Ways To Clear Up Your iPhone Storage

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    Nov 21, 2022, 10:07 am718 pts

    Keeping track of your iPhone storage is extremely important. Running out of space is dangerous for your device. To keep your data safe and for correct work of your phone, read our tips for freeing up the iPhone storage.

    The ways to clear up your iPhone storage and iPhone 11esim

    Nowadays, people are really used to using their devices everytime and everywhere. Our generation takes many more photos in one minute than people used to take in the previous century. Due to our relatively small devices, we have the opportunity to listen to music and watch films any time we want. We even prefer to trust our credit cards and all the passwords to our iPhones. One of the disadvantages of Apple devices is that they support only one sim card. Luckily, there is a solution. Getting an iphone 11 esim will solve this problem for you. Esim USA by EsimPlus is a reliable service of digital phone numbers available for iPhone.

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    There is one more disadvantage. The quality of the iPhone functioning strongly depends on the condition of the storage. You should always have some free space on your phone to be safe. If you are really close to the borderline, we have some tips to help you clear up your iPhone storage.

    Check your library

    It has already been mentioned that we take a lot of photos nowadays. Your phone gallery can be the reason your storage is full. Find ways to reduce the number of photos and videos on your device and you will suddenly see the difference. We recommend getting extra storage on iCloud or trying USB.

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    Clear the cache

    If you have a lot of apps, for example, games and messengers, it's possible that they keep collecting data and cache. Make sure you remember everything you need to remember and delete the cached data in the app settings. Don't worry, you won't lose anything important.

    However, sometimes there is no such option in apps. So, the only way to free up the storage in this case is deleting the app and downloading it again. Beforehand, write down all your passwords and logins so as not to forget anything.

    Clear up your browser history

    It's surprising, but your browser history takes a lot of storage as well. Clearing it will free up a lot of space. Again, make sure you know all of your passwords and the links to your favorite internet resources.

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    If you use music streaming services like Spotify, you might have a lot of offline content which takes up a lot of space. Delete it as well and try to use it online if it's possible.

    If you free up the space on your iPhone on time, you will reduce the risk of losing your data and other different bugs. So, if you see that your iPhone hasn't really worked well recently, check your storage first.

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