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  • ∞ Apple donating portion of sales to (RED)

    49m By Jim Dalrymple
    Apple on Sunday said it would mark World AIDS Day 2014 by donating a portion of sales at Apple’s retail and online stores around the world on two of the biggest shopping days of the year—Friday, November 28 (Black Friday) and Monday, December 1. [...]
  • How iPads are making airports less terrible

    8:00am By Dave Mark
    The Verge: Over the next 18 months OTG will install 6,000 iPads on tables, bars, and stations near waiting areas throughout United Airline’s terminal at Newark. Flashing your boarding pass in front of the iPad’s camera pulls up your United profile, with…
  • Raising the bar on lavish perks and worker happiness

    7:46am By Dave Mark
    Wall Street Journal: At companies hoping to be the next big thing and older ones trying to keep up, the role of office manager has transformed into a so-called workplace coordinator, who often leads a staff of aim-to-please specialists.∞ Read this on The…
  • ∞ Yet another reason to appreciate Canada

    7:27am By Dave Mark
    This is a perfect example of Canadian awesomeness. Always willing to lend a hand to a neighbor in need.
  • FoundSounds for iPhone

    Sat 5:25pm By Jim Dalrymple
    My sincere thanks to FoundSounds for sponsoring The Loop's RSS feed this week.FoundSounds is a unique new mobile app blurring the line between a social network and a collaborative art project. The premise is simple: if you find a sound you like, record it and…
  • ∞ MythBusters’ brilliant take on Gorilla Glass

    Sat 10:32am By Dave Mark
    Watch as MythBusters Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman take on Gorilla Glass, the super strong glass that protects your mobile phone.
  • Aereo officially files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

    Sat 9:49am By Dave Mark
    They fought a hard battle, but Aereo is officially giving up on their massive antenna farm idea.∞ Read this on The Loop
  • Re/code kills comments on its site

    Fri 6:33pm By Jim Dalrymple
    The biggest change for some of you, however, will be that we have decided to remove the commenting function from the site. We thought about this decision long and hard, since we do value reader opinion. But we concluded that, as social media has continued its…
  • European parliament to ask for break-up of Google

    Fri 6:30pm By Jim Dalrymple
    A draft motion seen by the Financial Times says that "unbundling [of] search engines from other commercial services" should be considered as a potential solution to Google's dominance. It has the backing of the parliament's two main political blocs, the…
  • iPhone 6 and 6 Plus can play 4K video

    Fri 6:18pm By Jim Dalrymple
    Apparently, the new iPhones can do it right out of the box.∞ Read this on The Loop
  • Password managers on Android wide open to sniffing attacks

    Fri 5:14pm By Jim Dalrymple
    Dan Goodin for Ars Technica: As already alluded, the threat stems from the use of the Android clipboard, which acts as a temporary cache for text that is being copied and pasted, either within the same app or from one app to another. Android has no official…
  • Everything Google knows about you (and how it knows it)

    Fri 8:54am By Dave Mark
    Google is in a position of tremendous trust and responsibility. Not sure I can think of any other company that comes close.∞ Read this on The Loop
  • No, you can’t manufacture that like Apple does

    Fri 8:47am By Dave Mark
    Interesting take on some design elements that require economies of scale that Apple, and almost no other manufacturer, can afford.∞ Read this on The Loop
  • Wish List: Handoff for iTunes and music

    Fri 8:39am By Dave Mark
    Automatic music handoff from one device to another is on my wish list too.∞ Read this on The Loop
  • Apple’s iCloud Photo Library: A quick how-to guide

    Fri 8:33am By Dave Mark
    Know the difference between iCloud Photo Library and Photo Stream? Katherine Boehret, writing for re/code, walks you through the basics. Good read.∞ Read this on The Loop
  • NYTimes: Malicious software said to spread on Android phones

    Fri 7:59am By Dave Mark
    This New York Times article calls out a specific piece of malware, but there appear to be many others: A particularly nasty mobile malware campaign targeting Android users has hit between four million and 4.5 million Americans since January of 2013, according…
  • From one gift come many

    Fri 7:47am By Dave Mark
    That's the new tag line for the Apple Store's front page.∞ Read this on The Loop
  • Dropcaps in CSS

    Thu 2:51pm By Jim Dalrymple
    Like most things on the Web, Dropcaps have been done poorly over the years, but perhaps a new CSS property will help.∞ Read this on The Loop
  • Apple’s San Francisco Typeface

    Thu 2:43pm By Jim Dalrymple
    But for type lovers, WatchKit contained a nice little surprise: a folder containing 23 different variations of the Apple Watch system font, the first one Apple has designed in-house in almost 20 years. Even better, that typeface finally has a name: San…
  • Snow buries area in upstate New York

    Thu 2:22pm By Shawn King
    Boston Globe:More than 6 feet of lake-effect snow was dumped in the Buffalo, N.Y., area over the last few days with reports of more on the way. Storms closed a 100-mile plus section of the New York State Thruway, and the US National Guard has been called in to…
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