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  • Mac Desktop Publishing Is Alive And Well

    Thu 5:23pm By Ron McElfresh
    One of the more interesting aspects of being a senior member of the Mac360 staff, and an original 128k Mac owner (circa late spring 1984), is the privilege of seeing the entire computer industry change. Several times. I ... Continue Reading »
  • Apple’s Siri Needs Google’s Coolest Feature

    Thu 5:05pm By Bambi Brannan
    One of the benefits of competition in technology is obvious. We get better stuff. Apple’s hardware improves each year. So does the competition. Apple software improves each year. So does the competition. That means customers are treated…
  • A Set Of 6 Better Backup Tips For The Mac

    Thu 5:05pm By Natalia Nowak
    Yes, it’s Friday; I know you’re busy with shopping and getting ready for the holidays, so I’ll keep it simple on what sometimes can be a stupidly complex problem. Backups. Apple makes it easy to backup an iPhone ... Continue Reading »
  • Why Advertisers Learned To Hate Apple

    Wed 6:00pm By T.T. O'Brien
    Guess who has your back? Microsoft? Nope. Google? Sorry. Facebook? Seriously? Amazon Prime? Laughable. When it comes to privacy you have two choices. Hire an uber-geek. Or, Apple. You see Apple raising its privacy and security profile on ... Continue Reading »
  • Guess Who Wants To Use Your iPhone?

    Wed 5:30pm By David Farrington
    Guess who wants access to your iPhone? Apple? No. Google? Yes, but only to see what you do. Facebook? Same reason. Both want to send advertising to you so they can make money. So, who else wants to ... Continue Reading »
  • ‘I Ordered A New Mac Pro Maxed Out’

    Tue 7:19pm By Kate MacKenzie
    Apple says there are about 100-million Mac users on planet earth. Most– about 80-percent– are Mac notebook users. The rest have iMacs, Mac mini, and Mac Pro; a few hold onto the past. Those are Mac Pro’s from ... Continue Reading »
  • Features Apple Maps Users Want Now

    Tue 5:30pm By Natalia Nowak
    Let me run down a list of basic Apple customer questions. First, got Maps? Of course, you do. Maps is standard on all new Macs, iPhones, and iPads. Maps on Apple gear is used far more than Google ... Continue Reading »
  • The #1 Best Reason For Mac AppleCare

    Tue 5:05pm By David Farrington
    There was a time in the not-too-distant past when I never bought AppleCare. It was like getting insurance for products that just never failed. Much. Times have changed. I’m on the iPhone Upgrade Program and that comes with ... Continue Reading »
  • Apple Needs To Adopt ‘Feature Drops’

    Mon 6:30pm By Jeffrey Mincey
    Google has something coming that Apple needs to copy immediately for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Watch, Apple TV, and any future hardware gadgets that rely on software. Let’s call it Feature Drops. Apple’s usual routine of introducing new…
  • Why Isn’t The Mac Dead Already?

    Mon 6:00pm By T.T. O'Brien
    What would you put on the list of certainties in life? Death and taxes, right? Well, maybe death. If you’re the right level of rich you may not pay any taxes, either. What else? One item I would ... Continue Reading »
  • The Method To Apple’s ‘Courage’

    Mon 5:05pm By Wil Gomez
    Who’s your Daddy? Apple, right? Who does not like Apple gear? Well, various members of the self-righteous technorati elite politburo who seem to find criticism with every new feature Apple brings to a product. What about when Apple ... Continue Reading »
  • ‘Steve Jobs Didn’t Build Anything’

    Dec 6, 2019, 1:22 am By Jeffrey Mincey
    We live in a fractured world where everybody gets an opinion on anything and facts don’t matter. Politicians spout off opinions on complex matters with little more than juvenile attacks without detailed support for the premise. Arguments…