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  • Kbase Article of the Week: Illegal Operation Message in Windows 95

    12:00pm By Stephen Hackett
    You know a support article is going to be good when it opens like this: This information was provided by Claris Corporation on 16 March 1998, and incorporated into Apple Computer’s Tech Info Library.
  • The Unoffical Apple Archive Lives on at Archive.org

    11:45am By Stephen Hackett
    The twice-dead YouTube channel lives on at the Internet Archive. If you’re into Apple history, you need to check this out.
  • Query #7: The Magic Sauce Behind the Rings

    10:31am By Stephen Hackett
    This week on Query, things get nerdy. How do fitness trackers actually work? What about touch screens? Chemistry and science, that’s how!
  • Report: Apple Scales Back Self-Driving Car Plans

    Tue 8:45pm By Stephen Hackett
    Daisuke Wakabayashi at The New York Times is reporting that Apple is dialing back its self-driving car dreams, after hiring scores of employees under the banner of “the next big thing:” These days, Apple’s automotive ambitions are more modest. The…
  • Liftoff #54: Live from the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse

    Tue 12:50pm By Stephen Hackett
    Yesterday, Jason Snell and I both witnessed the 2017 total solar eclipse. We recorded throughout the weekend and sat down this morning to compare notes. If you’ve never listened to Liftoff, this is a great episode to check out.
  • CrashPlan Exits Consumer Market

    Tue 11:35am By Stephen Hackett
    Code42: Code42, the leader in cloud-based endpoint data protection and recovery, announced today that it will focus exclusively on businesses and organizations large and small and will discontinue its offering for personal consumer backup. The small business,…
  • Upgrade #155: Apple Hardware Draft

    Tue 10:00am By Stephen Hackett
    On this week’s episode of Upgrade, I joined Alex Cox and John Siracusa in a draft. It was supposed to be our favorite Apple hardware, but I think it became “Apple hardware we think is important.” Either way, it was a ton of fun, and I really think you…
  • Zapier Announces Alfred Integration

    Tue 9:39am By Stephen Hackett
    I’ve had CMD+Space mapped to Alfred for as long as I can remember. It’s one of those things that makes my computer feel broken if it isn’t running. Over the last six months, Zapier has become that way too, at least on the web. I have it slinging data…
  • Connected #156: Planet of the Podcasts

    Tue 9:29am By Stephen Hackett
    I missed Connected this week, but the episode is a good one: Myke and Federico discuss Apple’s supposed budget for original content, reviews of the Essential Phone, Apple’s iOS 11 marketing videos, and Federico’s unexpected trip to the Genius Bar. My…
  • RSS Sponsor: Balance for Mac

    Mon 10:00am By Stephen Hackett
    Balance is a powerful menubar app for your money built by a team from Apple, Stripe and Ethereum. It was featured in the U.S. Mac App Store when it launched in February. Securely connect to your accountsBalance uses Plaid.com, the best API for securely…