Ways an Apple Smartwatch Can Make Your Life Easier in College

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    We hardly remember items like smartwatches and other tech devices when shopping for back-to-school stuff. While pens, textbooks, and pencils are essential stationeries you will use in class, you should also buy wearable tech such as smartwatches to help you with proper organization. And obviously, having a laptop and a smartphone is essential for making student life easy.

    Let's get back to smartwatches. Apple smartwatch is becoming trendy not just because it looks cool but also because of its goodies. It has several free tech-savvy applications you cannot afford to miss out on. Let's dig up more reasons you should have an Apple smartwatch in college.

    Study Smarter

    Every academic year we set objectives and create new strategies to achieve these goals. However, it is only possible to achieve these aims with proper organization. With an Apple smartwatch, you can easily stick to your goals and even tick them off once you achieve them. This device even makes handling assignments easier; you may not need to pay for research paper since you can plan how to handle the assignment in small sections through your Be Focused app.

    Applications like Be Focused help you manage and track tasks through the set timeline. Additionally, it can break down your tasks into manageable levels and combine them to ensure you get short breaks in between. With such an organization, you will have your schedule set so you do not have to go through long hours of handling bulky tasks, helping you study smarter.

    Time Management

    Apple Watch

    An Apple smartwatch is more than just a time-telling machine. The watch allows following up on your daily activities with much ease. Once you create a to-do list, your smart watch will do the rest of the work, reminding you when your next activity is due. With such reminders, it is much easier to keep time since you will be more alert.

    The Apple smartwatch does not have a reminder; however, you can link it up with your iPhone, iPad, or MacBook and ask Siri to help you set a reminder when you want to start assignments or have a class. But if you still want a reminder app for your smartwatch, you can get the Wunderlist to help manage your daily routines. Once your routines are set, you only need a reminder to ensure that every task is allocated equal periods. Time management in college is key, so if you struggle with keeping time, the Apple smartwatch will help you.

    Sleep on Time

    Getting enough sleep plays a key role in protecting your mental health. College can be a whirlwind of emotions, from excitement to disappointment. Additionally, bulky assignments and long classes can leave you exhausted. Sleep is among the best ways to relax and wind down after a long day. However, most students struggle with finding the right sleeping routine because they still have activities to catch up with after school.

    With an Apple watch, you can track and analyze your sleeping patterns, thanks to the sensors that come with the watch. The sleep+++ application analyzes daily sleeping habits. Your smartwatch will clock when you start sleeping and when you are restless and restful. This analysis tells you whether you are restless or restful and whether it is common.

    After waking up, you can check the analysis made by the app on your phone. Monitoring your sleep pattern helps you identify whether any distractions are affecting your sleep, and you can make the necessary adjustments to get enough sleep. So if you want to increase your productivity during the day, get a smartwatch to help you have a restful night.

    Practice Meditation and Relaxation

    With the level of pressure in college, you will need to take some time to rejuvenate and gather your strength back. Your Apple watch can help you with this, thanks to the Headspace application, which has several meditation lessons. A lesson can last up to as few as two minutes. The upside of this app is that your friends can join you for your sessions so that you can hold each other accountable in your headspace journey.

    The Breathe app also allows you to spare two minutes of your daily routine to focus on breathing. The app plays a thrilling animation with vibrations that are calming. It is especially useful when experiencing tension or school pressures such as exams or trying to meet an assignment deadline. The vibration helps reduce your anxiety.


    If you are joining college, you will move to a new location. You will need a map to navigate the area, and with an Apple smartwatch, the map will be on your wrists. The map provides signals indicating when to turn. The vibrations will let you know which turn to take. The map feature is primarily useful when navigating a busy city. The upside of using the map on your smartwatch is that you do not have to keep holding your phone while trying to find your way in your new area. With the map notifications and guidance, you can easily go on a culinary exploration and find ATMs, salons, and landmarks in the area.

    Staying True to Your Workout

    Apple Watch

    Sometimes the hard part of working out is keeping track of your fitness journey and whether you have achieved your goals. When the semester gets busy, keeping up with workout sessions becomes challenging. But you can track your daily fitness with the Activity application on your Apple Watch.

    The watch will track any time you are active, including walking, running, or jogging on the treadmill. As long as you're active, your Apple watch will record the activities and the possible calories you could be burning. The device also provides daily snapshots of the activities you have been up to. It will record any movement you make and give you daily statistics of your activities.

    Order Meals and Track Them

    Studying can take a lot of energy; you may need to satisfy your midnight cravings if you are a night owl. After making your order on your phone, you can track it until it is delivered using your smartwatch. So you do not have to leave the comfort of your home to go to a cafeteria.


    Sometimes we dress for cold weather and vice versa, only for the weather to change, and the dress code needs to be put in the right place. Your Apple smartwatch will let you know what the weather will look like throughout the day, and you can plan your outfit. The Yahoo weather application is among the many apps you can add to your smartwatch.

    The app uses animations to represent the expected weather. If you always find yourself stuck in the rain, then it is time you get a smartwatch to help you with the predictions. You will also be notified in case of any extreme conditions. iPhone also has this feature, but with a smartwatch, you only have to glance briefly at your wrist, and you will have the whole weather forecast for the day.

    Control Your Music

    Your Apple smartwatch mirrors your iPhone. If you are playing music on your iPhone, you can control the playlist using your watch so that you do not have to dig in your pocket or bag to find your phone, especially if you are on a bus, strolling, or working out. Sometimes it gets annoying having to pull out your phone frequently to change your music. A smartwatch will also come in handy when you are studying and trying to avoid distractions from your phone but still want to listen to music. You can control the volume and change songs quickly by raising your wrist.

    Stay Informed

    The Quartz application lets you get the latest news and gossip on your Apple smartwatch. Once you open the app, you will receive the news as a text message with GIFs and emojis. And a link is attached at the end of the message. In case you want to read more about the story, you will click on it. As a student, you need to keep up with current affairs, and with your Apple smartwatch, you will always be in the know.

    Shutting Down

    Having an Apple smartwatch is far from luxury, and in the current technology era, it is gradually becoming a necessity due to its multipurpose function. A smartwatch performs various functions, from weather predictions to helping you get into the best routine. Time in college goes by fast; thus, without proper organization, you may become more confused with everything happening around you.

    With an Apple smartwatch, you can plan your days, keep track of your objectives, and even your fitness journey if you are on one. We often assume that smartwatches are a perfect fit for business owners; however, they are also useful for students, thanks to the student-friendly features and applications that can help them easily navigate their college life.

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