Why iOS Betting Is a Safe and Convenient Alternative to Traditional Sports Wagering

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    Jun 21, 2023, 10:05 am632 pts

    A lot of bettors lean towards placing wagers on their mobile over sitting locked down at their computer. It is certainly a more efficient, quicker option as you have a sportsbook in your pocket that you can grab at any time, wherever you are.

    Mobile technology in general, and iOS systems in particular can help with the security of online betting. Bookmakers dedicate resources to developing and publishing mobile betting apps to make the user experience even better for their customers. So whether you are just thinking of sports betting, or are an experienced bettor using pure sportsbooks or betting exchange sites UK companies operate, let's delve with us into the world of mobile experience and shake things up.

    The Mobile Way

    The way people do their sports betting has changed drastically from old traditional ways. There was a time when you had no other option than to get out to a bookmaker shop to place your bets, which gradually evolved into telephone betting.

    But with the explosion of the internet, the entire landscape of sports betting has changed. Things shifted online as bookmakers began offering their sportsbooks to a whole new audience. Now things have moved on to mobile betting.

    Why Mobile Betting Is Better

    There are some great advantages that mobile betting brings to the table. iOS betting apps specifically deliver many conveniences. It's just a quick tap of an icon on a home screen and you are logged into your sportsbook account.

    That's easier than waiting for a computer to load, and apps are, by and large, quicker and more functional than mobile website versions of sportsbooks. Because they are specifically designed for mobile, betting apps should use less data than their mobile website counterparts too.


    Think about how you access your iOS device. It's probably with a secure passcode or FaceID. They both add a layer of protection before you ever get into your phone. Should you lose your phone you can quickly shut down access to it, and your data is all backed in the cloud anyway.

    Betting apps are secure as things like personal data and payments go through encryption. Therefore, interactions between you and the bookie are still safe. Users though do still have to take some security measures into their own hands. Like not using unsecured public Wi-Fi and setting up 2-Factor Authentication steps for app logins.

    Market Access

    With this efficient, small piece of technology in your pocket, you have immediate access to an unfathomable amount of betting markets. It doesn't matter what your sport is, from major areas like Premier League betting to NFL Super Bowl odds, it's all right there in one place.

    But that's not the only thing that punters can get out of the mobile betting experience. Again, in a major shift away from the old traditional betting ways, punters now have expanded access to a range of online features.

    Live Betting

    Live betting odds are a huge sector of sports wagering now. The mobile experience has made that even more popular. Now punters can strategise bets in a whole new way, marrying pre-match and in-play wagers.

    Live odds can give punters much better odds than pre-match markets can, and the benefit of being able to react to in-game situations. There's no real way to know whether a team will perform to the best of its ability in a given match before kick-off.

    Injuries, on-the-fly tactical changes and refereeing decisions can drastically change the course of a match in an instance. Live betting odds give a truer reflection of the current status, so punters can really dig into the meat of the odds opportunities.

    The Features

    Punters get further easily-accessible features through their iOS betting apps, like Cash Out and promotions. Cash Out lets you settle a bet early and if you had to try and stay locked to a home computer to watch that, it would be far less convenient to do than on a mobile.

    Bookmakers also launch many promotions to keep players engaged, and again, you are less likely to miss them with the sportsbook being with you for most of the day as you can set your app to allow for notifications. Then there are other bolt-on features like live streams, results, betting tips and insights from experts.

    In Summary

    Mobile betting is wonderfully convenient. Is it all perfect? Perhaps not as you need to have a strong network connection for example, so that there's not a drop in service at a crucial time when waiting for an in-play betting opportunity.

    Also with an iOS betting app so handily placed within reach, it can lead to poor betting habits. things can start to slide out of control, just because the sportsbook is there. But overall, embracing the world of mobile betting can bring tremendous benefits and convenience to punters when used responsibly.

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