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  • What’s the Easiest Way To Get Videos From Photos Into iMovie?

    2:14pm By forum
    I want to import a selection of videos from Photos into a new iMovie project and find it far more complicated than expected. If I select the Photos Libraries under Project Media, I only find a slimmed down selection of albums and images. The search doesn’t…
  • How Do I Efficiently Organize My Document Folder?

    10:25am By forum
    Gary, I have been following your advice regarding cleaning up my document/iCloud folder by opening a Finder window twice and put one on the right and one on the left as you suggest in your posting in “cleaning up your Mac”. The problem is many of my files…
  • 15 Things You May Not Know You Can Do In Mac Photos

    Fri 11:00am By Gary Rosenzweig
    The Mac Photos app has some deep functionality and even regular users may not know some of these tips. Learn how to search by photo contents, convert Live Photos to long exposure pictures, export contact sheet PDFs, adjust and filter videos, create multiple…
  • Is It Safe To Close a Tab In Safari Without Signing Out Of the Site?

    Fri 9:42am By forum
    Im constantly trying to trim keystrokes to become more efficient. Lets say you are logged into your banking site and close that tab without sighing out from the bank. Is this not secure in anyway? —– Peter D
  • How To Archive Files On a Mac

    Thu 11:00am By Gary Rosenzweig
    If you use your Mac to create or work on documents and projects, you'll occasionally want to archive old files to free up space on your Mac's internal drive and iCloud. You can do with with a basic external drive. But you may also want to consider other types…
  • How To Record and Share Screen At Same Time On Mac?

    Wed 11:42am By forum
    I am a content creater and i need to record myself and screen at the same my laptop specs macbook pro 13 inch 2020 ( intel ) It is important to understand and know different softwares which could possibly record and share screen at the same time, but also free…
  • A Script For Adding Borders and Captions To Photos

    Wed 11:00am By Gary Rosenzweig
    Here’s the script: // remember the Photos app var photosApp = Application.currentApplication(); // get Pixelmator Pro var pixelmatorPro = Application("Pixelmator Pro"); pixelmatorPro.includeStandardAdditions = true; var currentlyOpenedDocuments =…
  • What Is the Best Web Camera?

    Wed 10:41am By forum
    What web camera do you use? —– MauriceIRL
  • How Do I Programmatically Adjust iPad Brightness On a Schedule?

    Tue 4:10pm By forum
    I’m trying to manually control the brightness of an iPad display at specific times of day; specifically, I want to dim the display to about 10% at 11pm at night and then return to “auto” brightness at 8am. I haven’t yet found a way to programmatically…
  • April 20 Event To Possibly Bring New iPads, iMacs

    Tue 2:00pm By Gary Rosenzweig
    Apple has announced a special event for April 20 called “Spring Loaded.” Most who follow Apple news expect Apple to announce new iPads at this event, and possibly a new iMac. A new iPad Pro model is due, one which will leap past the iPad Air in processor…
  • How To Preserve Battery Life On MacBook Pro 13 Inch Intel?

    Tue 11:57am By forum
    I have a macbook pro 13 inch 2020 (INTEL) and when i am not using it not on power though it is plugged in most of the times when it isnt battery tends to drain very quickly it is important to understand the cause and why battery drains fast on macbook pro than…
  • Mac Basics: Customizing Toolbars

    Tue 11:00am By Gary Rosenzweig
    Most Mac apps have buttons at the top of each window in a toolbar. If you don't like the arrangement of buttons in the toolbar, or what to remove or add functionality to the toolbar, you can do so by customizing it. Most native Mac apps, like Safari, Mail, the…
  • What Are the Best Option for Using Email Services Except Using Apple Mail?

    Tue 10:57am By forum
    On app store there are default mail apps for outlook, but there isnt one for gmail yet should i use gmail on google chrome browser or should i use the apple mail app for gmail These days we are living in online world and all the work we are being sent through…
  • How Do I Easily Update All the Copies Of a File When I Modify One Copy?

    Mon 4:03pm By forum
    I keep the same spreadsheet file in several different folders (including Dropbox, Desktop, and other folders with specific meaning to me). When I modify this file, what is the easiest way to push the new, modified file to all the other locations? I have this…
  • How To Decrease Storage Space Without Installing a Third Party Application?

    Mon 11:37am By forum
    I have a MacBook Pro 13 inch 2020 with intel chip and sometimes storage space get filled up pretty quickly I have being seeing different YouTube videos and they recommend a cleaning or antivirus software like cleanmymac should I install it or not Often using…
  • How To Sign PDF Documents In Preview On Your Mac

    Mon 11:00am By Gary Rosenzweig
    You don't need to print out, sign, and then scan in documents. You can sign them right on your Mac. Using the Markup Tools in Mac Preview and other places, you can sign documents and fill in other text. Your signatures are saved for later use so it is even…
  • Are Sleep Functions Irrelevant For iMacs?

