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  • Guten tag! Apple Pay goes live in Germany

    6m By Luke Dormehl
    Apple Pay has made its official debut in Germany. The country marks the 32nd market to receive Apple’s mobile payment service after it went live in Belgium and Kazakhstan last month. Apple Pay is supported by 15 banks and financial institutions, including…
  • Egypt is upset about the high price of iPhones

    56m By Luke Dormehl
    One of the priciest countries on the planet to buy an iPhone claims that Apple is violating competition rules — thereby driving up prices for customers. Egypt, where an iPhone costs up to 50 percent more than in the rest of the Middle East, accuses Apple of…
  • Apple joins tech giants in speaking out against Australia’s anti-encryption law

    1h By Luke Dormehl
    Apple has joined other tech giants — including Google, Microsoft, Facebook and others — in speaking out against the anti-encryption law recently passed in Australia. The country’s controversial law means that law enforcement officials are allowed to…
  • Get 2 years of over 2,000 riveting documentaries for pennies a day [Deals]

    Mon 8:00pm By Cult of Mac Deals
    Binge watching can be something you actually feel good about. That is, if you’re watching content that’s enriching and informative. So instead of spending hours on Netflix, maybe sink into the couch to browse a massive library of documentaries.…
  • Instagram just slid a walkie-talkie feature into your DMs

    Mon 6:34pm By Buster Hein
    The biggest photo and video sharing social network in the world is doubling down on voice messaging. Instagram launched a new feature today that gives all users the ability to share short voice messages with other people through the Instagram Direct section of…
  • Best gifts for Apple Watch fans [Gift Guide 2018]

    Mon 5:37pm By Killian Bell
    Don’t leave your holiday shopping until the last minute. With Cult of Mac’s handy gift guides, you can find the perfect presents and get them all early for a stress-free December. Our guides are filled with fantastic gadgets and accessories that Apple…
  • Google Maps now suggests where to go, not just how to get there

    Mon 5:10pm By Ed Hardy
    Google Maps is going beyond just giving driving directions. It’s new “For You” tab provides updates on restaurants, stores, or entire neighborhoods. This free feature launched for Android over the summer, and begins rolling out to iOS today in dozens of…
  • How to lock your iPad into a single app

    Mon 4:00pm By Charlie Sorrel
    Did you know that you can lock the iPad into a kiosk mode with Guided Access? This disables the Dock, the Control Center, Notifications, and locks you onto a single app. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)
  • Boost your backups with a powerful cloud client

    Mon 3:00pm By Staff Writer
    This post is presented by CloudBerry. Extending your backup from a local drive to the cloud is a good idea. But if you’re using iCloud, your options are limited to approved apps, and absent useful features like file version history. You can enhance the power…
  • Apple seeds first iOS 12.1.2 beta to developers

    Mon 2:14pm By Buster Hein
    Developers received a fresh batch of new beta updates this morning, just in time for the holidays. iOS 12.1.2 beta 1 was made available today, bringing a host of new fixes and improvements to the iPhone and iPad. Apple also came out with the first betas of…
  • iPad Pro bug makes music apps stutter and crackle

    Mon 2:00pm By Charlie Sorrel
    The new iPad Pro is brought to its knees by simple music apps. It stutters and crackles, and the CPU goes into the red, even running apps that any old iPad can handle just fine. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)
  • iPhone XS Max dominates Huawei’s Mate 20 Pro in speed test

    Mon 1:50pm By Buster Hein
    The iPhone XS Max is still the fastest new smartphone on the market, based on the latest speed test that pits Huawei’s flagship Mate 20 Pro against Apple’s most expensive iPhone. PhoneBuff pitted the Mate 20 Pro against the iPhone XS Max in its speed test…
  • Save $100 on HomePod, $150 on iPad mini [Deals & Steals]

    Mon 1:11pm By Killian Bell
    Target’s big Black Friday discount on the HomePod is back for a second run. Both the white and space gray models are available for $249.99 — $100 off the usual price! That’s just one of the awesome offers in today’s Deals & Steals roundup. We also…
  • Apple Pay on its way to Germany this week

    Mon 12:54pm By Killian Bell
    Apple Pay will finally make its debut in Germany this week, according to a new report. Tim Cook previously promised that the mobile payments service would be available in Germany by the end of the year, while local webpages were recently updated to confirm it…
  • This is Google Chrome’s new dark mode for macOS Mojave

    Mon 11:46am By Killian Bell
    Google’s popular Chrome browser is getting a new dark mode for macOS Mojave. We’ll have to wait until next year for the alternate look to make its way into a stable Chrome update, but you can test drive it early by downloading the open source Chromium…
  • China bans multiple iPhone models from sale

    Mon 10:45am By Luke Dormehl
    A court in China has granted Qualcomm an injunction against Apple. The ruling bars Apple from importing and selling multiple iPhone models in China. The order specifically bars Apple from selling the iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus, iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and iPhone…
  • Microsoft and Amazon have both overtaken Apple in market cap

