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  • Star Wars music played on Parliament Hill carillon bells

    12:39am By Shawn King
    CBC News:To mark Star Wars Day, as May the 4th has come to be known, the carillon bells inside the Peace Tower on Parliament Hill rang out the Imperial March music for Star Wars, among other space-related tunes.It was part of a 15-minute carillon concert with…
  • Using Activity Monitor to check CPU activity

    Mon 9:20pm By Jim Dalrymple
    When an app isn't responding or working correctly, it might use more of the processor (CPU) than it should, even when the app doesn't seem to be doing anything. As the CPU gets busier, it uses more energy, which reduces the length of time that your Mac can…
  • Star Wars at Amazon

    Mon 7:58pm By Jim Dalrymple
    I'm not a huge Star Wars fan, but obviously the people at Amazon are. They are selling everything from toys to dog outfits in the Star Wars theme.∞ Read this on The Loop
  • Apple Watch Human Interface Guidelines

    Mon 7:41pm By Jim Dalrymple
    As you design your Apple Watch app, understand the foundations on which Apple Watch itself was designed:Some great information posted on Apple's developer Web site.∞ Read this on The Loop
  • A new website for web designers and developers [Sponsor]

    Mon 12:58pm By Jim Dalrymple
    A new and exciting website has recently been launched for web designers and developers.You likely spend hours every morning browsing through hundreds of posts on your RSS feeds, hoping to stumble across relevant stories. Webdesigner News was built to provide…
  • Obvious always wins

    Mon 10:25am By Dave Mark
    In app layout, out of sight is out of mind. And that's not a good thing. Great read.∞ Read this on The Loop
  • ∞ Reserve Strap: An Apple Watch battery band with a super clever design

    Mon 10:20am By Dave Mark
    Super clever design, high price, here's hoping this product makes its way to market.
  • Apple Watch review: Beautiful form, frustrating function

    Mon 9:41am By Dave Mark
    Susie Ochs, Executive Editor of Macworld, points out poky performance in her Apple Watch review. Solid review but, as to poky performance, this will get better, all by itself.∞ Read this on The Loop
  • A template for an excellent idea

    Mon 9:13am By Dave Mark
    Matt Gemmell noticed that his local Apple Store did not have any in-store seminars teaching blind or visually impaired people how to use Apple devices. Here's what he did about it.∞ Read this on The Loop
  • Om Malik’s fantastic interview with billionaire Brunello Cucinelli

    Sun 10:32am By Dave Mark
    This is a long, lovely, lazy Sunday read.∞ Read this on The Loop
  • Elvis Costello revealed

    Sun 8:50am By Dave Mark
    A solid, if too short, documentary on Elvis Costello, and my absolute favorite Costello performance of a song he wrote with Paul McCartney.∞ Read this on The Loop
  • DUFL, a service that packs and ships your suitcase, is a traveler’s dream

    Sat 11:29am By Shawn King
    Techcrunch:The idea behind Dufl is that frequent travelers waste a lot of time trying to clean and prep their clothes for each trip, especially when those trips are pretty much back-to-back. With Dufl, the user never has to pack a bag or clean their travel…
  • Linking the most interesting places in the world

    Sat 10:44am By Shawn King
    Mapbox:The Geotaggers' World Atlas is my long-term project to discover the world’s most interesting places and the routes that people follow between them. Five years ago I first started retrieving photo locations from the Flickr search API and drawing lines…
  • Samsung takes their act to the next level

    Sat 7:42am By Dave Mark
    Remarkably original Samsung marketing effort. NOT.∞ Read this on The Loop
  • Apple Campus 2 progress

    Fri 8:36pm By Jim Dalrymple
    Pictures and videos in this update. The scale of this project is just unreal.∞ Read this on The Loop
  • Twitter’s multi-billion dollar mistake

    Fri 5:44pm By Jim Dalrymple
    Mathew Ingram: The idea that someone could monetize Twitter before Twitter itself got around to doing so was what one investor called a “holy shit moment” for the company.I wonder what would have happened if Twitter embraced the third-parties years ago.∞…
  • HelloTalk: Learn a new language on your iPhone

    Fri 5:33pm By Jim Dalrymple
    Thanks to HelloTalk for sponsoring The Loop this week. Finally, learning and practicing a new language is easier and more intuitive than ever before. Introducing HelloTalk, the language app where your teachers are native language speakers from around the…
  • Amplified: The Beard Wins

    Fri 5:28pm By Jim Dalrymple
    Jim and Dan talk about the Apple's record second quarter results, the Apple Watch's issue with tattooed skin, and more.Sponsored by MetaCDN (Use the code '5by5' for a 10% discount for life) and Macminicolo (Get a full year of hosting for just $100).∞ Read…
  • Apple acknowledges Apple Watch tattoo issue

    Fri 1:41pm By Jim Dalrymple
    The company updated its Apple Watch heart rate support page, noting that tattoos could affect the watch's ability to read your heart rate.[Via 9 to 5 Mac]∞ Read this on The Loop
  • Unpair your Apple Watch and iPhone

    Fri 1:35pm By Jim Dalrymple
    A new Apple support article covers the steps needed to unfair your watch. Might be handy to bookmark for the future, although it's easy to find in the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.∞ Read this on The Loop
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