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  • Meijer, the CurrenctC/MCX Member Who Refuses to Block Apple Pay

    Thu 7:17pm By Bryan Chaffin
    Meet Meijer, the 213-store retailer that is a member of the MCX/CurrentC wannabe hegemony. Like Rite Aid and CVS, Meijer has NFC-equipped payment terminals that support Apple Pay. Unlike Rite Aid and CVS, Meijer, has no intention of blocking Apple Pay and is…
  • Get Free Bitcoins with 52 Website Faucets that Really Pay [Update]

    Thu 6:36pm By Bryan Chaffin
    I've gathered 52 different Bitcoin "faucets"-websites that pay out free Bitcoins just for loading up a page full of ads-and tested them to make sure they actually pay out. I started off with eight sites, but this update adds several more and removes some…
  • Last Chance for The Bluetooth Shower Speaker: $39

    Thu 5:17pm By Bryan Chaffin
    The Blue Bluetooth Shower Speaker has been a very popular deal with our readers, but there's just four days left. For $39, you can get a water-resistant speaker built for your shower. That means music or podcasts or whatever sound floats your boat while you…
  • CES Rebrands iLounge Pavilion as iProducts, Hopes to Attract Macworld Expo Exhibitors

    Thu 5:09pm By Bryan Chaffin
    CES announced Thursday a major rebranding of the Apple-centric show-within-a-show that takes place in January. The company said it was changing the name from the iLounge Pavilion to the iProducts Marketplace. The change comes in the wake of Macworld/iWorld…
  • Apple Reverses PCalc Decision; App and Widget Can Stay

    Thu 2:13pm By Kelly Guimont
    Apple has reversed the App Store decision to pull PCalc from the App Store, according to PCalc developer James Thomson. He received a call today updating him about the status of his app.
  • TMO Daily Observations: 2014-10-30

    Thu 1:29pm By Jeff Gamet
    Apple CEO Tim Cook says he's gay, which puts him in a unique position as an equal rights advocate. Bryan Chaffin and Kelly Guimont join Jeff Gamet to look at how Mr. Cook's announcement could impact the ongoing fight for equal rights and what it could mean to…
  • Microsoft Joins the Fitness Tracking Game with Fitness Band

    Thu 11:36am By Jeff Gamet
    Microsoft is hoping to grab a slice of the fitness tracking market with its new Microsoft Band. The new fitness tracker packs in sensors for tracking steps, heart rate, UV light levels, and more.The Mac Observer Spin: Microsoft's best bet for competing against…
  • Tim Cook’s Gay Coming Out is a Big Deal for Equal Rights

    Thu 9:52am By Jeff Gamet
    Tim Cook is the CEO of one of the most valuable companies and brands in the world, an advocate for human rights and equality, a very private man, and now a man that's openly gay. The big news isn't that Mr. Cook is gay - his sexuality, just like everyone…
  • MCX Holds Press Conference, Does Itself No Favors

    Wed 9:37pm By Kelly Guimont
    MCX, the group behind CurrentC, held a press conference today to clear up misconceptions about the group and its agreements. It also had to discuss a data breach, and didn't do a very good job at addressing any of those things. Kelly explains what happened,…
  • ACM 278: Apple is the New Microsoft and Thinking Differently about iPhone

    Wed 7:30pm By Jeff Gamet & Bryan Chaffin
    Apple is the dominant force in several markets, so does that make the company the new Microsoft? Jeff and Bryan dive into how Apple of today compares to Microsoft from the 1990s, and whether or not competing platforms have a chance against Apple Pay and…
  • Apple: Widgets Can’t Calculate, Orders Featured Calculator Widget Removed

    Wed 6:43pm By Kelly Guimont
    Apple featured PCalc as an iOS 8 app with a neat calculator widget. Apple then told developer James Thomson he had to pull the app. Because it has a calculator widget.The Mac Observer Spin: This is a disappointment on a number of fronts. But we're used to it…
  • The 3 Unexpected Consequences of Apple Pay Will be Huge

    Wed 4:00pm By John Martellaro
    Apple Pay isn't just a new mobile payment method. It's also a stake in the heart of merchants who want to use your purchase activity for their own ends. It gives companies who want to honor the customer a high-profile bandwagon to jump on. Finally, it…
  • Freebie Wednesday - Four Free Deals from TMO

    Wed 3:54pm By Bryan Chaffin
    We usually promote one deal a day, but through our friends at Stack Social, we actually have a ton of deals going at any one time. Right now, for instance, we have not one, but four different free offers. Check 'em out.…
  • STM dux Case for iPad mini Features Drop Protection and Clear Back

    Wed 2:15pm By Nancy Gravley
    The STM Dux case for iPad mini and mini with Retina display is the perfect option for those who want complete protection and coverage for their mini while letting the whole world know they have a tablet from Apple. Plus, it meets the U.S. Department of Defense…
  • TMO Daily Observations: 2014-10-29

    Wed 1:45pm By Jeff Gamet
    AT&T is under fire from the FTC, and the FCC wants to change the rules on cable television. John Martellaro and Kelly Guimont join Jeff Gamet to talk about what they expect to come from the FTC suing AT&T for data throttling, and how opening the Internet to…
  • iOS 8: Fixing Bluetooth Headset Connection Issues

