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    Newcomers coming to most online games are faced with a lack of understanding in character development. It's not even that the developers do not provide training and make games too difficult to play and win online games - and that's what players come to them for - you need to play meta and strong classes, but this is not taught.

    You need to read various resources, guides, forums and access various services. We'll talk about them today.

    Resources to help you better understand your chosen MMO RPG:

    • Skycoach
    • Official forum
    • Fandom

    PC gamer


    Skycoach is a service that provides various services to gamers. Sale of currency, pumping, help in raids, training, help in completing difficult quests and unlocking specific rewards.

    What games can Skycoach help with?:

    • World of Warcraft - Shadowlands and Classic
    • Final Fantasy 14
    • Call of Duty Varzone
    • Apex Legends
    • Escape From Tarkov
    • Path of Exile

    Description of Skycoach services:


    Coaching is a kind of mastering the chosen game, where the player is provided with a professional Skycoach player who explains the basics of the game, selects a character according to personal preferences, tells the main mechanics of the game and ways of development, explains about additional activities and teaches behavior in PVP and PVE.


    Boosting is a pumping of something that the game allows, often it is a game level, or a weapon, such as in Call of Duty, where its combat power depends on the use of weapons, but not all players are ready to spend so much time on strengthening weapons and are ready just entrust this matter to a Skycoach professional.

    Boosting happens with and without the transfer of an account to a professional player Skycoach. When game data is transferred, the service guarantees the safety of personal information and does not transfer it to third parties. If the game allows pumping without access to the character, then the player is invited to the group by another player and quickly destroys the monsters to get the desired level.

    Sale of gold and other currencies

    Every MMO RPG has a main currency in which all main equipment, weapons, materials and consumable potions are purchased. In WoW, it's gold, in FF 14 it's gils.

    Skycoach works with most games and is ready to sell game currency in the right quantities to players.

    To secure the transaction, all operations are disguised as a normal trade between players, so that the game administration does not have a reason to regard the transaction as a violation of the game rules. All currency is obtained only by playing, without the use of third-party programs. This is necessary in order to avoid subsequent sanctions from the administration, since it is forbidden to use bot programs to mine anything in an online RPG.

    In the event of a dispute, Skycoach guarantees a refund.

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    Official forum

    Every large online MMO has its own forum, often found on the game developers website.

    Blizzard, Bunjie, Final Fantasy - all have their own forums where players share their opinions, write guides for various characters, professions and raids. They discuss patch notes and share their opinion on the development of the project.

    By going to any official forum, you can track the dynamics of the project and whether the players are satisfied with what is happening on the servers.

    By the way, it is better to choose a server based on personal preferences and online, which is described on the forums.

    Someone likes when there are a lot of players on the server and PVP and raids take place every minute, someone, on the contrary, likes when there is less online and you can play a measured way of playing.

    Feel free to ask questions regarding the game, character, equipment and development. It's easier to get an answer to your question than to pump the main character because of the wrong build at the very beginning of the game.


    Fandom is a large collection of guides and other useful information regarding games and other topics. On it, you can find a lot of detailed and detailed descriptions of skills, characteristics, raids and other information.

    For example, you decide to go on a mythic raid, which is one of the most difficult in World of Warcraft. By going to Fandom, you will find all the listed boss skills, how to determine that he is preparing to use them, the place of application and the level of danger.

    There will be additional information on the recommended group composition for a comfortable passage and a potential list of items that can be knocked out of the bosses.

    The ideal option is to combine Fandom and Forums. This way you can combine the prescribed theory with the practice and advice of other players and avoid many mistakes in serious raids.

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