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  • Oral History of Avie Tevanian

    Sat 11:02am By Stephen Hackett
    The Computer History Museum has posted a two-hour interview with Avie Tevanian, the principle designer of the Mach kernel, and Apple’s former Chief Software Technology Officer.
  • Fox’s Coverage of the Senate Health Care Bill

    Fri 4:26pm By Stephen Hackett
    This piece by Jeff Guo on how the new bill was covered on Fox shouldn’t surprise anyone: Juan Williams, the token liberal, was the only person who brought up substantive details about the new Republican bill. “This is going to drive the premiums and costs…
  • Balance for Mac

    Fri 1:31pm By Stephen Hackett
    My thanks to Balance for Mac for sponsoring 512 Pixels this week. Balance is a powerful menubar app for your money built by a team from Apple, Stripe and Ethereum.
  • The ‘Better Care Reconciliation Act’

    Thu 12:48pm By Stephen Hackett
    Senate Republicans have unveiled their version of the House bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act. As usual, Vox’s Sarah Kilff has broken things down very nicely: The bill asks low- and middle-income Americans to spend significantly more for less coverage.…
  • The Tragedy of FireWire

    Thu 11:37am By Stephen Hackett
    Richard Moss, writing at Ars Technica, has published a lovely article about FireWire. I learned a bunch of stuff reading it.
  • Kbase Article of the Week: iPod: Doesn’t Display a Podcasts Menu or Has Two Podcasts Menus

    Wed 10:00am By Stephen Hackett
    This isn’t confusing at all: The latest versions of iPod software and iTunes add Podcast features to iPod. iPod Updater 2005-6-26 and later adds a Podcast menu to any iPod with a Click Wheel. For iPods without a Click Wheel, iTunes 4.9 and later creates a…
  • Ungeniused #27: The Oak Island Mystery

    Wed 9:39am By Stephen Hackett
    This time on Ungeniused: For centuries, treasure hunters have been digging up a tiny island off the coast of Nova Scotia in search of a pirate treasure. The thing is, there is very little evidence of it actually existing.
  • Liftoff #49: A Feel-good Mission About the Sun

    Tue 5:44pm By Stephen Hackett
    This fortnight, Jason and I talk about NEEMO, newly-discovered exoplanets and the Parker Solar Probe. My thanks to our sponsor: Blue Apron: A better way to cook. Get three meals free with your first purchase, and free shipping.
  • Connected #147: I Wish We Could Be Friends in Real Life

    Tue 1:11pm By Stephen Hackett
    This week on Connected: HomeKit changes coming in iOS 11, our approaches to running betas and Business Chat in iMessage. My thanks to our sponsors for this episode: Incapsula: Secure and accelerate your website. Connected listeners get one month free. Blue…
  • How Apple Deals With Leaks

    Tue 9:33am By Stephen Hackett
    This story by William Turton at the Outline shows how much work Apple is doing to keep things secret. The Outline received a copy of an internal training session: The briefing, titled “Stopping Leakers – Keeping Confidential at Apple,” was led by…