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  • Vanity Fair Cover Spread Dedicated to Taylor Swift and Apple

    Tue 7:42pm By Bryan Chaffin
    Taylor Swift is featured in the September issue of Vanity Fair in a cover piece titled, "Taylor Swift Reveals How She Stood Up to Apple." In it, she revelaled that she was scared of a backlash against the open letter she wrote ciriticizing Apple for not paying…
  • Apple Has the Rights to Launch More Beats Stations

    Tue 7:33pm By Bryan Chaffin
    Apple's licensing deals with the music labels allow the company to launch additional Beats stations whenever it wants. Citing unnamed sourced, The Verge reported that Apple has the power to launch new stations-thinks Beats 2, Beats 3, Beats Reggae, or even…
  • Apple’s Stock Drops 3%, Enters Correction Territory

    Tue 7:17pm By Bryan Chaffin
    Shares in Apple Inc. have taken a bit of a beating in the last two weeks of trading, losing some 12 percent of their value. The stock has been pressured by worries about iPhone growth, concern that Apple Watch won't be a revenue game changer, and ever-present…
  • OS X El Capitan’s Split View Is Just Plain Silly

    Tue 5:00pm By John Martellaro
    One of the new features in OS X El Capitan is Split View. It could come in handy at times, but John Martellaro thinks it's just a silly addition and not really necessary. It'll soon be forgotten.
  • PDFpen 7 for Mac: $37

    Tue 4:49pm By Bryan Chaffin
    PDFpen 7 for Mac from Smile Software is one of those must-have products if you work with PDF documents, and I am delighted to let you know we have a deal on it today. This software lets you edit PDFs, export to either Word format or PDF, block or erase…
  • TMO Daily Observations 2015-08-04: Apple’s MVNO Plans, Thunderstrike 2

    Tue 1:13pm By Jeff Gamet
    Reports have been circulating for years that Apple wants to start its own virtual cell service provider platform and this time it may really happen. John Martellaro and Bryan Chaffin join Jeff Gamet to explain why Apple may be getting on the MVNO bandwagon and…
  • Thunderstrike 2 Could Attack Your Mac, but not Today

    Tue 10:14am By Jeff Gamet
    Prepare for doomsday because there's a new Mac security threat that targets Thunderbolt to deliver its pox-laden payload to destroy your computer-or so some medial outlets would have you believe. The threat, dubbed Thunderstrike was first revealed at the…
  • iOS: Using Siri to Find Apps, Books, and Music

    Tue 8:57am By Melissa Holt
    If you're new to the iPhone or the iPad, you may not know just how magical using Siri can be. Need directions? Easy peasy. Want to call someone? Done. In today's Quick Tip, though, we're going to cover a little-known feature: Using Siri to search the App…
  • Apple Reportedly Testing MVNO Carrier Service in U.S.

    Mon 8:41pm By Bryan Chaffin
    Apple is in "talks" with carrier services to launch its own Apple-branded wireless service, according to BusinessInsider (BI). Citing unnamed sources "close to Apple," BI said that the talks revolved around an Apple-branded mobile virtual network operator…
  • Apple Buys 43 Acres in San Jose, Enough to Turn Spaceship HQ into a Fleet

    Mon 8:04pm By Bryan Chaffin
    Apple has purchased 43 acres in San Jose, California, a plot of land big enough to hold a building as large as its massive Apple Campus 2, the so-called Spaceship HQ. The spot is the first known land purchase by Apple in San Jose, but it's right next door to…
  • Apple’s ‘Ecosystem’ Developer Video

    Mon 6:02pm By Bryan Chaffin
    Apple has a cool video on its developer siste called Ecosystem, as noted by Redditor hollowgram. I'm not sure when it was posted, and I wasn't able to find it on any of the sub pages of Apple's Developer Videos site, but I believe it was made for WWDC 2015…
  • Griffin’s WatchStand for Apple Watch is Beautiful, Full of Features

    Mon 5:05pm By John Martellaro
    A charging stand for an Apple Watch should be handsome, well thought out in that it hides the charging cable, presents the Apple Watch nicely, is convenient to use, and has additional uses. The Griffin WatchStand does all that.
  • TigerVPN Lite Lifetime Subscription: $29

    Mon 4:15pm By Bryan Chaffin
    We have a deal for you today for a lifetime subscription to TigerVPN. With this service, you can connect to any of TigerVPNâs 61 servers around the world to get fast, private access that is encrypted and free from location restrictions. It supports multiple…
  • TMO Daily Observations 2015-08-03: Apple, BMW and Cars, Plus an iPhone Hologram Projector

    Mon 1:31pm By Jeff Gamet
    Apple may be looking to BMW to help bring its rumored electric car to market. Bryan Chaffin and John Martellaro join Jeff Gamet to sort out what they think this report means for Apple's car plans, plus they check out a cool setup that turns your iPhone into a…
  • How to Turn Your iPhone into a Hologram Projector

