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  • Bendgate Is Back And It’s Not Apple’s iPhone

    Thu 8:00pm By Wil Gomez
    If you want to know why Apple does not rush into new technology, Samsung has the answer with its new Galaxy Fold. Let’s call it Galaxy Fail. Yes, Bendgate is back and this time it’s not an iPhone. ... Continue Reading »
  • All The Apple Gear You Can Get For The Price Of Samsung’s Ill-fated $2,000 Galaxy Fold Disaster

    Thu 7:30pm By Natalia Nowak
    What’s the latest trend that makes Apple look as if it no longer has the mojo it needs to innovate? Folding smartphones. Small and in your pocket becomes double the size. Think iPhone to iPad mini. Samsung was ... Continue Reading »
  • How Google Wants To Shape The Internet

    Thu 7:00pm By Jeffrey Mincey
    “Who’s your daddy?” Good question. If you’re on the internet then the big daddies are Google and Facebook; more the former than the latter, yet both want to shape the internet to match their requirements, not yours. Here’s ... Continue Reading »
  • Tech Companies Should Regulate Themselves

    Thu 6:30pm By Jack Miller
    There’s a new regulator sheriff in town and he will watch over the technology industry better than governments. Says who? Google. Well, not so much Google’s executives as its former CEO, Eric Schmidt. I’m not particularly keen on ... Continue Reading »
  • How And Why Apple And Qualcomm Folded

    Wed 8:00pm By Wil Gomez
    What happened? Apple and modem chip supplier Qualcomm have been locked head-to-head in a bitter battle with tens of billions of dollars in licensing at stake. Minutes into the first big trial they announced a settlement. What happened? ... Continue Reading »
  • iPhone Videos Are Better Than Television

    Wed 7:30pm By Natalia Nowak
    To paraphrase from Ghost Busters, there’s something strange in the neighborhood. Whatever it is, with 4-billion smartphone cameras on planet earth, we don’t have any good photos or videos of it. The sheer ubiquity of high quality…
  • Microsoft Really, Really Wants A Smartphone

    Wed 7:00pm By Jeffrey Mincey
    If Microsoft decided to get into the smartphone game again, what would you get? I’m thinking a decent smartphone that runs Android and is loaded up with all things Office. Through the years, the Windows maker has jumped ... Continue Reading »
  • No, These Earbuds Are Not Just Like Beats

    Wed 6:30pm By Jack Miller
    It pays to read the fine print. It pays to be a bit skeptical about what appears to be an opinion disguised as fact. In fact, most of what you see on Fox News and CNN is not ... Continue Reading »
  • iPhone Fold Might Be The Next Great Thing

    Tue 8:00pm By Wil Gomez
    Apple is being raked over the coals again by various members of the technorati elite politburo who decry the company’s inability to innovate. You know. Innovation Samsung style. Hell, to hear the nattering nabobs of negativism tell the ... Continue Reading »
  • Living A Technology Life Can Be Confusing

    Tue 7:30pm By Jeffrey Mincey
    If the news doesn’t scare you into believing the world might be coming to an end someday soon, then look around at the growing array of technological gadgets designed to make life better but really do not. I’m ... Continue Reading »
  • Apple Is Moving Toward Lower Prices

    Tue 7:00pm By Natalia Nowak
    Look around. What do you see? If you’ve been checking out the RSS feeds of various websites, you’ll see sale prices on various Apple gear– Mac to Watch, iPhone to iPad. What’s going on? Didn’t Apple just raise ... Continue Reading »
  • The Differences Between Mac Browsers

    Tue 6:30pm By Jack Miller
    How many browsers are on your Mac? Two seems to be the most common number. Apple’s Safari and Google’s Chrome. Yet, I see Firefox, Vivaldi, Brave, Opera and others gaining traction in usage. What’s the difference between all ... Continue Reading »