3 Tools for Mac Freelance Writers Should Have in 2020

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    Due to the total domination of Windows on the OS market, other systems can oftentimes be overlooked. This, however, doesn't mean that they are worse.

    On the contrary, each of the operating systems has certain pros and cons. These features have contributed to the image of a stereotypical demographic representative. And there is some truth with regard to these stereotypes.

    macOS, for example, is known as a platform for artsy personalities. These include all sorts of video editors, animators, sound designers, and artists. Writers can sometimes also find themselves amongst the proud Mac users.

    Specifically for the writers that decided to use Mac as their OS of choice but for some reason are not familiar with the tools available, let's go over the best options they might want to opt for.

    MacBook pro for writers


    When it comes to writing on Mac, Bear is hands down one of the most efficient and universal options available. It is regarded as one of the most popular text editors and is a go-to software unless you need an extremely specialized app.

    A wide range of well-implemented features makes it an obvious choice for most types of writing you might want to do. Be it academic texts, creative writing or code, here's what you get with Bear:

    • Intuitive interface;
    • Hashtag-based categorization;
    • Touch/Face ID protection;
    • Cross-note links;
    • Focus mode.

    These are but a fraction of things that put Bear a cut above most of the rest of text editors available on Mac. It will help you to keep up with your writing schedule, and it will make it a pleasant process.

    But it's not a magical panacea, and in some situations, you may be stuck hopelessly with deadlines approaching with alarming speed.

    This situation is most common for first-year college students that aren't used to dealing with this amount of written assignments. If this is the case, getting help from a reliable third-party service like EssayPro is your solution. And after that, you can go back to writing on your own.


    Scrivener is another widely praised option. It has everything a run-of-the-mill text editor should have. So what's so special about it? Why would anyone pick it over any other app?

    Well, it's quite popular among screenwriters, novelists, and all sorts of creative persons. And while it'll do just fine for virtually any task, this sort of audience should pay extra attention to Scrivener.

    Its functionality allows for a smooth creative process. Using this app, you will easily jump from one idea to another without worrying about how it will fit in the overall story.

    Once you are down fleshing out the draft with the points, you can start pulling everything together to form one cohesive story. Such an approach can be useful to any aspiring writer. But the creative crowd is by far the one that most appreciates this feature.

    Marked 2

    Marked 2 is a nice and helpful supporting tool for most text editors out there. Once you are alone with your writing, you would probably have to go through the tedious process of formatting and generally to make sure everything looks pretty or at least readable.

    The good news is that Marked 2 can make the whole process a lot easier. It will provide a preview of the text riddled with a markup language.

    Using it can save you a lot of time. Moreover, the app is intuitive and simple. It works really well with pretty much any local files. Drag-and-drop is all you need to know to get a real-time preview of your work.

    And this doesn't only work for creative writers. Those who work on academic assignments or even coders will find it a very helpful tool. All in all, it's a nice little addition to virtually any text editor setup.

    MacBook with headphones

    Final Words

    The choice of a writing app is a very personal one. Some people prefer giants like Bear that can take care of all needs at the drop of a hat. Others go old-school and use a combination of less functional pieces of software. Be it as it may, the one and most important criterion when picking the software is your personal comfort.

    It doesn't really matter if your current setup is not optimal as long as you feel comfortable with it. The main idea of such a helper is the ability to do the things you need quickly and well enough.

    Mix and match different apps, experiment with the combinations and options until you find the one that fits your style of writing perfectly.

    And don't let anyone make fun whatever you decide to use or distract you with promises of futuristic near self-writing programs. As long as the job gets done and you're happy with it - you've made the right choice.

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