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  • Juno Woes

    Thu 9:42pm By Stephen Hackett
    NASA’s spacecraft that is currently circling Jupiter has had a rough couple of weeks. On October 14, it was announced that the engine burn that was to insert Juno into close orbit around the gas giant would be postponed: Mission managers for NASA’s Juno…
  • ‘Magic Toolbar’

    Thu 1:51pm By Stephen Hackett
    Sure seems likes the name.
  • ‘hello again’

    Wed 5:49pm By Stephen Hackett
    Apple today announced an event that will take place on October 27. Here’s what the invite looks like: Wait, damn it. That’s not right. Hang on. Here we go: Crap. This is confusing. Let me see what Jason posted. There we go: I guess we’re getting Macs. I…
  • E-ink Keyboard Rumored for Future MacBooks

    Wed 10:48am By Stephen Hackett
    Eva Dou, at The Wall Street Journal, describing Apple’s plans to possible replace the plastic keycaps on its keyboard with ones that include e-ink displays: The new keyboards will be a standard feature on MacBook laptops, and will be able to display any…
  • Kbase Article of the Week: Apple Thunderbolt Adapters: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Tue 3:00pm By Stephen Hackett
    From this handy FAQ: Learn more about the Apple Thunderbolt to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter and the Apple Thunderbolt to Firewire Adapter.
  • Notebook Rumor Roundup

    Tue 12:38pm By Stephen Hackett
    There are a bunch of Mac notebook rumors flying around today, so I thought it’d be fun looking at them individually. RIP, 11-inch MacBook Air TIL the 11-inch Air is still around. I’m joking. Mostly. I know it has some big fans, but this machine feels…
  • Connected #113: Here is Smart Phone

    Tue 11:55am By Stephen Hackett
    This week, Myke goes to the Apple Store, the group reads Pixel reviews and Federico brings back Weekly Picks. My thanks to our sponsors: TextExpander, from Smile: Communicate smarter with TextExpander. The Nuisance Committee
  • On Annotable

    Tue 11:50am By Stephen Hackett
    Joe Caiati, writing for The Sweet Setup: A markup app can be used in many different ways, like showing design changes, pointing out something funny to your friends, or using it as an educational tool.1 With Apple integrating markup even further within its…
  • Welcome to Macintosh Season 3

    Mon 3:06pm By Stephen Hackett
    Mark Bramhill’s Welcome to Macintosh is one of my all-time favorite nerdy podcasts. He is looking to bring it back for a third season, and has launched a Kickstarter project to do it: Season 3 of Welcome to Macintosh is the most ambitious season to date. The…
  • Relay FM for iOS v1.5

    Mon 9:13am By Stephen Hackett
    This morning, we published an update to the Relay FM iOS app that packs some fun goodies: When considering the next update to our app, we didn’t have to look any further than Myke’s sticker-covered laptop and iPads. You can now cover your iMessage…