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  • Mojave Breaking Boot Camp for Some iMac Users

    Mon 7:35pm By Stephen Hackett
    Apple Support: If you have an iMac (27-inch, Late 2012) with a 3TB hard drive, you must remove its Boot Camp partition before you can install macOS Mojave 10.14. After you upgrade to macOS Mojave, you won’t be able to use Boot Camp to install Windows on this…
  • Running Mojave on (Some) Cheese Grater Mac Pros

    Mon 6:42pm By Stephen Hackett
    Today, Apple published a new support document outlining the requirements for running Mojave on cheese grater Mac Pros: macOS Mojave requires a graphics card that supports Metal, an Apple technology that lets the system and apps efficiently tap into the…
  • On macOS Mojave

    Mon 5:20pm By Stephen Hackett
    macOS Mojave is here, and can be downloaded directly via the Mac App Store. Making the Mac More Mac-Like The release is a bit of a weird one. In some ways, Mojave doubles down on what makes the Mac the Mac, with a lot of new features for those who want more…
  • Aqua Screenshot Library 1.1: Lots of macOS Mojave, Lion Goes Retina

    Mon 11:15am By Stephen Hackett
    I have published two big updates to the Aqua Screenshot Library that I wanted to share. First, I have published a full set of Mojave screenshots. This page has three galleries. You can check out Mojave in Light Mode and Dark Mode, as you may have expected. The…
  • One Ring

    Sun 6:21pm By Stephen Hackett
    Holy moly.
  • Video: iPhone XS Max Unboxing

    Fri 5:45pm By Stephen Hackett
    The big phone is back! 6.5 inches of OLED goodness is here.
  • iFixit Posts iPhone XS and XS Max Teardown

    Fri 10:00am By Stephen Hackett
    No matter how long I cover tech, I will never find these uninteresting.
  • The iPhone 4S: The First Fall iPhone

    Thu 1:08pm By Stephen Hackett
    Yours truly, over on MacStories: We are used to a fall release schedule when it comes to iPhones, but that hasn’t always been the case. The first four iPhones came out in the summer, usually after being announced at WWDC. 2011’s iPhone 4S changed that for…
  • T2 Data Recovery

    Thu 11:49am By Stephen Hackett
    Jordan Kahn has details on how Apple can recover data from a T2-enabled Mac: Apple notes that the process for data transfer for Macs with the T2 chip will be used when its repair staff are presented with a customer’s machine in need of a logic board repair…
  • Connected #210: Cold Feet Apple Blogger

    Wed 4:37pm By Stephen Hackett
    This week on a jam-packed episode of Connected: Federico has published his iOS 12 review, and the boys get nerdy talking about Siri Shortcuts and some updated apps before Stephen pontificates about macOS Mojave’s launch. My thanks to our sponsors this week:…