Why Apple Is The Most Innovative Company In The Last Century

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    When it comes to the world's most innovative companies, Apple comes up time and time again. Since Apple was established, it has shown that innovation was perhaps the company's biggest strength, redefining personal computing in its early days with the creation of the Macintosh. Apple then went on to continue releasing groundbreaking products which changed the landscape of the tech world.

    The company produced a culture around innovation by encouraging the design team to think outside the box constantly. In addition, the leaders in the company held a vision for the company which focused heavily on innovation. Below, we will unpack how Apple rose in the technology sector to become not only the biggest company in the industry but in the world.


    One of the main factors that contributed to Apple's rise to the top of the tech industry was the unique design of Apple products, which set them apart from any other options in the market. Not only have Apple products historically been extremely pleasing to use and look at, but they have also been highly functional. This has allowed people to use Apple products for various uses, whether for work or playing games like the UK online slot games when they have free time.

    Since the company's creation, Apple has released devices with multiple uses, attracting many loyal customers who have bought the new products released each year. Apple achieved this because of how closely the design and engineering teams worked together to create technology that had utility and pleasing aesthetics. The consistency of this company to achieve this balance has given Apple a brand image that people can recognise around the world.


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    Apple's ability to prove every year that they are a company that is a leader in innovation has allowed it to rocket to the top of the ladder. They prioritise customers' needs regarding product design, which has fostered a community of highly loyal people to the company. They have shown that they are not scared to explore new concepts and technology and take risks to stand out. Once Apple identified an opportunity to create new innovative technology, they have been extremely successful at capitalising on it.

    Being able to constantly push boundaries in an industry and become the benchmark for others to follow put Apple at the top of the ladder in the technology sector. The innovative culture that Apple adopted at an early stage in the company's evolution propelled the business to the top of the tech ladder. Their focus on simplicity, thoughtful design and research allowed Apple to produce products ahead of their time, making them stand out.

    One of the most evident examples of Apple's choice to stand out was their move to use RISC processors in their devices, whereas many other tech companies opted for CISC processors. RISC processors save more battery and run much smoother, improving the overall experience while using their mobile devices. They also invested a lot of research into producing processors that were more powerful than intel processors, which again showed their ability to come out on top versus competitors with the introduction of the M1 and M2 processors.


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    Many companies attempting to become the leaders in the tech space put a lot of effort into making extremely complex products. Apple decided to go a different route, producing simple but extremely effective products that functioned at a very high level. This enabled Apple to create products that were a lot more user-friendly compared to competitors in the industry, which instantly attracted customers.

    Because Apple could produce technology that people could use and understand after the first use, it made them an instant hit with those who were less tech-savvy. This increased the range of customers the company attracted and quickly grew a fanbase. Almost 50 years on, Apple still strives to make new technologies accessible to all age groups and people with different levels of knowledge regarding technology. This has allowed Apple to maintain a strong following of customers who solely use their products.


    Steve Jobs was crucial in the success of Apple, committing to producing innovative and inspirational products. Even now, Apple has leaders such as Jony Ive and Tim Cook, who continue to keep the ethos of Apple alive by pursuing originality and perfection in developing new technologies.


    Apple is a company that is the perfect example of how innovation can take you to the top of a particular industry. By consistently striving to produce technology that functions optimally and not following the path of other competitors, Apple has become the largest and most successful company in the modern world.

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