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  • How Do I Copy a Tall Numbers Spreadsheet To Pages?

    11:29am By forum
    How to Copy a tall Numbers spreadsheet, more than one page tall( but one page wide) and paste it to Pages. Only the first page shows the rest just overflows I want this spreadsheet to be a part of a report which I am writing in Pages. —– Sudhir Gupta
  • How Do I Add Keyboard Shortcut for Commands In Mail That Are Two Menus Deep?

    Fri 5:53pm By forum
    Big Sur moved the Mail “Sort By” options (you know, the ones we all used all the time like “From”, “To”, and “Date”) to the main menu->View->Sort By-> . Because why not make things worse. In leiu of driving to Cupertino and slapping someone,…
  • Using Photos Memories On Your Mac

    Fri 11:00am By Gary Rosenzweig
    Your Photos app on your Mac will occasionally suggest groups of photos to view as Memories. You can view the photos in the Memory, or watch it as a slideshow. You can also save Memories and let Photos know if you'd like to see fewer memories like the one you…
  • Documents On Local Disk Synced To iCloud At the Same Time?

    Fri 10:57am By forum
    Is there a way to keep my ‘Desktop and Documents’ on the local disk and have them synced to the iCloud at the same time? I want to edit and view the files from my local disk but have them synced to the iCloud accessible from other devices. —– Vishwas
  • How Do I Set an Alarm With Sound for a Time Next Week?

    Fri 10:19am By forum
    I am trying to set an alarm for several days ahead on my I Phone 10. I am an elder and I need reminders that make a lot of noise so I use “Bell Tower” sound but how do I get beyond tomorrow?? Is there someway to set an alarm when I put the appointment […]
  • How Do I Password Protect a USB Drive Without Erasing It?

    Thu 3:05pm By forum
    How do I password protect a USB memory stick without at the same time encrypting and as i understand, deleting data held on this. Can I Password Protect a USB Memory Stick, without encrypting, as I understand “encrypting “ could erase content which I want…
  • How To Do an L-Cut and J-Cut With iMovie

    Thu 11:00am By Gary Rosenzweig
    To make the audio in your iMovie projects better, try keeping the audio from a previous clip around for a short time while the next clip starts. You can also have the audio from the next clip start while still showing the previous one.…
  • How Do I Add a 20% Formula in Numbers?

    Wed 12:15pm By forum
    How do I add 20% to column A in Column B ie adding 20% tax to different product price I don’t want to have to manually work out 20% of each product ie I have a cost price of $20 (column A)need to add 20% tax = £4 (column b) add 20% shipping £4 column […]
  • 10 Ways To Customize Mac Mail

    Wed 11:00am By Gary Rosenzweig
    Mail is one of the most customizable apps that comes with macOS. You can change how you view your list of email, access mailboxes, read messages and much more.…
  • Mac Basics: Using Modifier Keys

    Tue 11:00am By Gary Rosenzweig
    The modifier keys on your Mac keyboard are the Command, Option, Control, Shift and fn keys. You use them for keyboard shortcuts and other functions. Since they differ from Windows modifier keys, it can take new Mac users time to learn how to use them.…
  • How Do I Calculate Total Commission On a Sliding Percentage Scale?

    Mon 1:27pm By forum
    Trying to create a formula to calculate commission in a month. If I make a company £18,000 in a month commission would be £2599.65. Commission banding is 0-5,000 – 10% 5001-15,000 – 15% 15,001 or more – 20% How would you create a formula to calculate…
  • Creating Template Files For Any App On Your Mac

    Mon 11:00am By Gary Rosenzweig
    You can turn a regular file into a template file using the Stationery Pad or Locked file attributes. This lets you start a new file with the content in an existing file, but insures that you don't accidentally overwrite the template.…
  • How Do I Change the Default Settings In Pages?

    Jan 10, 2021, 5:43 pm By forum
    How do I change the default Format and Document Settings in Pages? For instance, I want to change the default size font from 13 to 16. Right now I am satisfied with the Times New Roman font, but I may want to change that as well in the future. Also, in…
  • How Do I Select an Album In Music App?

    Jan 9, 2021, 4:14 pm By forum
    I want to change some metadata for an album. For example, I have a Roy Orbison album that shows up as a Compilation Album in Music. When I select the album via Albums in the sidebar, I am not able to show info (Command + I). It only works when I have at least…
  • How Do I Use the iCloud Drive and Be Able To Access Them If There Is No Internet Connection?

    Jan 8, 2021, 3:32 pm By forum
    I love the iCloud Drive. Recently had no internet and tried to work on my files on my MacBook but they wouldn’t open. My question is if I have documents and folders in the iCloud Drive are they fully accessible with my MacBook when I do not have access to…
  • How Do I Move Word Files While Document Is Open?

