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  • Apple Makes ‘Things for iPad’ Free for a Week

    Fri 6:57pm By Bryan Chaffin
    Apple made Things for iPad from Culture Code free for a week starting now. Things is a task manager/todo organizer, and it's become quite popular since we gave it an Editors' Choice Award in 2009. Things for iPad 2.5 was recently released and brought a ton of…
  • Judge Approves Apple iBooks $450 Million Antitrust Settlement

    Fri 6:47pm By Bryan Chaffin
    Judge Denise Cote gave final approval to a settlement between Apple and class-action plaintiffs over antitrust claims regarding iBooks. Under the terms of the settlement, Apple will pay the class $400 million in damages for price fixing in the ebook market,…
  • 100 AA and 52 AAA Duracell Batteries for $59.99 [Extended]

    Fri 5:54pm By Bryan Chaffin
    If you're giving or getting stuff for the holidays, you're going to need batteries. Enter today's deal, because you can get 100 AA and 52 AAA Duracell batteries for $59.99. That's enough batteries for every remote in the house-even the ones you have no idea…
  • Use a PDF to See How Big Apple Watches Really Are

    Fri 5:18pm By Kelly Guimont
    Craig Hockenberry of the Iconfactory spent some time with WatchKit, the developer environment for working with Apple Watch elements. He wrote up his impressions on it, and some of the non-programming sections were just as interesting as the development parts.
  • Why Every Estimate for Apple Watch Sales in 2015 is Completely Wrong

    Fri 4:45pm By John Martellaro
    Estimates for sales of a product that hasn't shipped yet are tricky business. It requires some serious work with the right kind of candidate customer surveys and some shrewd mathematical analysis. Then, uncertainties must be calculated and presented. John…
  • ‘Kingdom Rush Origins’ Tower Defender Released for iPhone and iPad

    Fri 4:30pm By Bryan Chaffin
    OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! It's here. It's finally here! Ironhide Studios released Kingdom Rush Origins. That sound you're hearing is my holiday week vanishing in a puff of extended iPad tapping. Seriously, the Kingdom Rush franchise are my favorite iPad games, and…
  • TMO Daily Observations: 2014-11-21

    Fri 1:42pm By Jeff Gamet
    With Google and Rockstar Consortium reaching an agreement in their patent infringement fight, the big question is what does this mean for Apple? Kelly Guimont and Bryan Chaffin join Jeff Gamet to look at Apple's possible interest in the deal, plus they have…
  • Google Agrees to Settlement in Rockstar Patent Infringement Fight

    Fri 11:53am By Jeff Gamet
    Google's fight over patent infringement claims from Rockstar Consortium is coming to and end thanks to a deal the two struck earlier in November. The filing went public this week, but it doesn't offer up any details about what Google agreed to as part of the…
  • Apple Blocks Outdated Flash Players Over Security Issues [Update]

    Fri 9:44am By Jeff Gamet
    Apple updated the Web plugin blocking system in OS X on Thursday to prevent outdated versions of Adobe Flash Player from launching. The change means you'll need Adobe Flash Player to view Flash content in Safari on OS X.The Mac Observer Spin: New…
  • iOS 8: Using “Send Last Location”

    Fri 9:00am By Melissa Holt
    Today we're going to discuss how to use "Send Last Location" within iOS 8, which'll allow your iPhone or iPad to automatically transmit its location right before its battery dies. This could potentially help you to recover a lost or stolen device with a dead…
  • SwiftKey Adds Languages in iOS Without App Store Updates

    Thu 8:05pm By Kelly Guimont
    Replacement iOS keyboard SwiftKey has updated the languages available, but didn't have to go through the App Store to do so. Kelly explains how SwiftKey can update without releasing an update.
  • Apple Reportedly Plans Cheaper Beats Music in iOS in 2015

    Thu 7:53pm By Bryan Chaffin
    Apple is working behind the scenes to secure better pricing for Beats Music customers before including it as a service in iOS in 2015. Citing unnamed sources "briefed on the plans," The Financial Times reported that Apple is looking for a retail price of US$5…
  • Apple Offers Current and Past National Book Award Winners Starting at $4.99

    Thu 6:54pm By Bryan Chaffin
    Apple is currently promoting the 2014 winners of the National Book Award in the iBooks Store. The company is offering the four winners of this year's award for US$9.99 and $10.00. Past winners are also included in the promotion, and they start at $4.99.
  • Apple Changes App Store ‘Free’ Button to ‘Get’

    Thu 6:25pm By Bryan Chaffin
    Apple has changed the wording for free and freemium apps-where once the download button said "Free," it is now labeled "Get," as shown in the screenshot below. Apple didn't announce the change, but it seems likely the change is part of Apple's efforts to…
  • Create Holiday and NFL Calendar Subscriptions in OS X and iOS 8

    Thu 5:30pm By John Martellaro
    It's not hard to set up some personal and work calendars on your Mac and iPhone. But there's a whole lot more you can do with calendar subscriptions. John Martellaro shows you how to get your calendar in the holiday mood.
  • Doxie Go Portable Scanner: $139

