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  • 6 Handy Apple Watch Apps for Travelers

    1h By Jeff Gamet
    Road warriors, frequent travelers, vacationers, and just-around-towners all have something in common: They need the right tools to figure out where they're going. TMO put together a list with some of our favorite travel-related apps that offer Apple Watch…
  • My Three Favorite Apple Watch Tips

    3h By Melissa Holt
    Were you one of the lucky few able to snag an Apple Watch over the last few days? Then Melissa Holt's got a few tricks for you on how to use it in this Quick Tip. If you haven't been so lucky, feel free to read this article anyway (while you're refreshing your…
  • Apple Plans to be Part of Coming Big Media Changes

    Mon 8:17pm By Jeff Gamet
    Apple CEO Tim Cook made it clear he wants his company to play a role in the rapidly changing market for entertainment content. He said as much during the company's second quarter earnings conference call on Monday, and called out HBO Now as an example of…
  • Tim Cook on Poor iPad Sales: ‘It is what it is’

    Mon 7:15pm By John Martellaro
    During Apple's 2015 Q2 Financial Report, Tim Cook glossed over the poor state of iPad Sales with some interesting remarks. He doesn't appear to be very concerned about negative sales growth and remarked, "It is what it is."
  • After Hours Market Likes Apple’s Record Q2 Earnings

    Mon 6:26pm By Bryan Chaffin
    Shares of Apple Inc. traded higher in the after hours market, as investors voted with their dollars on the company's second quarter results. $AAPL was trading at $134.40 per share, a gain of $1.75 (+1.32 percent), as of this writing.
  • MCX Member Best Buy To Accept Apple Pay

    Mon 6:10pm By Kelly Guimont
    In Monday's earnings call, CEO Tim Cook mentioned Apple Pay and specifically noted that MCX member and Apple Pay holdout Best Buy will be accepting Apple Pay in-app and in stores soon.The Mac Observer Spin: Best Buy was not accepting Apple Pay because it…
  • SKEYE Nano Drone Fits in Your Hand: $34.99

    Mon 5:55pm By Bryan Chaffin
    Check out the SKEYE Nano Drone, a quadcopter drone that measures just 4 centimeters on a side. That's small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. It has three flight modes, one for beginners who are just learning to fly, another for more advanced pilots, and…
  • Tim Cook: Apple Watch Coming to Other Countries in Late June

    Mon 5:33pm By Jeff Gamet
    Apple Watch will likely be available in more countries by the end of June, according to Apple CEO Tim Cook. He confirmed the obvious when he told investors and analysts Monday afternoon that demand is currently far exceeding demand, but added that production…
  • Apple Bumps Dividend 11 Percent, Expands Shareholder Returns to $200 Billion

    Mon 5:15pm By Bryan Chaffin
    Apple announced Monday a significant increase to its shareholder capital return program to a cumulative total of $200 billion. The company is increasing its share repurchase program by $50 billion, while its dividends will be increased 11 percent to $0.52 per…
  • Apple Reports Record 2nd Quarter with 61.1 Million iPhones Sold

    Mon 5:01pm By Bryan Chaffin
    Apple reported on Monday a blowout March quarter, the company's second fiscal quarter. Apple reported revenues of US$58 billion with earnings of $13.6 billion, or $2.33 earnings per share (EPS). This was fueled by record Q2 iPhone sales of 61.2 million units,…
  • TMO Daily Observations 2015-04-27: Apple Watch Heart Rate Tracking and Band Limitations

    Mon 2:04pm By Jeff Gamet
    Apple Watch can't quite do everything we want, but there are reasons behind those limitations. Kelly Guimont and John Martellaro join Jeff Gamet talk discuss why heart rate tracking isn't available in Apple Watch apps from third party developers, and why watch…
  • Here’s the Airlines Supporting Apple Watch

    Mon 11:31am By Jeff Gamet
    The number of airlines with an Apple Watch app is growing, which means TMO's list tracking them is getting longer. Read on to see if your favorite airline us up to speed with Apple Watch support.
  • Discover Coming to Apple Pay this Fall

    Mon 10:29am By Jeff Gamet
    Discover card users are about to join Visa, MasterCard, and American Express credit card users in the Apple Pay game. The company will be adding support for Apple's wireless payment system for the iPhone and Apple Watch this fall.The Mac Observer Spin:…
  • Apple’s iTunes Store gets Red Cross Donation Page for Nepal Earthquake Support

    Mon 9:28am By Jeff Gamet
    Following the devestation of the Nepal earthquake, Apple added a special Red Cross donation page to its iTunes Store. The donation page lets you give up to US$200 for relief support for the earthquake victims, and Apple is skipping its usual 30 percent…
  • AAPL Q2 2015 Earnings Report Set for Today

