Bet365 Mobile: What Reviews Say About The Sportsbook

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    A recent review of bet365 online by MightyTips rates the betting site highly. The review which was updated on 24th August 2021 gives it a score of 8.8 out of the possible 10. Among the advantages that the Hungarian players and others will get out of betting at bet365 are:

    • Live streaming using bet365 Live,
    • The user-friendly bet365 mobile
    • Friendly customer support, which is also available around the clock
    • The trustworthiness of the sportsbook in delivery of their promises including bet365 bonus code among other incentives

    Other reviewers have given bet365 a similar rating, meaning experts and users agree on the possibilities that new and seasoned players should expect from this site. Other advantages that players should expect on the site include odds on several sports, excellent casinos, and a high percentage bonus. However, the reviewers find it wanting on its odds on niche sports and confusion with offers at times.

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    Let's highlight what these reviews found out about the above-mentioned aspects.

    Bet365 promotions and bonuses

    Players need to be incentivized to patronize and stick to a given sportsbook. The competition for players is big, especially now that they have lots of options. One way through which betting sites are attracting players is through bonuses and promotions. This can be in form of registration or sign-up offers, deposits discounts among others.

    As a player, you should patronize a sportsbook that is offering promotions and bonuses, and the higher they are the better. This helps save, subsequently reducing the amount needed to wager on different sports. Bet365 has been given a score of 8 out of the possible 10; this means that the site offers a good amount of bonuses and promotions. These promotions are well spread out; they are included in deposits, single bets, accumulator bets among others.

    They may vary depending on parameters such as location but players are promised handsome promotions and bonuses once they select the sportsbook. As a site that allows the use of e-wallet, a feature that is common with betting cryptocurrency sites, the funds from this source will undergo the verification procedure before it is accepted for promotions and bonuses.

    The odds

    Although odds will depend on several factors, and may only hold on a given time MightyTips gives bet365 a score of ten. Bet365 odds as experienced during the time of review are slightly above the market average.

    Mobile betting

    If there is anything that has fueled the growth of online betting mobile apps and compatible websites rank highly. With mobile apps and optimized websites, players can bet anywhere and anytime. Traditional platforms restricted players to computers and casinos but with mobile apps, they can play at their own time and anywhere.

    This has been augmented by the presence of payment options that are not reliant on banks and other financial means which are time and space dependent. With several mobile payment platforms, deposits and withdrawals can be done any time of the day or night as opposed to traditional means where one had to go through a bank.

    Bet365 has embraced the new technology and they are presenting their users with convenient means to place their bet. Mobile applications are now some of the main platforms where bettors can wager. In terms of functionality, the sportsbook has been given a high score meaning that they are offering users a great experience with their bet365 mobile.

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    On usability, the sportsbook presents the users with the following advantages:

    • Live streaming for selected matches
    • Partial or autoplay cash-out
    • Detailed in-play display
    • Mobile responsive platform
    • A wide variety of markets
    • In-depth league betting options that players can utilize

    Types of bets available in the sportsbook

    With a score of nine, bet365 ranks among the highest sportsbook providing a wide variety of bets. Players are offered a traditional and modern array of sports. They are also presented with uncommon and special events such as political encounters and Eurovision song competitions. This means that they not just catering to the sports fans, they have gone ahead to include events that those who are not into sports can enjoy. Some of the bets that you will find in bet365 include Snooker, handball, cricket, darts, US Election, chess, biathlon, baseball, volleyball, e-sports, virtual sports, UK lection, tennis, politics, Rugby among others.


    When it comes to issues of credibility, players are very keen as they do not want to engage with a sportsbook that will disappoint especially when it comes to matters of transparency. Players want to engage with a sportsbook that keeps their promises concerning the offers and promotions as well as payments. Mightytips took a credibility test on this site and found that it is among the best. Out of their experience with the bookmaker, they gave a credibility score of nine out of the possible ten points. Although they have seen dozens of negative reviews about Bet365, none of the tipsters from the MightyTips team had any issues related to withdrawals and bonuses. With the negative reviews that they have encountered on the website, they went with caution but also believing that the site offers its players the best of their capability. Their trust for the sportsbook shot up when they did not encounter any issues with withdrawals and promotions. They also rated the sportsbook higher as their experience with a bookmaker was worth the time; their withdrawal requests were completed on time and all other issues that may touch on the site's credibility were quite okay.

    When it comes to payment and withdrawals methods, Bet 365 has provided its users with a variety of options. The most popular ones being credit cards and e-wallets, which means they can make payments and withdrawals at their convenience.

    Overall, the betting site provides users with a great experience. Right from the types of bets, customer support, sensitization on responsible betting, convenient payment, and deposit options among other features bettors will be at home with this bookmaker.


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