Top 5 Most Downloaded Apps In History

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    For some time now, new technologies have become part of people's daily lives. In this sense, electronic devices such as computers, mobile phones or tablets can be seen almost daily. So much is their boom that there are those who believe that life without these tools would be very complicated.

    And the fact is that new technologies have not only brought many advances in work, but also in the social life of human beings. They allow social relations to extend beyond cities and even countries. They are also a powerful entertainment device for all ages.

    Over the years, these technologies have allowed the creation of blogs or websites, such as the classified ads portal Skokka, or the emergence of apps. In this article we will discuss the 5 most downloaded applications in history.

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    Tik Tok

    Tik Tok is a platform that, in addition to being one of the most downloaded applications, has had a worldwide reach. Its recognition has been so great that it has more than 175 million downloads, according to a study conducted by Store Intelligence Data Digest.

    Many people, both professionals, for example some sexy London escorts, as well as people who want to have a great time, use the application for many different purposes. All kinds of content can be shared, from trips or paradisiacal experiences, to dances and popular music.

    Undoubtedly, what stands out in this application is the music, since Tik Tok was created to spread this type of content. Thanks to it, many people have had many followers, which has made some of them able to make a living from uploading dances and promoting the products that different artists release over time.


    The great movement was initiated by Whatsapp, a huge instant communication network. Wherever you travel, apart from certain countries that have chosen to use other platforms, everyone knows what Whatsapp is.

    This application allows you to send instant messages, share certain images with all your contacts, send audio and even make video calls. People use the app unconsciously and for free. There are those who use it to keep in touch with their loved ones and there are those who choose to give it a more professional use, such as Melbourne private escorts.

    It is an application that is constantly renewed, it has many new features. The last one has been the possibility of launching surveys from the application itself, which greatly facilitates the interaction with friends and family.


    What would many people be without this application? Instagram has given many people the possibility to find their true passion. A clear example is the well-known influencers, those people who share their daily lives and are a reference for many people.

    Instagram is a social network that has multiple functionalities. The main one is to share content of all kinds, from images of everyday life to very elaborate videos about travel. In addition, it allows you to connect and meet many people around the world. Likewise, it is possible to establish any kind of conservation at any time.

    As of today, Instagram is a very powerful tool when Marketing matters are concerned. There are content creators, who are paid to promote products, who share their experiences with different services or items. In addition, there are companies or freelancers, such as aussie escorts, who use it to make themselves known.

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    Can anyone imagine a life without music? The answer is obviously NO. Music is an essential element in the daily life of the population. When riding in a car, when entering certain shopping malls, when traveling on the train, when waiting for someone... you can observe people, such as escorts, who are connected to headphones.

    To facilitate the consumption of these products, Daniel Ek and Marin Lorentzon created a platform where you can listen to music unlimitedly. There is the ordinary version, in which you listen to advertisements every so often, and the premium version, in which people enjoy music without interruptions.

    This application gives life to many people. In addition to listening to music, there are podcasts that allow you to relax your mind or keep up to date with certain current issues. It is undoubtedly one of the applications that is used more hours a day, since it is everywhere. It also has great potential for promoting the products of singers.


    Canva is an application designed for content creation. In it, you can create business presentations, posts for social networks or even videos that help to promote a brand, among other things.

    As in Spotify, there is the ordinary version, with certain limitations when creating content, and the premium version in which you can enjoy multiple formats and functionalities. This tool is widely used by both professionals and ordinary people.

    It is true that there is some controversy in its use, since those who have studied graphic design or other related degrees think that its quality is very low. However, for those who are just starting out, it is a novelty that opens up a world of possibilities.

    In conclusion, new technologies have brought many benefits to society. In this sense, many people have had the opportunity to become entrepreneurs and to find a job they are passionate about. This is due to the aforementioned applications, among many others, which give them the possibility to make themselves known and to start very new and interesting projects.

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