    Jan 8, 2021, 11:42 am By forum
    Trying to move a powerpoint file or word file using the file -> move option on the upper bar. I am trying to move it from one folder to another on my mac. *This is while I have the document open* When I try to click file->move, it immediately goes to…
  • Mac Basics: Switching Apps

    Jan 8, 2021, 11:00 am By Gary Rosenzweig
    You can switch between apps in several ways, including doing the same thing you do to launch apps. The App Switcher, however, is the primary way to get from one running app to another.…
  • How Can I Exclude the Backup Drive When Searching for a File Using the Finder?

    Jan 8, 2021, 10:17 am By forum
    How can I exclude the backup drive when searching for a file using the Finder? I use TimeMachine to backup my computer to a Western Digital My Book Hard Drive. But every time I search for a file Spotlight searches also the Western Digital My Book Hard Drive.…
  • How Do I Safety Uninstall Adobe Flash Player?

    Jan 7, 2021, 6:07 pm By forum
    How do I uninstall Adobe Flash Player? I keep getting pop-up messages to do this, and I don’t trust anything online anymore. Thanks. I don’t think I need or want Adobe Flash Player for older things. I don’t play games. My Firefox browser is running so…
  • How Do I Move or Export a Photo Slideshow From iMac To iPhone.It Was Created In Photos App On iMac

    Jan 7, 2021, 6:04 pm By forum
    I am trying to move an iMac slideshow project from my photos in my iMac to my iPhone . I want to view this slideshow on my Apple TV. I cannot find a way to sort of export this photo slideshow from iMac to iPhone. Device: Mac Running Catalina App: Photos —–…
  • How Do I Capture a Screenshot and Then Print?

    Jan 7, 2021, 1:07 pm By forum
    How to do a screen shot and then print or export it? —– Dale K
  • How Do I Unbold Text In Pages?

    Jan 7, 2021, 11:44 am By forum
    Thursday, January 07, 2021, 12:30 p.m. – I am trying to find a way to “unbold text” in the Apple Pages app. I can bold text (Command + B) but I cannot unbold text without going to the Inspector, thus moving my hand from keyboard to mouse and then move…
  • Importing and Exporting Contacts On a Mac

    Jan 7, 2021, 11:00 am By Gary Rosenzweig
    Exporting contacts from the Contacts app to a spreadsheet may seem impossible until you learn one simple trick. You can also export a spreadsheet to a CSV format and import contacts into the app.…
  • How Do I Assign a Keyboard Shortcut To a Command With an Apostrophe?

    Jan 6, 2021, 1:28 pm By forum
    I want to add a custom keyboard shortcut for the « Love » command in the Music App. I know how to assign a custom keyboard shortcut to any command in a particular app. However, I’m unable to assign a shortcut to the « Love » command in the Music App…
  • Get the Most From Safari With the Favorites Bar

    Jan 6, 2021, 11:00 am By Gary Rosenzweig
    The Favorites Bar allows you to have links easily accessible right at the top of your Safari window. You can also add folders to pack in even more links. The links and folders have special features if you use the context menus or modifier keys.…
  • Mac Basics: Using the Trash To Delete Files

    Jan 5, 2021, 11:00 am By Gary Rosenzweig
    The Trash, also called the Bin, on your Mac is how you delete files. You can also recover files from the Trash, skip the Trash, and set it to automatically delete files after a period of time.…
  • Proper Use of Header and Footer Cells In Numbers

    Jan 4, 2021, 11:00 am By Gary Rosenzweig
    Header and Footer rows and columns have special properties in Mac Numbers. They label the cells in the body of a table, and also exclude themselves from calculations. You can scroll and print with better results using headers too.…
  • How Do I Send Received Emails To Specific Folders?

    Jan 4, 2021, 9:57 am By forum
    I have a few important emails come in ‘buried’ in non-important emails, so the important ones are easy to miss. Is it possible to send all (Facebook for example), emails to a ‘Facebook folder’ to free up the inbox? Many thanks, Andy —– Andy
  • How Do I Transfer Files From iMac To an External Drive for Use On a PC?

    Jan 3, 2021, 12:20 am By forum
    Hi Gary, my son asked me to transfer a recovery disc which I have copied to my hard drive to a new external storage drive which he will be using on his pc. Is this possible & how best can I achieve it ? My son’s pc hard drive crashed taking his entire photo…
  • What Are the Blue “Radiating Lines” In the iOS Maps App?

    Jan 2, 2021, 4:52 pm By forum
    I notice that in iOS (14.3) my iPhone and iPad designate my current location in the MAPS APP with a blue dot. What I am curious about are the blue lines that radiate out from this dot. The “radiating” lines are pie-shaped and only emanate from about a…