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  • The 512 Pixels Membership

    Thu 2:00pm By Stephen Hackett
    It’s hard to believe it has been two years since I introduced the 512 Pixels Membership. The membership has given me the chance to do bigger projects like the Aqua Screenshot Library. This fall, the blog will turn 11 years old, and I couldn’t be more…
  • (Don’t Fear) The Reaper

    Thu 10:54am By Stephen Hackett
    Steven Troughton-Smith has written an epic blog post, tracing the evolution from NeXTSTEP to Mac OS X through the lens of Mail.app.
  • Connected #244: This is Not Propaganda

    Wed 5:51pm By Stephen Hackett
    This week on Connected: Myke keeps dropping his phone, Apple keeps releasing new MacBook Pros for Stephen to talk about, and Federico has published a magnum opus on the state of the iPad and iOS 12. My thanks to our sponsors: Backblaze: Unlimited cloud backup…
  • Apple Announces WWDC Keynote for June 3

    Wed 12:17pm By Stephen Hackett
    Apple has officially sent out details for this year’s event. I am very excited to say that I will be attending the keynote; this neon unicorn’s face sums up how I feel right now:
  • Relay FM 5th Anniversary Live Show

    Wed 11:44am By Stephen Hackett
    Exciting stuff going on here at Relay FM HQ: Join us in celebrating Relay FM’s 5th birthday with a special live show featuring some of your favorite podcast hosts for what the kids call a podcasting extravaganza! The live show will be in San Francisco on…
  • Vignette Makes Updating Contact Photos Easy and Secure

    Wed 11:23am By Stephen Hackett
    After months of teasing, Casey Liss has shipped Vignette, a new iPhone app for keeping your contact images updated easily. Here’s a bit from his blog post announcing the app, about why he wrote it: As with all ideas, it starts with a question: Could I get…
  • Liftoff #99: Apollo 10

    Tue 4:50pm By Stephen Hackett
    This time on Liftoff, Jason and I continue our series marking the 50th anniversary of each Apollo mission: In May 1969, Tom Stafford, John Young and Gene Cernan took their Apollo spacecraft within 48,000 feet of the lunar service. Come for the views of the…
  • Apple Introduces Updated MacBook Pros, Extends Keyboard Service Program

    Tue 1:11pm By Stephen Hackett
    Apple has updated the MacBook Pro today, just two weeks before WWDC. Jason Snell has details: These updates don’t bring any changes to the exterior of the MacBook Pro—it’s the same base design introduced in late 2016—but they do bring 9th-generation…
  • The MacSparky Keyboard Maestro Field Guide

    Tue 12:08pm By Stephen Hackett
    David Sparks has launched his new Field Guide, a video course all about Keyboard Maestro. Keyboard Maestro is one of those applications that can really make a Mac sing, but it can be a bit intimidating at first. In this course, David walks through its features…
  • Beyond the Tablet

    Tue 11:52am By Stephen Hackett
    After months of work, Federico has published a manifesto of sorts about the working on the iPad Pro: Seven years after I started (slowly) replacing my MacBook Air with an iPad, my life is different, but one principle still holds true: I never want to find…