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  • What Is A VPN, And How Can It Help You?

    36m By Andrew Orr
    Now that Congress have chosen to allow ISPs to sell your data, many people are turning to VPNs to help. But you may not know how VPNs work, or how a VPN can help you browse the web safely. In this article Andrew Orr explores the technical details and gives you…
  • macOS: Decorate Your Email With Apple Mail Stationery

    1h By Jeff Butts
    Email is usually pretty basic, but sometimes you’ll want to really dress up a message you’re composing. With stationery in Apple Mail, Jeff Butts has found that it’s easy to create a gorgeous email perfect for almost any occasion.
  • iOS: Close Running Apps All at Once

    2h By Jeff Butts
    Even though Apple says this is unnecessary, sometimes when you have a lot of apps running, it can help boost your iPhone’s performance to shut them down. Doing that one by one is a pain, so Jeff Butts found a way to close running apps all at once.
  • Kove Commuter Wireless Speaker:

    2h By Bryan Chaffin
    We have a deal for you on the Kove Commuter Wireless Speaker. It’s a Bluetooth 4.1 portable speaker with a large 4,000mAh battery capacity giving you 8-plus hours of playback time. It’s $89.99 through us.
  • 6 Cool Tech Things Going On in Germany

    2h By Bob LeVitus
    Dr. Mac was in Germany last week, where he found six cool tech things, including his first encounters with Microsoft’s HoloLens Augmented Reality (AR) headset and HTC’s Vive Virtual Reality (VR) headset, plus robots galore, a very cool drone, and more.
  • Twitter Drops User Names from Counting Against 140 Character Limit

    4h By Jeff Gamet
    Twitter has been quietly changing how replies work for some users over the past few days, but now it’s official for everyone: user names no longer count towards the 140 character limit. The change means you tweets don’t have to be as short when several…
  • Internet Privacy and VPNs – TMO Daily Observations 2017-03-30

    1:57pm By Jeff Gamet
    The Federal law allowing ISPs to sell our browser history without our consent passed both the House and Senate and is on its way to the White House. Dave Hamilton and Bryan Chaffin join Jeff Gamet to look at what that means for our privacy and they explain why…
  • iOS 10.3: How to See Which Apps Are Still 32-bit

    11:38am By Jeff Gamet
    Apple is making it very clear the days of 32-bit app support on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch are coming to an end. Lots of developers are working to make sure their apps are 64-bit, but there’s a chance some of the titles you depend on haven’t made the…
  • iFixit Teardown Shows New iPad is a Repackaged First-gen iPad Air

    11:04am By Jeff Gamet
    iFixit got ahold of Apple’s brand new 9.7-inch iPad and did what they do best: strip it down to the frame so we can see what’s inside. Turns out it’s pretty much just the first generation iPad Air with a Touch ID Home button.
  • Apple’s USB-C Adapter Discounts End Friday

    9:23am By Jeff Gamet
    If you’ve been procrastinating on buying those USB-C adapters for your new Touch Bar MacBook Pro it’s time to get motivated because Apple’s discounts are about to end. The discounts are available through March 31st, which means you need to buy yours…
  • macOS: Using “Restore a Copy”

    8:50am By Melissa Holt
    This Quick Tip of the day is about restoring file versions. The fact that you can go back to earlier saved documents is great, but what if you don’t want to replace the one you’re working on when you revert to an old version? Melissa Holt’s got the…
  • Spotify Goes after Apple Music’s ‘Carpool Karaoke’ with ‘Traffic Jams’

    Wed 10:25pm By Bryan Chaffin
    Spotify must think Apple Music has the right idea with this original video thing because it’s doing the same thing. Variety reported Wednesday that Spotify has purchased a show called Traffic Jams. Clearly borrowing from Apple Music’s Carpool Karaoke,…
  • Silicon Valley Season 4 Trailer, where Erlich Bachman Mansplains Mansplaining

    Wed 10:01pm By Bryan Chaffin
    Oh Silicon Valley, how we have missed thee! Season 4 is nigh, judging by the new trailer, and it looks delightful. My favorite moment has to be Erlich Bachman mansplaining the concept of mansplaining to Monica and Laurie Bream, 😂😂😂
  • Head of Apple Mail Terry Blanchard Leaves for Rival Email App

    Wed 6:24pm By Andrew Orr
    Terry Blanchard, who led the engineering and QA teams for Apple Mail since 2011, is moving on. He’s not going far though. Terry will still manage an email team, but it’s for the Spark email app owned by Readdle. Andrew Orr tells us what this could mean for…
  • Want to Experiment With an APFS drive? Here’s How You Can Do That

    Wed 6:07pm By Jeff Butts
    Under macOS Sierra 10.12.4, you know have limited support for an APFS drive. You won’t find the option to create one in Disk Utility, but Jeff Butts is here to demonstrate how to get the APFS drive created and mounted using Terminal and the diskutil command.
  • The ISP Coup, an Apple VPN, and Samsung’s Bixby Gambit – ACM 404

