Best Apple Apps for Education to Download Right Now

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    Learning online through social media, quizzes or cloud computing is among the top education trends among the best universities in the world, therefore, college students seek the best apps that help them write better. Some of them assist with grammar, while others provide daily reminders for the planning schedules. Engineering students, for example, rely on a set of tools that helps them achieve accuracy when writing a complex research paper. While the best apps for college students are each to personal taste, it cannot be denied that some of them have earned well-deserved fame as the great study helpers.

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    Best Apple Apps to Boost Your Education

    One of the best applications is Evernote, which is essential because taking notes is what helps to get ready for the exams and keep everything under control. Offered at the modest price of $7.99, it can be enhanced and adjusted to personal needs. Use checklists, custom links, attachments, lecture recordings in audio or text format, reminders, and more. If the price seems too expensive, there is also a great free version that allows getting information across two devices synced, so you can hunt for images, web pages, saved documents or the audio files.

    Another great application available for iOS, Android and Windows platforms is Istudiez Pro Legend, which has earned a solid reputation for inclusion in the list of best college apps because of its schedule planning features. Once you input the dates and information about important dates or things you have to think of, this handy app takes care of your studies. If you have an assignment earlier than it has always been, Istudiez will remind you. Yet, it is far not everything! Now you can also integrate the built-in planner with other applications like Google Calendar, Google Sheets or any other external solutions. If you are after the mobile version, the price is $2.99. Now the PC version costs $9.99.

    Regardless if you have heard about mind mapping or brainstorming practices for education, check out Xmind application for iOS users. The key element is getting every idea under your mental radar captured to get your thinking skills improved and clarified. It helps with the management of complex ideas by using organizational charts, graphs, and color reminders that train the memory and other cognitive functions. Using this application along with Evernote or a writing service is a great combination to keep your crazy college life within sanity's frame. Offered at the price of 9.99, it will definitely bring a welcome change to your schedule as the free time suddenly increases!

    Looking for the best apps for college students majoring in engineering disciplines, it is crucial to download MyScript Calculator that helps with traditional calculation problems and the complex engineering assignments like a breeze. As it recognizes your handwriting, it saves a great deal of time. Now if you are struggling with structure, formatting rules, plagiarism concerns or finding a strong thesis statement, check CA.edubirdie. It goes beyond what existing applications offer, providing detailed proofreading, great topic ideas, academic sources, and everything that only a trained writing expert knows well. The best part is that writing help is affordable and available 24/7.

    Among the apps to become a better learner, it would be unfair not to mention Dragon Anywhere, which is a great confidence builder and a way to have a personal stenographer. Dragon Anywhere allows us to dictate and edit the documents by using the voice. It is a must-have not only for students majoring in Journalism, Political Science or Healthcare but also for those who want to record amazing essay ideas or lectures anytime, anywhere. You can export your content to Evernote. The cost is $15 per month. It also proves as a reliable way to train public speaking skills, speed, and a style, as recording one's own voice is way better than trying to talk to a mirror.

    Safety Matters

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    As most students become inspired to download the best apps for college students, they often forget about online safety. The golden rule is to download applications only from the Apple Store or by visiting the official vendor's web page. Always check twice before downloading anything and study the list of access rights that an application receives during installation. Talk to your college friends, read online reviews, try several solutions, and see what works best for you. Sometimes even a small, free application can become a life-changing experience that will have a great impact on your learning success and the grades.

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