Macbook VS ASUS performance for gaming - A review

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    laptop review

    Asus Zenbook Pro 16X vs. Apple MacBook Pro 16

    On the current market, one of the best laptops you can buy has to be Apple's MacBook Pro 16. With its elegant design, outstanding performance, beautiful display, and industry-leading battery life, it's hard to see why you would choose anything else. Since its inception in late 2021, this has been the flagship laptop for creators and professionals. The improving laptop performance technology is bringing us has given the MacBook Pro 16 some healthy competition, especially with the release of the Asus ZenBook Pro 16X.

    The Asus is nearly as quick in tasks surrounding creativity, but it also hosts a wide variety of added extras and innovations with features. The newest announcement of the release of the ZenBook Pro 16X adds even more to its arsenal, making the competition even hotter. Let us see how it compares to the best laptop on the market and see which comes out on top.

    laptop review


    Simple in its design with an entirely aluminum CNC machine unibody chassis, the MacBook Pro 16 is a little boxier than other laptops. Although a bit more box-like, as with all Apple products, the MacBook Pro 16 delivers elegance and quality at every turn. The structural rigidity makes holding this laptop feels secure and solid. The display bezels are thin and unintrusive, with just a notch in the center to accommodate the 1080p quality webcam. There are a few color choices, such as Space Gray and silver, but whatever you choose, you know you have an uncomplicated product that looks stylish.

    In comparison, the ZenBook Pro 16X is on the other end of the spectrum. When not in use, the over aesthetic shows the minimalist style of the modern era, using simple lines and only the all-new Asus logo on the lid. When you open the display, things are a bit different. The first thing to notice is the keyboard being on an angle, which Asus has coined as its Active Aerodynamic System Ultra mode, designed to deliver more airflow to the inside of the chassis. The keyboard is propped on an angle, but the machine is cooler for better performance.

    Both laptops deliver great connectivity options compared to others on the market, but the MacBook Pro offers an additional Thunderbolt 4-enabled port and a MagSafe connector. The ZenBook Pro 16X has faster wireless charging capabilities, and both laptops are equipped with a 1080p webcam. Both laptops have taken an alternative approach to logins, with the Asus using facial recognition for passwordless entrance, while the MacBook uses a fingerprint recognition reader.

    laptop review


    Both laptops offer impressive displays, which will leave any user more than happy. If you're a fan of HDR, then Apple is the choice to go for. It provides wide colors and stunning accuracy, deep contrasts, and incredible brightness. Asus offers two display options, both being OLED. The display is not likely to be as bright, but whichever option you choose will give just as wide color spans and deep contrasts. The MacBook Pro 16 offers four speakers, which help deliver what is the best-sounding laptop on the current market. The ZenBook Pro 16X hasn't been released for sale to the public yet, but the six speakers seem like they're going to offer the same clarity and loudness as the MacBook.


    Both laptops are almost equal in size, but the ZenBook is half a pound heavier than the MacBook. Both are portable, but you will definitely notice the weight of either in your backpack. The battery life is one area where we expect the MacBook to remain victorious. This machine has the longest-running battery performance compared to any other of the same specifications. For a laptop with so much power, it is quite surprising how long this laptop will run on a single charge. If the ZenBook can give a battery even close to the MacBook, it's on to a winner.

    Final Thoughts

    It's hard to say which laptop will be victorious in the battle between the two, mainly due to the ZenBook not being formally released yet. We know that both laptops deliver power and performance like never before, but we also know that both laptops come in with a high price tag. If you're already succinct with the Apple infrastructure, then the MacBook is probably your best bet, but if you prefer the freedom that comes with products away from iOS, then your choice could be the ZenBook from Asus.

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