The Best Games You Can Play on Your Mac Right Now

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    Historically Macs were always ahead of the game regarding display quality and graphic processing power. As a result, they were the hardware of choice for all design studios and creative industry settings. However, this didn't cross over with the same passion for gamers. Gaming machines still tend to be PC based. For owners of Apple products, games tend to be developed for the iPhone or tablet, and there is not such an extensive catalogue to be found in the Mac gaming library. Some big-budget games do not get released in Mac format at all. However, Mac aficionados understand that the look and feel are something that cannot be replicated on a PC.

    Mac games can be purchased from many places. If you are not downloading from the App store, double-check that the game is Mac compatible, and look for the apple symbol. Also, always worth checking that it will work on the version of Mac OS that you are running. Steam has a free-to-download Mac client, so that you can purchase games from there. There are other places you can find fun, like the developers' own stores and Amazon. Look out for the best prices and compare. Modern Macs do not run 32-bit games, so make sure your Mac will let you play what you want to.

    Here is a selection of titles you can play on your Mac right now to cover every genre and keep you entertained through dark winter nights.


    This title is not just one of the best Mac games you can play; it is one of the best games of the last few years, according to critics. There is an arduous journey to undertake through the underworld. It is hard work, and you will die many times. However, every game presents itself as a new opportunity, and the graphics and animations are beautiful-a must for roleplay lovers whether roguelike is your preferred option or not.

    The Sims

    Fans of simulation games have a special place in their hearts for the Sims. Sims 4 was launched in 2014 and did not receive critical acclaim. However, the developers at EA and Maxis have provided updates and improvements in the intervening eight years. As well as new quality-of-life additions, they have reintroduced much-loved content from the earlier games that were missing. Sims 4 now feels like a worthy successor in this much-loved, long-running series. To play this game on Mac, you will need to use EA's platform, Origin.


    Fortnite is a mash-up of various genres, and it could be this that has made it so appealing to millions of players. It started as a cooperative survival game but is now a battle royale megastar. It has generated billions for the developer Epic Games. It is loved because it does not take itself too seriously and combines third-person shooting and base-building. Some people have compared its immersive worlds to the metaverse without the faff. Whatever, it is enormous fun to play and looks great on your Mac screen.

    Casino Games

    Less of a single game and more of an overall genre, casino games are great fun to play if you enjoy the thrill of the opportunity to win real cash when gaming. There are a wide variety of titles and games to choose from. You might like the classics like Poker or Roulette. Perhaps you'd like to try out a live dealer room playing alongside other contestants. There is also a seemingly endless variety of video slots. Some are based on video game classics like Net Ent's Street Fighter II.

    If you want to play real money, you should be resident in a state with legal online casinos-being lawful means playing at the safest online casinos that offer gamers the most reliable products to wager on. In addition, legal entities have to be registered with the state's gambling boards, which guarantees minimum pay-out levels and takes responsible gambling seriously.

    Her Story

    Interactive storytelling is an entirely different genre of video gaming, and Her Story is a masterclass in this field. Created by Sam Barlow, it uses full-motion video clips. Players must join up the character's testimony utilizing the game's interface to learn the truth behind a mystery. This is an unconventional game and requires your full attention. However, it is rewarding, and you get a sense of achievement when all the clues and resources are pulled together.

    Final Fantasy XIV

    For players who love an MMO, Final Fantasy XIV will let you disappear into hours of online adventures. A Square Enix MMORPG, Final Fantasy is the most played game in this genre. It now has more players than World of Warcraft, and sometimes new sales have to be halted to avoid the system becoming overwhelmed. Right now, you can hop into the Final Fantasy universe on your Mac. However, be quick because you never know when sales might go on hold due to popular demand.

    Diablo III

    If you like a bit of hack-and-slash, this is an excellent game for your Mac. Blizzard Entertainment has always been a Mac-friendly publisher, and this game is a testament to this. You can play on your own or co-op with your friends. So get ready for running and looting.

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