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  • tvOS 10 overview

    Fri 7:51pm By Jim Dalrymple
    A short, but nice overview from MacRumors on tvOS 10. I'm really looking forward to this OS release.∞ Read this on The Loop
  • ∞ Metallica: The Four Horsemen

    Fri 7:30pm By Jim Dalrymple
    Great song!
  • Brexit newspaper front pages

    Fri 5:41pm By Jim Dalrymple
    It's a crazy day.∞ Read this on The Loop
  • Apple’s differential privacy will be opt-in

    Fri 3:52pm By Jim Dalrymple
    As for what data is being collected, Apple says that differential privacy will initially be limited to four specific use cases: New words that users add to their local dictionaries, emojis typed by the user (so that Apple can suggest emoji replacements), deep…
  • Siri and accessibility

    Fri 2:38pm By Jim Dalrymple
    A wonderful article from Steven Aquino. It certainly puts the difficulties we have with Siri, and other technologies, into perspective.∞ Read this on The Loop
  • Nura: Headphones that learn and adapt to your unique hearing

    Fri 1:39pm By Jim Dalrymple
    Nura is a new headphone that integrates unique soundwave technology to automatically measure your hearing (from the outer ear all the way to the brain) and adapt music perfectly to you. In order for headphones to deliver the right sound, they must be matched…
  • Netflix offline viewing

    Fri 1:26pm By Jim Dalrymple
    Following similar moves by Amazon, Comcast and others, Netflix is now working on a feature that will allow subscribers to download certain programs for offline viewing, according to industry insider and Penthera COO Dan Taitz. And Taitz thinks there will be a…
  • iNVASIVECODE: Designing and engineering boundless ideas

    Fri 1:21pm By Jim Dalrymple
    My thanks to iNVASIVECODE for sponsoring The Loop this week.We are a team of ex-Apple engineers and designers and are experts in machine learning, computer vision, pattern recognition, photogrammetry, and biometrics. We combine these technologies with iOS and…
  • WhatsApp users make 100 million calls a day

    Fri 12:25pm By Jim Dalrymple
    Today, more than 100 million voice calls are made every day on WhatsApp - that's over 1,100 calls a second!Wow. I don't even know what else to say.∞ Read this on The Loop
  • Man brags about burglary on Facebook, now in jail

    Fri 12:19pm By Jim Dalrymple
    "It was just one dumb decision after another," Michelle Hammontree, communications director for Pinecrest said.You've got to love stupid criminals.∞ Read this on The Loop
  • ∞ Apple discontinues Thunderbolt Display

    Thu 7:54pm By Jim Dalrymple
    Apple on Thursday told The Loop that it is discontinuing the Thunderbolt Display. “We’re discontinuing the Apple Thunderbolt Display, said an Apple spokesperson. “It will be available through, Apple’s retail stores and Apple Authorized…
  • Why does a tire company publish the Michelin Guide?

    Thu 6:57pm By Shawn King
    Obviously, there are several examples from the beginning of the Age of the Car of how automobile travel created entire industries. The Michelin Guide may be the one that has gone the furthest past its original intent to something more popular than the original…
  • Life in the “danger zone”

    Thu 6:48pm By Shawn King
    When I was a little kid, I got the chance to go on an American aircraft carrier outside of Halifax's harbour (it was too big to dock). I've always wanted to go back onboard as an adult.∞ Read this on The Loop
  • Led Zeppelin Wins “Stairway to Heaven” lawsuit

    Thu 5:34pm By Jim Dalrymple
    On Thursday, after a week's worth of testimony and arguments, the jury came back with its verdict in a case that's been decades in the making. At trial, Led Zeppelin members Jimmy Page and Robert Plant testified as well as Michael Skidmore, the Trustee of…
  • Apple hires Sage Bionetworks president to work on health projects

    Thu 1:06pm By Jim Dalrymple
    We are delighted to announce that Stephen Friend has transitioned from his role as President of Sage Bionetworks to Chairman of the Board, and the promotion of Lara Mangravite to President. As chairman of the Board, Dr. Friend will continue to work with Sage…
  • Lego vintage 1960s Volkswagen

    Thu 1:01pm By Jim Dalrymple
    Awesome.∞ Read this on The Loop
  • Instagram’s text translation

    Thu 12:28pm By Jim Dalrymple
    In the coming month, you’ll see a translation button on feed stories and profile bios written in languages different from your own. The Instagram community has grown faster and become more global than we ever imagined. And we’re excited that you’ll soon…
  • Charvel’s new flagship guitars

    Thu 12:24pm By Jim Dalrymple
    I've always loved Charvel.∞ Read this on The Loop
  • What to do when your iPhone or iPad is stolen

    Thu 11:49am By Dave Mark
    Mikah Sargent, writing for iMore, with a heart-sickening tale: On the night of Monday, June 13, someone stole my 12.9-inch iPad Pro from my bag during the annual Beard Bash event. I won't go into the gritty details, but suffice it to say my valuables (as well…
  • WWDC clues hint at Apple’s post-iPhone era

    Thu 11:22am By Dave Mark
    Great read from Neil Cybart. He walks through three distinct business models, from the Mac as digital hub, to the no central hub model (with iPad, iPhone, Mac, and iPod being equals), to the iPhone as hub model.Very interesting, all with some numbers to back…