Is It Safe to Enter Your Identification Data on Betting Sites?

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    Mar 7, 2023, 9:52 am453 pts

    In the most connected era society has ever seen, the number of people entering personal data in to websites and apps is booming.From bank details through to home addresses, never before have people been so liberal when it comes to sharing their information. In most cases of course, choosing to share personal data is in return for a product or a service and the selling website is responsible for the security and confidentiality surrounding the personal information.

    However, as with all sectors of industry, there are many fraudulent and fake operators that pose as reliable websites – in order to coax people into sharing their personal data with them.

    betting site user

    The influence of identification data sharing is starting to be felt within the online gambling sphere too, with the boom within the sportsbook marketplace developing exponentially. Keeping personal information secured has become a basic pre-requisite for all online bookmakers. Finding bookmakers that are reliable can sometimes be difficult, with new sportsbooks constantly forcing their way into the congested online betting industry, but here such resources as Match Center, available in many languages, including PH, CA, KE, RS and HR, can be of great help as they do research and analyse bookmakers' operations.

    Finding a trustworthy online bookmaker carries many different elements and even the most experienced gambler can sometimes be caught out by breaches of data security, with hackers often targeting the multi-billion dollar gambling sector. However, there are a few basic things a punter should be on the lookout for, when it comes to finding a bookmaker that protects the personal information data of all their users.

    Licensed Sportsbook

    As the global betting industry transitioned online at the start of the 21st century, more people than ever before found solace in being able to bet at the touch of a few buttons. This boom led to many bookmakers having to jostle within the marketplace to prove their worth and reliability.

    All online bookmakers should clearly display their licence number either on the homepage or within the information section. Ensuring that all bets are placed with a licensed sportsbook is a sure fire way of punters being able to protect their personal information when placing a sports bet online and actively seeking out proof of licence number, is a basic requirement for all gamblers.

    Opt-in Wisely

    The aforementioned connectivity within society is enabling more people than ever before to access a multitude for betting markets and bookmakers and the industry is trending upwards constantly. New innovations are on the brink of breaking into the market too, as online bookmakers look to mirror the successes of other online industries and reach out to more areas of society.

    One of the developments within all online use in recent times has been the pop-up banners that often adorn a website's homepage – giving users the chance to detail what they would like the website to do with their personal information. In the main, buttons such as 'Accept all Cookies' are clicked flippantly, as users look to get rid of the banner from the screen and get cracking with the task at hand.

    However, in the online gambling sphere, not being aware of all cookies and their consequences can be of note for users further down the line. Whilst personal information and hacks seldom happen, inadvertently opting-in to certain data sharing policies can be problematic for users and bookmakers alike. Being aware of which data policy is in use is key for all levels of gambler, as they look to protect their own personal information within the online betting sphere.

    Information Sharing

    The growth within the sports betting world has led to many online bookmakers developing their portfolio by acquiring new and emerging sportsbooks within the market. As a result, there are many bookmakers that are stand-alone when betting but are all part of the same sports betting conglomerate when it comes to finances, policy making and data protection.

    Meaning, that giving personal data to one online bookmaker can mean that other sportsbooks within the betting group, will also have access to said personal data.

    The issue of compromise is very rarely involved in this case, as all of the biggest sportsbooks in the world spend billions of dollars on their overall operating security but punters should always be aware that their data can be shared easily by online sportsbooks.

    Serious efforts have been made within the online betting world to improve the security surrounding personal data and whilst isolated incidents can still occur, sharing identification and personal data with registered sportsbooks is safer today, than it ever has been before.

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