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    The peculiarity of game development is that such companies are engaged only in games, and that's all, but don't think it is very easy. More often than not, to make a game that will become popular, you need to do a huge amount of work and spend a lot of time and resources.

    Every company has its own corporate culture and team vision. If we talk about ourselves, it's primarily the desire and motivation to create better products because the development process is long and requires a lot of complex decisions. At GameDev, the product can be constantly reworked and improved. The reason for this is that the final vision of the product may differ due to the abundance of ideas.

    1. Developers. This is a Gameplay developer, Game developer, UI developer, Back-end developer, Animation developer, and others.
    2. Game Designer. These specialists are involved in the development of the whole game world: from the characters and the game's purpose to the text and sound.
    3. Artists. In brief, these are the people who are on a first-name basis with the 3D and visuals of the game.

    Outsourcing in game development

    In addition to product companies, there is IT outsourcing. Outsourcing are vendors hired by organizations to provide technology services and resources. In classic IT outsourcing, the goal is to offer services to the client. The best representative is iLogos Game development studio.

    The advantage of iLogos:

    • Quality. Game development is handled by a team of specialists with vast experience in the game industry.
    • Qualification. We use the latest and most effective technologies and tools in game development which is confirmed by our successful projects.
    • Compliance with the deadlines. When our company takes up an order it is completely responsible for its completion in due time, as iLogos Game Studios uses optimum methodologies for project management
    • Financially beneficial solutions. Our company seeks to minimize costs for our clients by applying rational solutions, careful planning, and systematization of work mechanisms
    • A transparent development process with close communication with the client. Each stage of work is documented, the customer receives detailed reports on all results, and all works are performed according to the agreed schedule
    • Creative solutions. Our young designers and experienced programmers can create a game exactly as the customer imagined.

    PC games, unlike console or VR games, have greater audience reach, as they do not require the purchase of separate game stations. These games can be for the casual user as well as the professional video game player. This market is the most diverse in development and covers a huge number of different areas. Computer games can solve problems not only for entertainment but also for education, medicine, marketing, and other spheres. If you want to find specialists in a Game development studio, then iLogos is what you are looking for.

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