    Wed 11:27am By Jeff Gamet
    iOS 8 brought us plenty of cool new features, and a few annoyances, too, like dropped Bluetooth headset connections. There's a fix for that tucked away in iOS 8's settings, but it isn't where you'd think to look.
  • FCC Rule Change Could Turn Apple TV into A Cable TV Competitor

    Wed 10:09am By Jeff Gamet
    FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has proposed a change to the rules controlling who broadcasters sell content to, and would bar them from refusing to sell to Internet-based providers. That translates to a big opportunity for Apple to add new channels to Apple TV…
  • OS X Yosemite: Using Mail’s Awesome New Markup Feature

    Wed 8:49am By Melissa Holt
    With Apple Mail under Yosemite, you can add shapes, text, and highlights to attachments right in the composing window, without having to annotate the file before you insert it into an email. Heck, you can even crop images and insert your signature! This…
  • Smartphone-Assisted Halloween Masks

    Tue 7:11pm By Kelly Guimont
    I have a Halloween costume that involves your iPhone (or Android device, if that's your thing) that is so awesome, you will forgive her for obliterating your carefully planned and super topical Sexy Ebola Containment Suit costume. Instead, check out the…
  • TMO Daily Observations: 2014-10-28

    Tue 4:55pm By Jeff Gamet
    It's all about app interfaces on Daily Observations today. Kelly Guimont and John Martellaro join Jeff Gamet to talk about what could change to make the iPhone's interface better, and they get a little rant on about iTunes 12, too.
  • NewerTech Headless Mac Video Accelerator

    Tue 4:41pm By Kelly Guimont
    It's almost Halloween, so of course something with "Headless" in the title is attention-getting. NewerTech has announced a new video adapter, the Headless Mac Video Accelerator. If you have a Mac that runs in "headless" mode (meaning without an attached…
  • Where to Buy a New iPad if You Want an Apple SIM

    Tue 4:21pm By Bob LeVitus
    I got a new iPad Air 2 last week and while Iâm impressed, youâll have to wait until next week for my review. Why? Well, while doing my due diligence I found a situation thatâs more important for you to hear about today than my opinion of the iPad Air 2:…
  • Prompt 2 from Panic: A Drop-dead Gorgeous SSH Client for iOS

    Tue 2:10pm By John Martellaro
    Prompt 2 is version 2 of a very good looking, easy-so-use SSH client for iOS. It's from Panic Inc, the people who brought us the excellent Transmit FTP client. As the website says, "Restart your server from a coffee shop. Fix a web page from the back of…
  • FTC Sues AT&T for Throttling ‘Unlimited’ Plans

    Tue 2:01pm By Bryan Chaffin
    Get this: "unlimited" apparently means "no limits." Who knew, right? It turns out that there is a modicum of watchdog left in the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) after all, because the regulators announced plans to sue AT&T for throttling its Unlimited Plan…
  • iTunes 12: Bringing Back the Library and Playlist Sidebar

    Tue 11:15am By Jeff Gamet
    Apple seems hell-bent on making iTunes as painful to use as it can, and iTunes 12 really drives that point home by killing the Library and playlists sidebar. There is a way to bring the sidebar back to life and take away some of the sting that's the iTunes 12…
  • CVS Says it Can’t Take Apple Pay, Evaluating Options

    Tue 9:09am By Jeff Gamet
    CVS, along with Rite Aid, disabled their in-store NFC mobile payment systems after the launch of Apple Pay, blocking both iPhones and Google Wallet-compatible Android phones from acting as credit cards. CVS now has a statement out saying it can't accept those…
  • Tim Cook Inducted into Alabama Academy of Honor, Calls for Progress on LGBT Rights

    Mon 9:33pm By Bryan Chaffin
    Apple CEO Tim Cook was inducted into the Alabama Academy of Honor Monday. Mr. Cook, who was born in Alabama and graduated from Auburn University, used his acceptance speech to criticize Alabama for being slow to recognize and promote LGBT rights, and compared…
  • Fan Mockup Shows Apple Watch Interface for iPhone

    Mon 8:37pm By Bryan Chaffin
    Lucas Menge has put together an amazing mockup of what the Apple Watch interface might look like if it was brought to the iPhone. In addition to posting a video to YouTube (below the fold) demonstrating the concept, he posted source code to GitHub (via…
  • How to Join an Apple iOS TestFlight Beta

    Mon 6:55pm By Kelly Guimont
    Beta testing iOS apps just got a lot easier now that Apple has released its version of TestFlight. Kelly explains how to get set up as a beta tester.
  • Apple on Rite Aid/CVS/CurrentC: Customers and Retailers Love Apple Pay

    Mon 5:16pm By Bryan Chaffin
    Apple has issued a statement on the drama concerning Rite Aid and CVS deactivating NFC transactions rather than accept Apple Pay transactions. In a statement delivered to BusinessInsider, Apple said simply that retailers and consumers alike have been…
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