Apple TV+ Shows Starring Plus-Size Actresses

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    Apple TV+ helps you experience the best of TV and film, all available for streaming, renting, and purchasing. The best part is that you can watch Apple TV+'s critically acclaimed original shows and movies in stunning 4K resolution.

    The Apple Originals on Apple TV+ include award-winning shows, captivating dramas, breakthrough documentaries, comedies, and more. With more Apple Originals being introduced monthly, it is worth paying for.

    You will love it because you can always find something per your interest, even if that means getting some inspiration from watching plus-size actresses showcasing their acting talents.

    Body Positivity as a Growing Trend

    The plus-size normalization movement is considered at the core of the body positivity trend. The movement works to dismantle restrictive beauty ideals. Equal representation of all shapes, sexes, sizes and skin tones is encouraged.

    From what we may tell from studies done in 2021, the movement first appeared on Instagram in 2012. By 2020, there were millions of social media posts related to it because of how popular it eventually became.

    The availability of dating sites for curvy women is yet another testament to the fact that more and more men are looking for a chance to date those chubby ladies. The trend is certainly changing quickly, and considering the number of people exploring these curvy dating outlets, it is obvious that the body positivity movement is bearing fruit.

    How Curvy Actresses Normalize Plus-Size Body Type

    Dating sites have certainly strengthened the trend by providing plus-size women with a platform to interact with others. But the truth is that body positivity is not simply focused on plus-size body types. And that becomes evident when you look at how celebrities talk about body positivity in their own context.

    Whether you are fat, chubby, petite, or slim, you will find actresses representing you on the silver screen. Look at the movies, TV, and fashion publications, and you will find enough motivation to look at your best.

    It is true that the media mainly depicts attractive and trendy women to be youthful, tall, and slim. However, curvy women's fashion icons are out there if you know where to search. Queen Latifah, a musician, actress, and model, is a fantastic representation of a fashion idol for ladies of a larger size.

    Similarly, you can easily find many top plus-sized models for some inspiration. Some famous names include Christina Schmidt and Crystal Renn. Many other celebrities are also leading the body-positivity movement, such as Demi Lovato, Mindy Kaling, Jameela Jamil, Florence Pugh, and Bryce Dallas Howard.

    Three Shows on Apple TV+ Featuring Plus-Size Talents

    When you are a fan of the body positivity movement and want to watch some shows with plus-size talents, Apple TV+ won't disappoint. Here are some good options to consider:

    Truth Be Told with Octavia Spencer

    If you love watching crime thrillers, you will love this one.

    While there are flaws in Truth Be Told, such as its choppy pacing and inconsistent tone, the writing is elevated by the strong acting of Paul, Spencer, and Elizabeth Perkins.

    In fact, the biggest highlight is Octavia Spencer, a plus-size actress that never ceases to amaze the audience with her talent. She has been a big name in both TV and movies for many years, either playing the part of a bratty blue-collar worker or a kind nurse in supporting roles.

    Mythic Quest with Jessie Ennis

    Mythic Quest on Apple TV+ is entertaining and stands out for its intelligent, serious, and sincere exploration of the gaming business. For this series, the originality pays off because of the superb plot and array of characters.

    And it gets quite interesting with season 3 when people's favorite plus-size actress Jessie Ennis finds her way into this franchise. Her character, Jo, seems to be most affected by what happened in the last season when Poppy and Ian left MQ.

    Since David is the only reliable authority figure left at work, Jo has been compelled to become . . . well, more obedient and responsible. Something that is obviously destroying her while she waits to cause devastation.

    Physical with Dierdre Friel

    The plot of the show centers on a housewife Sheila (Rose Byrne), who, after years of quiet torment, discovers an unexpected source of strength in the realm of aerobics.

    It chronicles Sheila's transformation from a repressed, ignored enabler into a formidable, bold economic force. She eventually becomes the female lifestyle guru, a role that is now commonplace but was revolutionary when she first entered the scene.

    And she gets a lot of support from Diedre Friel, a plus-size actress who knows how to deliver the best performances on screen. Friel made her television debut on The Sopranos, but she has since given numerous more memorable performances.

    In this Apple TV+ series Physical, she plays Greta, the down-to-earth millionaire who stands in stark contrast to Rose Byrne's narcissistic San Diego supermom.


    The fact is that you should learn to be happy with how you look and be positive about it. You do not have to be alone just because you think you are fat, petite, slim, or whatever. There is enough representation for you in the media to find inspiration, and there are platforms, like plus-size dating sites, to meet like-minded people in no time.

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