The Best Apple Smart Home Devices to Buy in 2023

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    Smart home technology is gaining more and more popularity every day. If earlier the installation of the system required significant financial costs and was technically difficult, today everything has changed radically. Apple Corporation played an important role in this. It released an affordable Apple Homekit solution. Devices are connected in a single chain and controlled by iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, and Apple Watch.

    The Apple Homekit smart home allows you to control lighting, climate, multimedia, and other functions. With Homekit security sensors, such as a motion sensor, window/door opening, smoke, water flow, etc. your home and family are completely safe. The undoubted advantage of devices with Apple Homekit support is that their installation does not require the participation of specialists. Intuitive iOS smart home setup takes a minimum of time.

    Buying smart home devices is not difficult at all. You can easily find the device you need on the Internet and order it in just a few clicks. VeePN will help make the purchase process as safe as possible. Practice shows that installing Japan VPN is the best way to ensure online privacy and access to any content. Therefore, it is not surprising that VPN servers are in great demand nowadays.

    Main Functions of Devices with Apple Homekit Support

    Installing a smart iOS home makes it possible to receive real-time information about what is happening in the house, to remotely turn on and off the light, control the heating system, minimize electricity consumption, etc. Sun protection devices create comfortable conditions by raising and lowering blinds, shutters, and curtains. This function can be implemented remotely or by binding to a timer.

    Special attention in the development of an iOS smart home is directed to the security system. A chain of devices with Apple Homekit support controls the opening of doors and windows, monitors movement, and starts a video recording of what is happening.

    Therefore, a smart home makes it possible to build different work scenarios by specifying the conditions for turning on/off the best Apple devices. Notifications inform the user about any changes in work.

    5 Best Apple Enabled Devices You Should Start Using Right Now

    You probably understand that there are many different Apple devices to buy in 2023 using the VPN extension. Find the full list below and order the best Apple Homekit devices for your home already today.

    Nanoleaf Shapes Hexagon Starter Kit

    The Nanoleaf Shapes Hexagon lighting system will allow you to create a unique lighting installation in your home. The set consists of 15 RGBW panels, a mounting kit, and a control module that allows you to adjust the backlight wirelessly using a special application on your smartphone. Each panel is capable of displaying up to 16.7 million shades of color. So, you can easily create the perfect color design in the room.

    Don't forget to install a no lag VPN before you buy Nanoleaf Shapes Hexagon online. According to reviews, the tool is effective in protecting against scammers during online shopping. In addition, it removes geo-blocks and allows you to access any content in minutes.

    Apple HomePod mini Blue

    This is the perfect smart speaker for those with Apple devices. It works great when paired with an iPhone, playing music, taking calls, and offering personalized recommendations on what to listen to.

    Apple HomePod mini Blue has a compact size and minimalist design. It will suit any modern interior and fill the room with stereo surround sound.

    Ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium

    This modern compact gadget is specially designed to optimize the use of resources in the apartment. It allows us to maintain the optimal temperature, taking into account the habits, daily routine, and location of each family member.

    The aesthetic design will fit neatly into the interior of any home. The built-in air monitoring function will notify you of contamination in a timely manner, offering advice on how to improve it.

    Schlage Encode Plus

    Schlage Encode Plus is an updated version of the touchscreen smart lock. The built-in NFC chip allows the owners of gadgets based on iOS to control a contactless full-function lock. The digital key is stored in Apple Wallet.

    The user can access the lock even without hands. A physical key to unlock the door is also supported. It is possible to connect a voice assistant. The cost of the smart lock is $299.99.

    WeMo Smart Light Switch

    WeMo Smart Light Switch is another unique Apple smart home device you need to purchase in 2023 using a no lag VPN. It is a Wi-Fi controlled switch. By installing it instead of a conventional switch, you can turn the light on and off indoors, while in another room, on the street, or even in another country.

    Turning on and off the light can be programmed for a specific time. In addition, it is possible to set the lighting to turn on and off depending on the time of sunrise and sunset. You can also combine both options.


    The high popularity of the Apple Homekit is fully justified today. It makes smart home management much easier and more efficient. Buy the device you like the most and enjoy the benefits of using it! But don't forget the importance of installing a VPN extension before shopping online. It will make you invulnerable to any Internet threats.

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