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  • Ungeniused #35: The SS Eastland

    6:47pm By Stephen Hackett
    Last night, Myke and I recorded a special bonus episode of Ungeniused: Recorded live in Chicago, the story of a horrific and deadly accident involving a ship that took place a mere 20 feet from shore. All aboard!
  • Newest Mac mini Turns Three

    12:51pm By Stephen Hackett
    I would have missed the anniversary without this blog post by Brian Stucki: It’s been three years since the current Mac mini was released on Oct 16, 2014. “All About That Bass” was the number one song in the land. Four hundred million humans have been…
  • Become a Member of 512 Pixels

    11:00am By Stephen Hackett
    Several months ago, I launched a membership program to help support my writing and other projects here at 512 Pixels. If you haven’t checked it out, read a little more about the benefits of membership here. On weeks like this, without an RSS sponsor, I’m…
  • Connected #164: My Mother Has a Bunch of Keyboards

    9:45am By Stephen Hackett
    Last night, Federico, Myke and I recorded a live episode of Connected in Chicago to help kick off the Release Notes conference: The boys discuss the Google Home Mini’s rough launch, the future of AR at Apple and Federico’s baker. I packed a surprise for my…
  • Dejal Time Out for Mac

    Fri 3:00pm By Stephen Hackett
    Thanks to Dejal Time Out for Mac for sponsoring 512 Pixels this week. You deserve a break. Time Out allows for easy break reminders, with flexible customization if you want it.
  • The Secret History of Mac Gaming

    Fri 9:00am By Stephen Hackett
    This new Kickstarter project caught my eye: A beautifully produced, fully illustrated history of the pioneering Macintosh game scene. Spanning over 400 pages, this exhaustively researched book documents the landmark hits and arcane wonders that defined this…
  • What’s Inside the iPhone

    Thu 8:32pm By Stephen Hackett
    Bloomberg and iFixit have teamed up to take apart every iPhone and compare them side by side. I love it.
  • Query #14: Magical in Some Ways

    Thu 12:30pm By Stephen Hackett
    This week on Query, we dive into the smart speaker market and cool Mac utilities before talking about a Apple weird Watch LTE rabbit hole and setting up new iOS devices.
  • App Camp 2020

    Wed 4:31pm By Stephen Hackett
    App Camp is a program close to the heart of many of us in the Apple community, and they have a new big goal: We want to start three more camps by 2020. Three new camps means we’ll be able to bring camps to an additional 60 kids per year nationwide! In order…
  • Amazon Announces new Kindle Oasis

    Wed 4:13pm By Stephen Hackett
    I’m a big fan of my Kindle Oasis. It’s my third or fourth Kindle, and I love how small and lightweight it is. I have two main complaints: having a battery pack and cover makes it a little too fiddly, and the thing really should be waterproof. Amazon has…