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  • Now Is The Time To Switch Search Engines

    Sun 7:02pm By Wil Gomez
    How many search engines can you name? Hmmm. Good question. First, there’s Google, and then, uh, um; hmmm. Oh yeah. Microsoft’s Bing. And Yahoo! Are they both still in business? Last week I came across an excellent review ... Continue Reading »
  • How To Back Up Everything On Your Mac

    Sun 7:01pm By Jeffrey Mincey
    Color me more than a little old school. When it comes to Mac backups I like extra hard disks; the more the merrier. Why? They’re cheap. How cheap? Read on. Each of my Macs has a set of ... Continue Reading »
  • Apple Has Become A Big Retail Dealmaker

    Sun 7:00pm By Natalia Nowak
    Guess where you get hot deals on all your favorite Apple gadgets and gear? Amazon? Well, yeah. Best Buy? Uh huh. Plus dozens of other retailers which have special pricing on Apple kit. What about Apple itself? Well, ... Continue Reading »
  • How 2019 Is Turning Out To Be Apple’s Own Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Year

    Thu 7:02pm By Wil Gomez
    Yes, I know the year is yet young, and Apple could knock a couple of balls out of the infield by mid-Spring and WWDC, and then hit a few four baggers before the holiday shopping season. We say ... Continue Reading »
  • Why Amazon Can Never Be Trusted

    Thu 7:01pm By David Farrington
    Color me a little paranoid about the online world in the 21st century. Look, if everyone is out to get you, paranoia seems like the correct attitude to have, right? Here’s an example and it has to do ... Continue Reading »
  • About Apple’s Clever Hardware Strategy

    Thu 7:00pm By Jeffrey Mincey
    Look around. What do you see? People carrying smartphones, reading smartphones, listening to smartphones. In fact, smartphones are everywhere; so everywhere that the world is saturated with them. How does Apple manage to stand out and differentiate…
  • All The Best Alternatives To Apple Stores

    Wed 7:02pm By Wil Gomez
    Just kidding. There are none. What competes against an Apple Store? Nothing. Well, maybe some discounts here and there, otherwise, nothing. Apple Stores are that good. Apple’s chief of retail decided the time was good to move on ... Continue Reading »
  • Customers Should Be Afraid Of Amazon

    Wed 7:01pm By Jeffrey Mincey
    Among those of use who traverse the interwebs, there is privacy and there is privacy. Google, Facebook, and even Amazon claim to respect privacy even while spying on users and customers. At the other end of the scale, ... Continue Reading »
  • There’s No Money In An Apple TV Service

    Wed 7:00pm By Bambi Brannan
    There might be a very good reason why Apple has yet to venture into the streaming television market. Money. Or, rather, the lack of money. Nobody is making much money with streaming TV services. First, let me separate ... Continue Reading »
  • About The Mobile Browser You Never Heard Of

    Tue 7:02pm By Jeffrey Mincey
    Pretty much everybody online uses a browser at one time or another; Mac or Windows PC, iPhone and iPad, or Android device. Browsers are what you use when there isn’t a dedicated application to pave the way for ... Continue Reading »
  • Is This The Worst Year Ever For iPhone?

    Tue 7:00pm By Natalia Nowak
    This won’t take long. Despite Mark Twain’s missive,sometimes numbers just don’t lie and statistics are your friend. How many smartphones shipped in 2018? Nobody knows. Apple stopped divulging iPhone unit sales numbers and nobody else ever announced…
  • The Coming Value Of Apple’s HealthKit

    Tue 7:00pm By Jack Miller
    Remember when Apple Watch was a flop? Things change. Today, Apple Watch is not only a bona fide certified hit among technology gadgets, it saves lives, too. Step by step, year by year, Apple has added functionality to ... Continue Reading »