    Mon 10:15am By Luke Dormehl
    Apple has done a whole lot in 2018 but, from a stock price perspective, none of it matters. That’s because Apple’s declining stock price means that the company has now officially lost money this year. AAPL finished 2017 at $169.23. At time of writing, it…
  • Avoid embarrassing typos with this automatic proofreader [Deals]

    Mon 9:30am By Cult of Mac Deals
    No matter how many times you proofread, typos and bad phrasings have a nasty habit of slipping by unnoticed. That can mean a lot of embarrassment over the smallest mistakes, especially in professional emails. So it’s good to know there’s a tool that can…
  • Christmas comes early with new Fortnite skins

    Mon 9:00am By Killian Bell
    If you wish it could be Christmas every day, treat yourself to one of the new festive skins in Fortnite Battle Royale. Both the Nog Ops and Yuletide Ranger outfits are available now, alongside a Cozy Coaster glider. They will be on sale for a limited time only…
  • Today in Apple history: Apple fixes ‘life-threatening’ Maps glitch

    Mon 8:00am By Luke Dormehl
    December 10, 2012: Apple fixes an Apple Maps error that caused several motorists in Victoria, Australia, to become stranded in the remote Murray-Sunset National Park. The glitch showed the town of Mildura about 45 miles from its actual location. In the…
  • Mass riots hit Apple Store in Bordeaux, France

    Mon 6:36am By Luke Dormehl
    Apple’s Bordeaux retail store in France was raided over the weekend as continued anti-government protests raged. In a clip widely shared on Twitter, looters entered the Apple Sainte-Catherine store on Saturday night. They proceeded to pull MacBooks, iPhones…
  • Tim Cook praises stunning shot on iPhone surfing image

    Mon 5:52am By Luke Dormehl
    You’d think Tim Cook would be too busy running Apple to be tweeting about surfing, but you’d be wrong. Well, kind of. In fact, Cook tweeted over this weekend in praise of the cover of the year end issue of Surfer’s Journal magazine. The front of the mag…
  • Today in Apple history: Apple storms New York’s Grand Central Terminal

    Sun 10:00am By Luke Dormehl
    December 9, 2011: Apple opens a store in New York’s fabled Grand Central Terminal, the company’s fifth Manhattan retail outlet. Overlooking the terminal’s Main Concourse, the enormous Apple Store makes a stunning addition to the 140-year-old train…
  • Unlock your Mac’s hidden productivity potential with this app [Deals]

    Sun 9:00am By Cult of Mac Deals
    You may think you’re a power user, but not unless you’re using keyboard macros. Macros are like keyboard shortcuts, but customized so you can tailor them to your workflow. Keyboard Maestro Macro Manager offers a window into the hidden potential of your…
  • Best gifts for iPad fans [Gift Guide 2018]

    Sat 7:05pm By Killian Bell
    The holiday shopping season has rudely crept up on us, which means it’s time to start buying for friends and loved ones who have been good this year. Fortunately for you, Cult of Mac is here to help. Our gift guides are full of great products Apple fans are…
  • Ready, set, relax! Go deep with Apple Watch Breathe app [Cult of Mac Magazine No. 274]

    Sat 11:00am By Lewis Wallace
    Take a deep breath and learn how to get the most out of your Apple Watch with a pair of handy how-tos. Every Apple Watch owner can take advantage of Apple’s stress-busting Breathe app. However, you’ll need a Series 4 (and this week’s watchOS update) to…
  • Today in Apple history: The Byte Shop, Apple’s first retailer, opens

    Sat 9:30am By Luke Dormehl
    December 8, 1975: San Francisco Bay Area entrepreneur Paul Terrell opens The Byte Shop, one of the world’s first computer stores and the first to sell an Apple computer. Years before Apple would open its own retail outlets, the Byte Shop stocks the first 50…
  • Snag awesome stocking stuffers for the Apple fans in your life [Deals]

    Sat 9:00am By Cult of Mac Deals
    Just like every year, the holidays hit us before we know it. So to make sure you aren’t caught without anything to offer the Apple fans and other tech types in your life, we’ve rounded up five great deals on stocking stuffers that are sure to please.…
  • Save up to 30% on the 2017 iPad Pro [Deals]

    Fri 5:30pm By Ian Fuchs
    If you’re in the market for an iPad Pro, but working on a budget, B&H Photo Video is currently offering last years 12.9” iPad Pro at an amazing discount. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)
  • Mango Health CEO quits to join Apple’s health team

    Fri 5:07pm By Buster Hein
    Apple has made another high-profile hire that could help the company gain a stronger foothold in the healthcare space. Former Mango Health CEO Jason Oberfest left his highly-regarded startup last month. At the time, Mango Health only named a replacement but…