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  • US Postal Service releases Total Eclipse stamp

    21m By Jim Dalrymple
    The Postal Service will soon release a first-of-its-kind stamp that changes when you touch it. The Total Eclipse of the Sun Forever stamp, which commemorates the August 21 eclipse, transforms into an image of the Moon from the heat of a finger.…
  • Tesla looks to create a music streaming service

    37m By Jim Dalrymple
    Music industry sources say the carmaker has had talks with all of the major labels about licensing a proprietary music service that would come bundled with its cars, which already come equipped with a high-tech dashboard and internet connectivity.…
  • BlackBerry misses forecasts

    41m By Jim Dalrymple
    BlackBerry Ltd reported first-quarter sales that missed analysts' forecasts due to an unexpected drop in its high-margin software and professional services sales, sending its shares down more than 10 percent in early morning trade.…
  • Apple Store roof is a giant MacBook

    Thu 4:38pm By Jim Dalrymple
    With construction on the new Chicago outlet winding down, construction workers briefly put an Apple logo on the top center of the building, making it resemble an enormous MacBook Air, at least temporarily. That's pretty cool.∞ Read this on The Loop
  • Some Uber employees want Travis Kalanick back

    Thu 4:36pm By Jim Dalrymple
    More than one thousand current Uber employees have signed a letter to the company's board of directors, asking for the return of deposed CEO Travis Kalanick "in an operational role." One of its venture capital investors also is chiming in, with a similar…
  • Apple supports LGBTQ organizations with Pride watch band

    Thu 3:16pm By Jim Dalrymple
    Apple is proud to support LGBTQ advocacy organizations working to bring about positive change, including GLSEN, PFLAG and The Trevor Project in the U.S. and ILGA internationally. A portion of the proceeds from Pride Edition band sales will benefit their…
  • How dry cleaning works

    Thu 2:00pm By Shawn King
    Did you know dry cleaning isn't actually dry?∞ Read this on The Loop
  • ∞ How to customize/share Memories on iPhone 7

    Thu 12:10pm By Shawn King
    Memories is actually fun to play around with and incredibly easy to use. Typical of Apple, what is a difficult, time consuming process has been turned into a simple, one tap effort that yields some pretty cool results.
  • The tragedy of FireWire: Collaborative tech torpedoed by corporations

    Thu 11:46am By Shawn King
    For those of us old enough to remember SCSI (shudder), FireWire promised to free us from the black art of connecting devices to our computers. The story of its life and eventual death is an interesting one.∞ Read this on The Loop
  • Dickbars

    Wed 2:09pm By Jim Dalrymple
    Medium seems to continue to grow in popularity as a publishing platform, and as it does, I’m growing more and more frustrated by their on-screen “engagement” turds. Every Medium site displays an on-screen “sharing” bar that covers the actual content…
  • ∞ Flight of a lifetime – Air Canada 787 Dreamliner air to air filming

    Wed 1:27pm By Shawn King
    This is a surprisingly complicated procedure involving dozens, if not hundreds of people.
  • Why the 10.5-Inch iPad Pro’s 120Hz refresh rate matters

    Wed 1:25pm By Jim Dalrymple
    Jeff Butts wrote a great, easy to understand, article on the refresh rate of the new iPads.∞ Read this on The Loop
  • ∞ New Apple iPhone 7 ad

    Wed 1:10pm By Jim Dalrymple
    This is really great.
  • Chris Lattner leaves Tesla after six months

    Wed 1:02pm By Jim Dalrymple
    "Turns out that Tesla isn't a good fit for me after all," Lattner, who worked at Apple Inc for more than a decade before joining Tesla in January, tweeted. "I'm interested to hear about interesting roles for a seasoned engineering leader!"…
  • Uber CEO resigns

    Wed 12:57pm By Jim Dalrymple
    Earlier on Tuesday, five of Uber’s major investors demanded that the chief executive resign immediately. The investors included one of Uber’s biggest shareholders, the venture capital firm Benchmark, which has one of its partners, Bill Gurley, on Uber’s…
  • Reviewing the first iPhone in a hype typhoon

    Wed 12:08pm By Shawn King
    I was working for one of those four guys at the time - David Pogue. So I got to see a demo of the iPhone in Pogue's car as we drove him to the airport the week before the iPhone launch date. Apple was pissed when they found out.∞ Read this on The Loop
  • Rare footage of Bruce Lee’s only ‘real’ fights ever recorded

    Wed 11:30am By Shawn King
    I knew Lee had fought "for real" many times but didn't know any of it had been filmed. This is obviously an exhibition and Lee is showing off but you can still see how incredibly fast and agile the man was.∞ Read this on The Loop
  • Man vs Apple

    Wed 11:15am By Shawn King
    Interesting story of one man's fight against Apple.∞ Read this on The Loop
  • ∞ Watch the interview with Scott Forstall and original iPhone engineering team members

    Wed 8:51am By Dave Mark
    [VIDEO] Last night, the Computer History Museum hosted Pulitzer Prize journalist John Markoff as he interviewed forrmer iPhone engineering team members Hugo Fiennes, Nitin Ganatra and Scott Herz, followed by a second interview with Scott Forstall.…
  • Uber to add option to tip drivers

    Tue 4:51pm By Jim Dalrymple
    I always wondered why Uber didn't have this as an option. I mostly use Lyft now, so it doesn't really matter, but it's a good thing for the drivers.∞ Read this on The Loop