    Mon 11:17am By Jeff Gamet
    You can turn your iPhone into a hologram projector, and it's surprisingly easy to do. Seriously. And it's frakking cool! All you need is an old CD jewel case, a sharp knife, a piece of graph paper for a template, and some tape. You'll need some videos, like…
  • Siri Wants to Transcribe Your Voicemails

    Mon 9:40am By Jeff Gamet
    People like leaving voicemail but don't like listening to them, so Apple is working on a new feature that lets Siri become your own personal transcription service. Apple hopes to roll out what's been dubbed at iCloud Voicemail in 2016, which means come next…
  • MGG 564: Wave a Minty-Fresh Rubber Chicken Over It

    Sun 12:02pm By John F. Braun & Dave Hamilton
    Answering your questions and sharing your tips is top priority in this week's Mac Geek Gab episode. iCloud Photo Library, Mastered for iTunes, Sleepless Macs, Folder Syncing and much more are included. Download today and enjoy!
  • Rachio Iro - The Smart Sprinkler Controller

    Sat 10:30am By Juan Collao
    Think home automation can only be used inside your home? Juan Collao explains how watering your lawn is one area you absolutely must automate in a smart, connected way. He has the device to do it with, too: Iro from Rachio.
  • Apple Has Starring Role in New Crypto War

    Fri 10:00pm By Bryan Chaffin
    It seems safe to say a new round of the Crypto Wars is in full gear. In fact, let's officially call it Crypto Wars 2.0, because proxy parties are keeping the fight simmering in the background between full on salvos from the main parties involved. Meanwhike,…
  • How to Create Signatures in in iOS and OS X

    Fri 5:40pm By Nancy Gravley
    Apple users can add personal signatures to their emails on both their Macs and their iOS devices. They can promote a cause or a product. Let everyone know how they feel about a particular topic, or just make the recipient smile. It's easy to set up, and Nancy…
  • The Reason Why No Company Can Duplicate Apple’s iPhone Appeal

    Fri 5:00pm By John Martellaro
    Competitors to Apple's iPhone spend billions in development and advertising. Sometimes a competing smartphone will actually have a nifty operational or design feature the iPhone lacks. Then why is it so fundamentally difficult to compete with Apple for…
  • Wondershare PDFelement for Mac and OCR Plug-In: $39.99

    Fri 3:40pm By Bryan Chaffin
    PDFelement from Wondershare is a PDF editor designed to be simple for users, while having advanced features available to expert users. This software allows you to edit PDF documents, including text, formatting, images, and other elements. You can also convert…
  • TMO Daily Observations 2015-07-31: New Apple TV Rumors, Google Defies France

    Fri 1:49pm By Jeff Gamet
    Reports that there's a new Apple TV coming are back, and they say we'll see the new hardware in September. Bryan Chaffin and Dave Hamilton join Jeff Gamet to share their thoughts on what may be in store for the next Apple TV update and whether or not they…
  • Google Stands Up to France, Refuses Global “Right to be Forgotten” Order

    Fri 10:42am By Jeff Gamet
    France is trying to force Google to remove search results for certain people around the world through the EU's "right to be forgotten" law, and the Internet search giant is saying no. Instead, Google is willing to block those search results in countries…
  • iPhone 6 and 6 Plus: Turning Off Reachability

    Fri 8:56am By Melissa Holt
    "Reachability" is Apple's term for how the screen slides down when you double-tap the Home button on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. While that feature can be useful if you're using your device one-handed, it can also be a pain in the tuckus if you're constantly…
  • New Apple TV Hardware Reportedly Coming in September

    Thu 6:43pm By Bryan Chaffin
    The long-awaited Apple TV refresh originally planned for June is coming this September, according to Buzzfeed, where John Paczkowski is now the managing editor of the site's San Francisco bureau. This time, "it's for real." The device's release is intended to…
  • Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor Released for Mac and Linux

    Thu 5:10pm By Bryan Chaffin
    Feral Interactive announced that Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor has been released for Mac and Linux on the Steam platform. It's coming to the Mac App Store in early August, as well. The action adventure game is set in J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle Earth just as…
  • Safari Offers Longer Battery Life than Chrome or Firefox

    Thu 4:51pm By Bryan Chaffin
    Using Safari on a MacBook will give you longer battery life, according to tests run by the BatteryBox Blog. The company tested Apple's Safari, Google's Chrome, and Firefox on video sites, music streaming sites, webmail sites, news sites, and more, and found…
  • How to Use Siri on Apple Watch to Create Immediate Countdown Timer

    Thu 3:10pm By John Martellaro
    Occasionally, when one is under severe time pressure, many crucial things have to be done, say, just before a meeting or big event. While one could change faces on the Apple Watch and bring up the chronometer and a timer, there's a much faster and more…
  • Drive Genius 4 for Macs: $49.99

    Thu 2:39pm By Bryan Chaffin
    Drive Genius 4 is a must-have for many Mac users, and we have a deal on it today. It can create a bootable partition for you to use to repair your startup disk, it will find and delete large and duplicate files, it will fix problems with your file system,…
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