What Is The Difference Between Wi-Fi And Internet?

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    As we have entered the world of the tech revolution, tech gadgets, and tech infrastructure has become so advanced that most people do not know the details. Generally, we see that tech-based terms are used interchangeably. Terms like smart, automated, or modem and routers are used on a daily basis but technically people are not aware of their working. Similarly, after wireless devices, smartphones, and tablets became common, people started using Wi-Fi and the Internet interchangeably.

    Therefore, now when your internet stops working, you will hardly see people talking about the internet. Instead, they will refer to Wi-Fi. To understand why most people make this mistake, you need to know about the functional details of the internet.

    In case you have complained about the Wi-Fi working, there is a high chance that it is caused by the internet issue. To resolve this, you can either start by diagnosing the issue, resolving it or you can use the hit & trail method. However, if both methods, fail we recommend you to simply switch your internet service provider.

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    Now that you are signed up with a reliable provider, you can go ahead and learn about the difference between WiFi and the internet.

    What Is A Wi-Fi?

    Wi-Fi is the wireless part of the internet. It stands for wireless fidelity. This technology helps witless devices to stay connected. Within Wi-Fi, there are radio waves used for transmitting the data and so the wireless devices stay connected. The standard Wi-Fi network is 802.11 and it was established by IEEE. This standard mainly represents the interaction of two devices with each other via signals and air as a medium career.

    Wi-Fi has a very small range and it keeps smartphones, laptops, tablets, iPad, and other wireless devices connected with a very small range by using a hotspot. Since radio waves are used, the connection is fragile and even a small hurdle ends up reducing the speed.

    This is the reason Wi-Fi extenders are used if the home is big or the walls are thick. For Wi-Fi, the antenna is small so there is no restriction on the router size. Some of the common devices that use Wi-Fi signals as a method of communication include smartphones, gaming gear, laptops, smart home devices, smart speakers, printers, etc.

    What Is The Internet?

    The Internet is a global system where computers are interconnected and data transmission is happening on a global level in real-time. These computers use IP or internet protocol suits for establishing the links. Since the internet is a global network, there are many things happening simultaneously. Moreover, compared to the internet, it has more functions.

    The concept of the internet was coined back in 1969 and since then it has changed a lot thanks to the infrastructural advancements and tech revolution. The Internet was first devised by using the concept of ARPANET. The US Department of Defense developed this networking system.

    Although this system was used as a method of communication between different government departments. However, it evolved later and became a global source of communication. With the change in infrastructure, and the development of other languages as well as IPs, DNS, and browsers, using the internet became fun, easy, and simple.

    How the Internet Is Different Form Wi-Fi?

    The basic concept of the internet is to form a connection that can help you connect the devices together globally so they can communicate. The internet is used for browsing websites as well as downloading and uploading things online.

    All the general tasks that you commit via your laptops or any other devices like browning, using apps, or just sending pictures to your friends are possible because of the internet. In older times, the internet was used via Ethernet only. However, now the internet can be connected via both Ethernet as well as wireless connection.

    Wi-Fi is the wireless signal that is used for connecting the device. It is one of the methods you can use for connecting your device to the internet. Generally, if you opt for wireless devices, you will need Wi-Fi for connection. For transmission of the Wi-Fi signals, Ethernet is brought in and plugged into the router. Then, the router uses the antenna to transmit the Wi-Fi signals in the form of radio waves.

    Generally, Wi-Fi is used for day-to-day use but for the complex and heavy data usage, you need Ethernet. This is the reason offices and workplaces have a much better internet speed.

    Can You Use the Internet and Wi-Fi Interchangeably?

    There is no doubt that both Internet and Wi-Fi are different. Where the internet is a way of connecting all the global devices for fetching and transmitting data in real-time, Wi-Fi is a way of connecting devices at a very small range via using radio waves. However, most people still use both these terms interchangeably. So, while communicating keep in mind that some people might be telling you that your Wi-Fi is not working when there is an issue with your internet.

    Bottom Line

    Although both concepts are different, you will hardly see people using them as different terms in daily life. However, the above-mentioned details will help you understand both concepts in detail.

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