    Wed 5:56pm By Bryan Chaffin
    ISPs performed a coup against consumers, and they did so in collusion with one of America’s major political parties. Bryan and Jeff are two tense geeks about it. Their solution would be for Apple to launch a VPN integrated into Apple’s products. And then…
  • iOS 10.3: Your iCloud Settings Just Got Easier to Manage

    Wed 4:26pm By Jeff Butts
    Hidden in the release notes of iOS 10.3 was a listing about a “New Settings unified view for your Apple ID account information, settings and devices.” That’s actually a pretty big deal, because it consolidates a number of iCloud settings while also…
  • Debunking iPhone 8 Touch ID Switch Rumor – TMO Daily Observations 2017-03-29

    Wed 1:56pm By Jeff Gamet
    There’s a new report claiming Apple is moving the Touch ID fingerprint scanner to the back of the iPhone 8. Kelly Guimont and Jeff Butts join Jeff Gamet to talk about why they think the report is wrong, plus they have some thoughts on Samsung selling…
  • Weak Report Claims Touch ID Sensor Moving to the Back of iPhone 8

    Wed 11:47am By Jeff Gamet
    A new report claims Apple is taking away the Home button on the iPhone 8 and moving the Touch ID fingerprint scanner to the back of the device. That’s something we’re already seeing on some Android phones, but that’s not the path Apple will take despite…
  • Apple Gives Developers First iOS 10.3.2 Beta

    Wed 10:47am By Jeff Gamet
    That didn’t take long: Apple has already released iOS 10.3.2 and watchOS 3.2.2 developer betas. The developer-only updates rolled out only a day after iOS 10.3 and watchOS 3.2 were released to the public.
  • Private Internet Access VPN 2-Year Subscription: $59.95

    Wed 9:00am By Bryan Chaffin
    Well, isn’t this timely? On the heels of the House voting to allow ISPs to sell our browser history, we have a deal on a 2-year subscription to Private Internet Access VPN. We haven’t tested their privacy claims yet, but for those interested in a VPN, this…
  • iOS 10.3: Using “Find My AirPods”

    Wed 8:46am By Melissa Holt
    This Quick Tip is about the new “Find My AirPods” feature that’s available now with iOS 10.3. If you’ve lost one of those tiny white headphones somewhere in your house, this’ll help you locate it, and Melissa Holt’s gonna tell you how!
  • Congress Says ISPs Can Sell Your Browser History on Party Line Vote

    Tue 11:24pm By Bryan Chaffin
    The U.S. House of Representatives voted Tuesday to sell you out to ISPs. More specifically, they voted to allow your ISP to sell you, your data, and your browsing history to anyone it wants. The House did so in a largely-party line vote that saw Republicans…
  • Apple Triples Supplier Sites Working In Energy Efficiency Program

    Tue 7:09pm By Andrew Orr
    Apple prides itself on environmentalist efforts—and with good reason. With global climate change on the rise, and the changes going on in the EPA, it’s up to individual companies to manage their environmental responsibility. With the release of Apple’s…
  • You Can Opt Out of Sharing iCloud Analytics in macOS Sierra 10.12.4

    Tue 6:28pm By Bryan Chaffin
    Apple quietly added a new privacy control tool in macOS Sierra 10.12.4 that allows you to opt out of sharing iCloud Analytics data. Bryan Chaffin shows you how to control what you send so you can decide.
  • macOS: Search Photos on macOS for Whatever You’re Looking For

    Tue 5:26pm By Jeff Butts
    If you have thousands of pictures in Photos for macOS, you might think it would be impossible to search and find specific ones. Jeff Butts has delved into how to search Photos on macOS, and found that the app is much smarter than he thought.
  • Developer Comments Go Live on App Store, Mac App Store

    Tue 4:18pm By Jeff Gamet
    Good news, developers, you can finally respond to user comments on Apple’s App Store. The promised feature rolled out quietly on Monday while the company was pushing out operating system updates for pretty much everything they make.
  • Samsung Plans to Refurbish and Sell the Recalled Note 7

    Tue 3:07pm By Jeff Gamet
    Now that Samsung has collected all those Note 7 explode-a-phones, what to do with them? How about put them back out on the market as refurbished. That’s exactly what Samsung is doing thanks to pressure in part from the environmental activist group Greenpeace.
  • Apple’s New APFS File System, Developers Respond to App Store Reviews – TMO Daily Observations…

    Tue 1:59pm By Jeff Gamet
    Say hello to APFS, Apple’s new file system for macOS and iOS that rolled out as part of yesterday’s operating system updates. Dave Hamilton and Bryan Chaffin join Jeff Gamet to explain what APFS is and how it impacts users, along with why we don’t need…
  • Element Blocks: The Coolest Periodic Table for Your Desk

    Tue 11:01am By Jeff Gamet
    I’m a sucker for clever representations of the periodic table of elements, so of course I just love the Element Blocks Kickstarter project. Think of it as a physical version of the table with elements you can actually pick up and hold. Element Blocks…