How To Transform Your iPhone Into A Direct Marketing Machine

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    You might hear 'smartphones' a few times if you ask different people what they always bring along anywhere they go. As of 2022, there are 1.2 billion iPhone users globally, with 124.7 million users in the United States alone. That's also why mobile marketing is crucial to your business growth because of the sheer number of people you can market using their smartphones.

    In this article, you'll learn how to utilize your iPhone to get your business out there.


    1. Use Exclusive And Non-Exclusive Apps

    Take advantage of apps that get your message to your potential customers. Apps such as voicemails like Drop Cowboy Ringless Voicemail work by allowing you to send pre-recorded messages to the voicemail boxes of your recipients. They won't even have to pick up their phone.

    Many other apps can help you build a team, plan your month, understand task management, and draw mini maps. File storage and sharing enable you to collaborate with your team remotely when creating marketing campaigns.

    Understanding your business goals assists you in finding more apps you can use to market your business to your preferred audience. Your phones also store your photos and videos you can use for your campaigns. You can even edit them to get stunning images you can upload to your business website using image-editing apps

    2. Use Location-Based Marketing

    A business can have many rivals in a specific area, so you need more ways to expose your business. Some apps can help you spread the word about your business in your preferred location.

    One technique these apps use is geofencing, allowing marketers to create boundaries in a specific area or region. When a target market or audience enters the perimeter, they eventually become a part of the marketing strategy.

    They receive deals, offers, information about new products, and other types of content allowed on smartphones. An example is GPS technology, which receives data whenever a target user enters the border.

    Location-based marketing benefits small, physically established businesses and other online businesses offering food delivery recommendations. Many marketers can enjoy an increase in their customer base as high as 85%, with responses and engagement almost as high.

    3. Use QR Codes And PURLs

    Sending direct messages to your customers gives your business a personal touch. You can add a QR code smartphone users can scan and redirect them to a personalized URL (PURL). The PURL then leads customers to a message or promotion uniquely made for them.

    You can create unique QR codes for each customer linkable to PURLs you send directly to emails. When customers reach the other end of the link, they can sign up for regular newsletters or view content you created. This option gives your customers a choice to share their contact information.

    You also have the option to place the PURL alongside the QR Code. Those who received the mail can manually copy and paste it to the browser if they don't have a smartphone or prefer to use a computer instead. If you're testing a campaign, the interaction is also trackable, allowing you to measure your returns on this strategy.

    4. Encourage Feedback

    You can allow your customers to access your iOS review app when you encourage them to leave feedback. Customers can even offer their opinions even before leaving your place of business.

    SMS is still one of the easiest ways to collect customers' opinions about your products or services. It also helps you improve your brand, providing customers with an excellent overall brand experience. Feedback through SMS also has a higher response rate compared to email.

    A business app allows you to send your message to multiple recipients simultaneously. You have format choices available, such as polls, surveys, or creating a short message. Your customers are more likely to read and respond to polls, surveys, or messages.

    You can use third-party services like Unlimited Ringless Voicemail if you receive fewer responses. These apps send reminders to your customers about giving feedback to help you improve customer experience.

    5. Use iPhone To Create Marketing Videos

    If you think you need sophisticated video-capturing equipment, you don't need them to create good content nowadays. You can use your iPhone to start shooting and creating video content. Even big brands have been shooting videos using mobile phones because of the high-quality videos they produce. You can begin making creative marketing videos for your business websites.

    First, you need to plan why you're posting video content. You can create one that helps customers understand your product or service by highlighting one key feature. Or you can create a video that talks about your brand.

    Videos are suitable for those who prefer watching over reading. You can also make them humorous, spark wonder, or be educational. Your videos must relate to your customers, as people respond well to videos they can connect to and inspire them to take action.

    Make your videos as professional as possible and upload them on your social media accounts. Posting your marketing videos on social media allow you to read reactions and opinions to determine what your customers want. You can upload your videos directly if you've made your website mobile-friendly.

    6. Record A Podcast

    You don't always have to create a marketing ad. Today's customers like to consume information in different formats, such as podcasts. Use your iPhone to record your first podcast with a built-in app called Voice Memo. It's easy to use because you only need to touch it once to record your audio. You can upload the audio as a podcast if you have a blog.

    Your iPhone is also handy for capturing ideas you can get from anywhere. If you prefer to write shorter content, it's one of the best devices to record content. You can also enlist someone to transcribe your audio before posting your podcast to add a professional touch.

    7. Create A Community

    Building a community is now more straightforward, thanks to social media. You can create a community page for your brand and post content your followers will like. Starting a community is one of the best ways to market your business, which you can manage via your iPhone. There are many social network platforms you can use to build your fan base.

    Make your social media page active to attract the right audience to your brand. It also makes it easier to engage your audience because some pages have group chat features where you can connect and contact customers in groups.

    8. Perform Market Research

    Large brands do it, and they used to spend so much on market research to find information. It helps you source essential data on potential customers, competitors, and existing services or products in the market. Information about these subjects enables you to gain leverage over your competition.

    Market research gives you different information about your customer base: who buys your products, when they buy them, and how much they're willing to spend. One way you can do market research is to hire a mystery shopper who shops in your business.

    You need your customers to review what's excellent and what you can improve in your place of business. You can connect with your mystery shopper by SMS or messaging app to relay their findings. They can also use their mobile device to record what they find.

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    9. Create Ad Campaigns

    You can create advertising campaigns from your phone that you can set up to run ads. The marketplace for apps is also an excellent place to start in different parts of the app store. Depending on your campaign goals, the placements can contain audience settings, keywords, bids, and more. You can pause, duplicate, or reactivate them at any time.

    To create your first campaign, you must have an ID to connect or associate with App Store Connect. Your app should be live on the App Store, and set up the countries where you want to promote your app. It's also important to have a particular budget for the campaign. Register for an Apple Search ads accounts and then add a valid payment method.

    First, set up the payment method before creating the campaign and activating it. If you did it the other way around, ensure that the ads are on pause. You can also choose to schedule when to run the ads instead by creating the date. Staying organized should help your campaign when creating one ad after another.

    There are only a few ways to use your iPhone to market your business. You can utilize its features and additional exclusive apps to run your business for operations, engagement, and organization.

    In Conclusion

    An iPhone is a communication device marketers can utilize similarly to other smartphones. You can use your phone to engage with your audience or customers; provide helpful information about products, services, and your brand; and solicit feedback regarding your business. You can even create content to upload to your social network accounts.

    Mobile marketing is an effective way to excite your customers and leave them asking for more.

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