worst things is going to work and wondering if you left the hair curler plugged in. Fanciful scenarios of the curler getting so hot that it melts through the table and through the floor to the apartment below fill our heads. Well, a curling iron isn't going to melt through concrete. But if you have a tendency to leave things plugged in, there are sockets that automatically cut off power after a set amount of time. Most have timers set up that can be adjusted. You'll never have to worry about your curler burning down the building again.

    Electronic Deadbolt

    Let's say we find out where the keys are with our handy keys locator, but it's all the way across the city. How are we supposed to get into the house? Well, we now have electronic deadbolts. Nothing will make you feel like a secret agent faster than having a number code to get in the house. Just be sure to write down the code and place it in your phone or your wallet. Better yet, since we've established that we're all forgetful, put it in both. Our future selves will thank us.

    Wi-Fi Enabled Garage Door

    When we're in a rush, nothing gets forgotten more often than the garage door. There's a particular kind of fear when you come back home and you realize the garage wasn't closed. Anybody could have walked in there. Thank goodness we have Wi-Fi connected garage doors. If we ever have the hunting suspicion that we left it open, just open your phone and check the status of your garage. "Closed" or "Open". It is really that simple.

    Sometimes we have too much going on in our head to remember the little things. But with technology, thankfully, we do not have to. The days of being hopelessly forgetful are over. We now can check an app on our phones or put systems in place to bypass it.

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