Making a Perfect Profile Picture with Your iPhone

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    A picture is worth a thousand words; everybody knows that. Humans are aesthetics and can't get enough of nice things. When creating art, people aim to produce a perfect product. It can be a painting, a picture, a sculpture, or a piece of furniture. We just can't get enough of nice things. For us humans, the first impression is everything.

    Recent studies discovered that it only takes 3 seconds to decide if you feel attracted to someone. That means you have to look as good as you can all the time if you want to meet and date someone. Well, that rule applies in the real world. When things went online, everything changed. Now you can present yourself with a picture and text on sites where you want to be seen. You need a stunning profile picture and a captivating section about yourself to make a good impression.

    It can be hard to make a perfect profile picture, but with new cell phones like the iPhone, and our tips and tricks, you're destined to succeed.

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    Why Do You Need a Great Profile Picture

    Just like we said above, first impressions mean a lot. When outside, it can be hard to maintain a perfect look. Perfect hair, perfect makeup, perfect clothes, perfect shoes . . . It's a lot. Luckily, the newest technologies enabled people worldwide to be present online and do their jobs, maintain social relationships, or try to find a relationship. That's why a great profile can do wonders for your life. A picture is worth a thousand words, remember? Within seconds, your profile picture can be a deal or a deal-breaker. Doing everything to make a great picture is like investing in your future.

    Those who seek short-term relationships love the online world because they don't have to ask "how to find a one-night stand near me" as they needed in the past. Most of them know that online dating sites are the real deal. When trying to find a hookup, advanced filters enable users to cross paths with people from their area or ones who went to the same college. Another valuable feature of dating sites is video chat. Sometimes it can be hard to say what you want, and people prefer to do it face-to-face. Video chat gives users the benefit of talking face-to-face without leaving their homes.

    Make Flattering Pics for Dating Outlets

    Lighting is everything. To look your best, take your picture during the daylight. Stand in front of the window and put the camera of your iPhone at eye level.

    If you're taking the pic outside, do not look straight into the sun for obvious reasons (squinting). You'd want to be out just before the sunset because pictures taken at that time are warmer and more appealing (the Golden Hour).

    Smile as you mean it. Having a smile while taking a picture says that you're happy and satisfied in life. And you appear more approachable. Imagine seeing a potential date with them being emotionless on their profile picture. Creepy, right? Show your teeth, or don't. You decide what looks better. Avoid making a sour smile or a too-smiley smile.

    Produce an Outstanding Social Media Presence

    Use the timer feature. Especially if you're alone in a kickass place, that will make a perfect background for your picture. All cell phones have it. No need to go to your iPhone to see if it's there. If you can, use the camera on the back of the phone. The quality is way better, and it will show on social media.

    Angle away. A profile picture taken from a unique angle helps your profile to stand out. This is a way to show your artistic side if you have one. With the proper angling, you can create numerous illusions of height or depth, so play and see what works best for you.

    Prepare an Impressive Working Profile

    Clothes DO make a man. Even if you don't have a job interview, you should dress as you do. Your clothes must be professional and according to your profession. Even though that's not good to show your personality, it shows that you are serious and want to be taken that way.

    Ask a friend for a favor and make him your photographer for the day. You have the gear (iPhone, of course), and all you need is an honest and helpful friend. Sometimes pictures for businesses can be too serious or uptight, which can be unappealing and weird. Your friend is your friend for a reason. He must be brutally honest and willing to take instructions. After all, you have the final word. You can also install useful Safari extensions to have even better chances in the business world.

    We hope we made things a little bit easier with these easy-to-follow tips. Stick to them, and you'll have THE picture in no time.

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