    Sun 10:35am By forum
    I was going to setup a hot corner to put the display to sleep. On reflection, I can’t see it makes any sense for an iMac. After all, there’s no battery saving to be had when an iMac is always plugged in and secondly, putting the screen to sleep won’t put…
  • How Much Memory Of a Zipped File Vs a Folder for Graphics?

    Apr 10, 2021, 12:01 am By forum
    I download a lot of graphic files as zip files. I sometimes just keep them zipped and sometimes I open them up and use what is in the folders. How much disc space does it use to keep both the zip files and the open folders? Should I just keep the open folders…
  • How Can I Get a Sharp PNG or JPG Image From a Numbers File?

    Apr 9, 2021, 3:24 pm By forum
    I’d like to place an event calendar on our website. I found a perfect calendar template in Numbers. But our company website requires the image to be png or jpg. So, in Numbers, I went to print, then opened in Preview, then saved as jpg. (also did png). I…
  • How Can I Turn On Night Shift In a Simpler Way?

    Apr 9, 2021, 11:43 am By forum
    Is there a keyboard shortcut for turning on/off Night Shift (on Display), please ? I prefer to have my screen on warmer colours, so Night Shift is good for my eyes. Every 24 h, I must turn it on and I’d like a simpler way to do it (other than clicking on the…
  • 15 Obscure System Preferences You Should Know About

    Apr 9, 2021, 11:00 am By Gary Rosenzweig
    Here are some System Preference settings you may not know about or be using. Learn how to change the menu bar clock, customize your language by app, show a message on the lock screen, access hidden screen resolutions and more.…
  • How Do I Password Protect Folders?

    Apr 8, 2021, 9:44 pm By forum
    Is there a way to have a folder on a thumb drive password protected and other folders not password protected? I am teaching a class and will give the folder password on the last day to keep students from accessing the answers early in the week. —– John Wilson
  • Can We Use Mac Mail With Gmail Addresses?

    Apr 8, 2021, 3:43 pm By forum
    Thanks for the quick response! Maybe I should have started with the fact that I’ve only used Mac Mail and nothing else. We have recently changed internet providers and were told that our email addresses will no longer belong to us and we’d have to make…
  • How Do I Tidy Up Mail?

    Apr 8, 2021, 12:43 pm By forum
    How best to tidy up my mailbox? I’m getting WAY TOO MUCH mail. —– Becky Kurtz
  • Showing Trend Arrows and Other Icons In Mac Numbers

    Apr 8, 2021, 11:00 am By Gary Rosenzweig
    By using formulas, you can show special characters inside your Numbers tables to indicate things like increases or decreases in values, amounts and ranks. These simple techniques can make your tables easier to read and understand at a glance.…
  • How To Put Email Addresses In the BCC Field From a Group Name In Contacts ?

    Apr 7, 2021, 7:05 pm By forum
    When I want to send an email to a group from Contacts, I right-click on the group name and select “Send an email to “group name” “. This will open a new email window and all the email addresses of the members will be in the “To” field. Is it…
  • Mac Basics: The Desktop Folder

    Apr 7, 2021, 11:00 am By Gary Rosenzweig
    The Desktop Folder is a regular folder with the interesting special feature that files and folders inside it are also display over your Desktop. The files you see on your Desktop are the same files you can view in a Finder window when looking at the Desktop…
  • How Do I Fill In a Questionnaire That Has Been Created In Word?

    Apr 6, 2021, 1:25 pm By forum
    I have a questionnaire to fill in which is in Word. I’ve been advised to get a Pages app but when I access App store I only get adverts for games. Is there another way or how do I access the correct part of App store? I need to complete it fairly quickly but…
  • 6 Things That Can Be Faked To Compromise Your Security

    Apr 6, 2021, 11:00 am By Gary Rosenzweig
    The weakest link in your computer security is often you. You'll receive fake emails, text messages, warnings and social media invitations that are attempts to break into your computer or online accounts. Know what to look for and how to protect yourself.…
  • How Can I Trust Certain Extensions Like Dark Reader for Safari From App Store?

    Apr 6, 2021, 10:06 am By forum
    How can I be assured that the Extension Dark Reader for Safari 1.4.3 that can be downloaded from Apple App Store will not read sensitive information from webpages, including passwords, phone numbers, and credit cards? I downloaded it for $4.99+tax but have not…