    Mon 8:59am By Jeff Gamet
    Apple will host its second fiscal quarter earnings report for 2015 Monday afternoon after the market closes. The conference call with Apple executives and financial analysts is set to start at 5PM eastern time, and The Mac Observer will be here with our usual…
  • Apple Watch Battery Straps Likely Not to Work

    Mon 8:46am By Dave Hamilton
    After a few days with the Apple Watch one thing has become clear: many of the pre-announced accessories are going to be complete and utter failures. TL;DR: don't believe anyone that implies you'll be able to happily use your Apple Watch while it's separated…
  • Apple Watch Apps can’t Track Heart Rate and it’s all HealthKit’s Fault

    Sun 5:55pm By Jeff Gamet
    Using Apple Watch to track your health and fitness activities is great, unless the companion app you rely on doesn't log your heart rate-and that means any third party app. As annoying as that is, there's a real reason behind Apple's decision, and it isn't one…
  • MGG 550: Photos Isn’t Always Easy

    Sun 12:04pm By John F. Braun & Dave Hamilton
    You have questions about Apple's new Photos app and John and Dave have your answers. The answers are not always easy and not always exactly what you want, but your two favorite geeks will get you there as smoothly as possible. Also some fun (and geeky!)…
  • Apple Not Allowing Fart Apps on Apple Watch

    Sat 5:29pm By Bryan Chaffin
    Bad news for fans of flatulence: Apple is not allowing fart apps on the Apple Watch. Good news for anyone with a sense of humor advanced past the age of 12: Apple isn't allowing fart apps on the Apple Watch.
  • How to Convert iPhone Photos to Black And White

    Sat 4:23pm By Vern Seward
    In part 2 on his series on Black and White photography on the iPhone, Vern Seward discusses the best ways to convert your color photos to black and white.
  • Quick Tip: How to Take an Apple Watch Screenshot

    Sat 3:48pm By Bryan Chaffin
    Taking a screenshot with the new Apple Watch is very easy, and Bryan Chaffin explains how.
  • Three Scenarios for Home Automation

    Sat 10:30am By Juan Collao
    Ever wondered what Home Automation is really all about? Juan Collao walks us through three scenarios where home automation made a real difference in his life.
  • Sony and Samsung Both Offered to Pay James Bond to Use Their Phones

    Fri 9:44pm By Bryan Chaffin
    Sony and Samsung both offered to pay James Bond actor Daniel Craig to use their smartphones in the next installment of the series, Spectre. According to stolen Sony emails posted to Wikileaks, both companies offered Daniel Craig US$5 million to use their…
  • XTC In-Ear Genuine Wood Headphones: $23.99

    Fri 6:39pm By Bryan Chaffin
    We have a deal today on the XTC Headphones, in-earphones made of wood. They have a built-in microphone for taking calls, and the silicone inserts are designed to isolate you from outside noise. They retail for $50, but with our deal you can get them for…
  • Four Things To Get You Started With Apple Watch

    Fri 6:30pm By Kelly Guimont
    Waiting for your new Apple Watch to arrive? Waiting for it to charge? Waiting for version 2? Whatever your situation, Kelly has collected all manner of information to help you get up and running when it actually does show up.
  • Apple’s iPhone 7 Will Make Current iPhones Obsolete

    Fri 3:55pm By John Martellaro
    Now that the MacBook and Apple Watch are shipping, it's time to start thinking about the iPhone 6s (or iPhone 7 according to some rumors). Just when we think the iPhone can't get any better, Apple seems poised to blow us away. Again.
  • Apple Offers Online Personal Setup Assistance for Apple Watch

    Fri 1:50pm By Jeff Gamet
    Apple is taking its online-focused launch for Apple Watch a step farther by offering buyers Personal Setup sessions through their computer. Apple Watch owners scheduled to receive their new smartwatch today started receiving emails touting the Web-based setup…
  • TMO Daily Observations 2015-04-24: Getting Inside Apple Watch

    Fri 1:22pm By Jeff Gamet
    It's Apple Watch delivery day, which means we finally get to see what's inside Apple's brand new smartwatch. Bryan Chaffin and Kelly Guimont join Jeff Gamet talk about how Apple designed the insides of the Apple Watch, and debunk the idea that Apple designed…
  • iFixit Apple Watch Tear Down Kills Hopes of Upgrades

    Fri 11:24am By Jeff Gamet
    Apple Watch deliveries have barely started arriving, and iFixit has already stripped one down to its screws. What they found inside pretty much kills hopes and rumors that Apple will offer internal component upgrades when future models come out.The Mac…
  • Apple Watch App Store Open for Business with 3,000 Apps

    Fri 10:09am By Jeff Gamet
    With Apple Watch finally showing up on people's doorsteps, Apple opened the doors to its smartwatch-specific App Store. More than 3,000 compatible apps are available already, and more are on the way.
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