How to Choose the Best CBD Lip Balm?

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    The skin on your lips is the most vulnerable zone of every woman's body, so it's often exposed to dryness and cracks. The problem is that lip skin doesn't produce the natural oils like the rest of the body's skin to keep itself hydrated enough. Besides, you should keep in mind that the body skin has over a dozen of protective layers, while lips have only 3-4 layers, making them thin and problematic in care.

    For this reason, choosing a well-working, moisturizing lip balm is a must for every health-conscious woman. There's nothing beautiful in dry, flaky lips with chaps, and your task is to give your lips sufficient protection to avoid such unappealing esthetic effects and skin health problems.

    That's where a CBD lip balm comes in handy. CBD is a cannabinoid derived from the hemp plant, widely famous for numerous skin benefits. Thus, by using a well-formulated CBD lip balm, you can enhance the protective barrier of your lip skin and achieve the moisturized, appealing looks of your lips all year round.

    Yet, the market is flooded with CBD lip balms, and each brand claims to be the best. How can you choose the best CBD lip balm for your regular use without overpaying for simple ingredients? Here is a detailed guide on CBD lip balm choice and use.

    How Does a CBD Lip Balm Work?

    First, let's answer a vital question that troubles many health-conscious consumers – why add CBD to a lip balm overall? What exclusive health benefits can it provide to users? Here is a detailed answer:

    • CBD can enhance the moisturizing properties of other common lip balm ingredients, such as coconut oil, shea butter, and beeswax. Thus, you receive a full-scale moisturizing benefit from components increasing each other's effect and working in synergy to deliver a strong effect.
    • CBD also binds with the human endocannabinoid system (ECS) to provide comfort and relief to your dry, cracked lips. Thus, you are sure to feel the soothing effect of CBD-enhanced lip balm by lowering the irritation and redness of inflamed skin and hindering the discomfort of dryness.

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    CBD Lip Balm Benefits for Your Lips

    Thus, as you can see, CBD is a unique ingredient in any skincare product, including a lip balm, that can cover all skin needs for soothing, relaxing, and moisturizing dry skin regions. Other positive effects on your lip skin are as follows:

    • Damage repair. CBD is known for its strong antioxidant properties, so it can help you repair the lip skin damage caused by sun radiation and other environmental effects. CBD has many antioxidants similar to those in omega 3 and 6, which are enhanced with supplementary vitamins A, D, and E added to lip balms, thus removing harmful agents from lips and keeping them healthy longer.
    • Protection from free radicals. CBD possesses solid stabilizing properties, which help fight the harmful impact of unstable cells and free radicals in the human body. Thus, the antibacterial effect of CBD use guarantees your lips protection against bacteria, infections, and irritation.
    • Moisturization. Most people use lip balms for moisturization, and CBD can cope with this task incredibly well. CBD helps your lips stay hydrated by adding moisture to the skin layers. It works well with other hydrating ingredients, such as avocado oil, olive oil, or beeswax.
    • Sebum regulation. CBD is also associated with solid sebostatic effects, as it can reduce sebum production in the lip area and help consumers address acne around their lips. Thus, the use of a CBD lip balm can become a vital remedy for those who suffer from acne, complementing other skincare products.

    A Quality Check Is Mandatory

    As CBD is a cannabinoid derived from marijuana, you need to subject any product you plan to consume to a thorough quality check. Some manufacturers neglect safe production practices or use low-quality, chemically contaminated hemp to reduce production costs. Thus, you should avoid such products to ensure the safe, responsible use of CBD-enhanced skincare. Here are the key points to check before buying your lip balm.

    • CBD quality and origin. As CBD is an extract from hemp, you need to ensure that the extraction method is safe and responsible and that the hemp used for your lip balm production was cultivated in organic conditions. This information is usually available on the manufacturer's website, and the purity and safety of the components can be verified in the COA report – a third-party lab test result.
    • CBD concentration. Though you won't get a knock-out dose of CBD via a lip balm, it's still vital to consider various concentrations, especially for people with sensitive skin and those new to CBD overall. High CBD doses may cause a skin rash in the newbies, which may contribute to a negative user experience. We recommend starting with low concentrations of up to 15-25mg CBD per balm and going up to 50mg per balm if you feel comfortable with larger doses.
    • Supplementary ingredients. No matter what brand you're choosing, opt for natural and organic ingredients only. Low-quality lip balms may come with hazardous ingredients, like camphor, phenol, parabens, or alcohol. Experts also don't recommend mixing menthol with CBD in one lip balm. It's always safer to choose a balm with natural oils and beeswax for a more solid texture instead of questionable chemical ingredients.
    • CBD type. The type of CBD extract used in your lip balm may also play a role in your CBD use experience. You can pick a product with full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate CBD versions, each coming with unique health benefits. For instance, full-spectrum CBD contains a rich profile of terpenes and cannabinoids from a hemp plant, but it can also come with up to 0.3% THC, which is unacceptable for some users. Broad-spectrum and isolate CBD are purer in terms of contents and contain zero THC, so consider using these CBD types to avoid a positive drug test.

    How to Use a CBD Lip Balm Correctly?

    There's nothing special in the application of a CBD lip balm on your lips during daily skincare routines. However, if you're new to CBD overall, it's recommended to start low and use the balm once a day to monitor its effects on your skin. Apply one layer on the lips and monitor the state of your skin for a couple of hours, staying alert for any signs of irritation or discomfort. CBD is a natural component, after all, and some people may indeed be allergic to it. Thus, you should increase the CBD lip balm's use to several times a day only after seeing no allergy signs and feeling the beneficial impact of its use on your lip skin quality. Once you pass the allergy check, you may use the CBD lip balm several times a day without any limitations or precautions.

    CBD Lip Balm Q & A

    Now let's cover several additional questions that lip balm consumers have before picking the CBD lip care product. We've searched wide and deep to provide data-backed answers and resolve your doubts.

    Does CBD get absorbed through the lips?

    Yes, CBD can get into the bloodstream via absorption in the lips. So, you're sure to feel the gentle therapeutic benefits of CBD use, especially if the balm contains a high concentration, part of which gets into your mouth after lip licking or eating something. However, lip balms can't serve as painkilling or stress-relieving CBD products due to low CBD content. They are meant for lip restoration and moisturization only.

    What is the best CBD lip balm available today?

    It's hard to name the best CBD lip balm. Many top-tier beauty product producers in the modern CBD market offer unique ingredients and combine CBD with other healing, soothing components to deliver an excellent user experience. A universal tip is to consider lip balms that contain high-quality coconut oil, shea butter, or natural wax to enhance the moisturizing and reparatory effects of CBD.

    Can CBD make my lips dry?

    No, the CBD compound in your lip balm is famous for moisturizing and soothing properties. So, on the contrary, it is recommended for people with dry lips and doesn't enhance the dryness condition. CBD hydrates your lip skin and prevents its further damage by repairing the protective barrier of your skin. As a result, your lips will look healthier.

    Does CBD lip balm get me high?

    If your CBD lip balm contains only CBD and not more than 0.3% THC, as the state laws instruct, you won't get high even after repeated use of the balm throughout the day. In most cases, CBD will get absorbed through the lips and produce a gentle moisturizing effect without the intoxicating power of THC.

    What are the recommendations for using CBD lip balms?

    CBD has a broad range of indications for skin treatment, including your lips. Due to its moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties, CBD is a great remedy to soothe and heal cracked dry lips. Thus, if you often experience the discomfort of chapped lips or live in a windy area, it's a highly recommended product to help you out.

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