    Thu 5:05pm By Bryan Chaffin
    Scanners. Remember when they were a thing? If you were a real computer geek, you needed one. And the more space it took on your desk, the more impressive it was. Then digital camera became a thing, and the number one activity we used scanners for-scanning…
  • TMO Daily Observations: 2014-11-20

    Thu 3:14pm By Jeff Gamet
    It's iTunes smack down day on Daily Observations, but not for everyone. Dave Hamilton, Kelly Guimont and John Martellaro join Jeff Gamet to talk about what they don't - or do - like about iTunes 12, what they'd like to see change in Apple's media manager app,…
  • Goodbye iTunes, WALTR Uploads any Media File to your iPhone and iPad

    Thu 11:14am By Jeff Gamet
    iTunes is the only option Apple gives us for loading media onto our iPhone, iPad or iPod touch from our Macs, and it limits the audio and video file formats we can upload. That's a thing of the past thanks to WALTR from Softorino. This awesome Mac app lets you…
  • Apple: GTAT Couldn’t Make Usable Sapphire, Mismanaged Production

    Thu 9:34am By Jeff Gamet
    Apple offered up more details on what led to the downfall of GT Advanced Technologies in a letter to the failed company's creditors. That letter said GTAT failed to manage its employees and sapphire glass production process, and that the company simply…
  • DOJ Warns Apple that iOS Encryption Could Kill Children

    Wed 10:46pm By Bryan Chaffin
    The number two person in the U.S. DOJ's number two person recently warned Apple the company's encryption scheme in iOS 8 will eventually result in the death of a child. Bryan Chaffin argues that when anyoen tells us we must give up privacy for the sake of the…
  • ACM 281: Microsoft’s Clouded Vision, Apple Watch SDK, and Protecting Our Privacy

    Wed 8:36pm By Jeff Gamet & Bryan Chaffin
    Microsoft just doesn't get how to deliver a compelling message, and that's so clear in its latest Surface Pro 3 ad. Jeff and Bryan take a look at Microsoft's lack of vision in its product designs and marketing messages, plus they have plenty to say about…
  • Public Betas: BusyContacts and PartySnapper Need Your Help

    Wed 5:04pm By Kelly Guimont
    If the word "beta" gets your attention, Kelly has a couple of suggestions for projects in public beta you might want to check out. All the usual beta disclaimers apply, but if you like to live dangerously, read on.
  • TMO Giveaway: Arcsoft Simplicam Home Security Camera

    Wed 4:25pm By Bryan Chaffin
    I am pleased as punch to announce a giveway for our readers today. Through our sponsor Arcsoft, you can register to win a Simplicam, the company's Wi-Fi-powered home security camera. All you have to do is post a comment in this article letting us know you'd…
  • iBank 5: Dr Mac Can Finally Say Goodbye to Quicken

    Wed 3:30pm By Bob LeVitus
    I love managing my finances on my Mac, but I have never liked depending upon Intuit or its Quicken for Mac products. Intuit, as you probably know, has no love for Mac users. Bob "Dr. Mac" LeVitus has been looking for a personal finance solution for the Mac…
  • TMO Daily Observations: 2014-11-19

    Wed 1:37pm By Jeff Gamet
    Thanks to unsavory comments from Uber executives, there's a new interest in knowing what personal information companies may be keeping. Kelly Guimont and John Martellaro join Jeff Gamet to talk about leaving our personal data in the hands of online companies,…
  • Adobe Lightroom Adds Aperture, iPhoto Import Support

    Wed 10:53am By Jeff Gamet
    Adobe is making it easier for Aperture users to transition into Lightroom with its just released version 5.7 update. That's good news for Aperture users since Apple is killing off the product next year when it releases an OS X Yosemite version of Photos.
  • Apple Plans to Repurpose GTAT Sapphire Glass Factory

    Wed 9:53am By Jeff Gamet
    GT Advanced Technologies is shutting down the Mesa, Arizona factory where it produced synthetic sapphire glass for Apple, but the iPhone and iPad maker has different plans. Apple told city officials it plans to repurpose the factory which will save some jobs,…
  • QCut Custom Fit Women’s Jeans

    Tue 5:34pm By Kelly Guimont
    If you are a woman who has ever purchased a pair of jeans, you know this process can beâfraught with peril. You have to guess at the random number that is allegedly your size, since it varies from year to year and designer to designer. Then you have to guess…
  • OS X Updates Disable Mail Plugins, MailPluginFix Restores Them

    Tue 4:21pm By Kelly Guimont
    Apple has a tendency to toss in updates to its own native apps as part of system updates. This can sometimes break your carefully crafted email system, particularly if it contains plugins unhappy about a new version number. Kelly has an idea to help you get…
  • Wallet Sized HyperCharging Power Bank for iOS: $39.99

    Tue 3:52pm By Bryan Chaffin
    Check out the LithiumCard AIR, a wallet-sized charger for iPhone and iPad (or other device). It has a thickness of five credit cards, but delivers up to 2 amps of power, which is what an iPad requires. It has a micro-USB port and a Lightning port, and it…
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