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  • Larry Ellison Talks about that Time He Offered to Buy Apple for Steve Jobs

    4h By Bryan Chaffin
    Long-term Apple observers will remember the mid-1990s and rumors that Larry Ellison was going to buy Apple. This was 1995, when "Apple was in severe distress," as Mr. Ellison put it. The rumor mill was rife with very real predictions of Apple's impending…
  • The Evolution of iPhone Means Cultural & Technical Trade-offs

    5:20pm By John Martellaro
    The iPhone evolution isn't just about technical advancements. It's also about technical and cultural trade-offs. Bigger displays create inconvenience. Smaller is inconvenient for others. There's a trade-off between law enforcement and consumer privacy,…
  • 8 Mac Apps in the World Class Mac Bundle: $29.99

    5:15pm By Bryan Chaffin
    We have deal for you on 8 Mac apps called the World Class Mac Bundle. It includes iStat Menu 5-a utility I can't imagine not having-Freeway Pro 7, uBar 6, Painter Essentials 5, DropZone 3, Xee 3, Data Rescue 4, and Hype 3.5. Those are solid apps, and you can…
  • TMO Background Mode: Interview With Time, Fortune & Now Apple 3.0 Journalist Philip Elmer-DeWitt

    2:15pm By John Martellaro
    Philip Elmer-DeWitt worked for Time Magazine for 30 years as a technical editor and was, recently, a blogger at Fortune. In this interview, we go way back to find his early inspirations. In Philip's case it was a computer programming class in highschool in the…
  • TMO Daily Observations 2016-05-31: EU Social Network Censorship, VocalIQ and Siri

    1:38pm By Jeff Gamet
    The big social networks have agreed to work with the European Union to censor hate speech. Adam Christianson from the Maccast Bryan Chaffin join Jeff Gamet to look at government censorhip, and who decides what constitutes hate speech. They also have some…
  • VocalIQ is Apple’s Key to Keeping Siri Relevant

    9:24am By Jeff Gamet
    Google, Amazon, and Microsoft are getting closer to the goal of complex natural spoken language interaction with computers while Apple's Siri seems to be lagging behind. But Apple may be in a position to leapfrog its competitors thanks to last year's VocalIQ…
  • Enjoy Your Memorial Day

    Mon 8:00am By Jeff Gamet
    In honor of Memorial Day, a U.S. holiday, the staff of The Mac Observer will be taking the day off. We will resume our regular coverage of the Apple Mac, iPhone, and iPad world on Tuesday, May 31st, 2016.
  • MGG 607: The Pocket Dial Conspiracy

    Sun 11:53am By John F. Braun & Dave Hamilton
    When in doubt, apply water, right? Listener Chris did, and it worked! Matthew takes us on a tour (through his mind) of the Pocket Dial Conspirary, and Matt asks some questions about eero. And that, folks, is what Mac Geek Gab is about: answering your questions…
  • The Pros and Cons of a Proprietary Apple Car Charger

    Fri 9:47pm By Bryan Chaffin
    A Reuters report claiming Apple has been talking to car charger companies got Bryan Chaffin thinking about standards. It seems likely that Apple would develop its own proprietary technology for charging the Apple Car, but there are many reasons why it would…
  • VirnetX Wants to Shut Down FaceTime, but it Won’t Happen

    Fri 6:59pm By Jeff Gamet
    The patent holding company VirnetX has managed to score a string of wins in its ongoing fight with Apple over infringement claims. Most recently, the company won US$625 million in a February ruling, and now is asking the court to bump that up another $190…
  • Star Wars: Force Awakens Soundtrack LPs Will Feature Built-in Holograms—Really

    Fri 5:45pm By Bryan Chaffin
    I am so in love with this! Disney is planning to release a hologram vinyl version of the original motion picture soundtrack for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Vinyl-hipsters rejoice, right? But wait, there's more because geeks get to rejoice, too, because…
  • It Could Happen - Universally Autonomous Cars Could Fail in the Marketplace

    Fri 5:45pm By John Martellaro
    Companies that must employ drivers and pay them, even without customary benefits, would like to replace them with computers that can drive autonomously. This makes such vehicles candidates for taxis, buses, and trucks. But what about customers who actually…
  • Record Your Mac’s Screen with iShowU Instant: $12

    Fri 5:36pm By Bryan Chaffin
    We have a deal for you today on a utility that makes it easy to record your screen (screencap) on your Mac. iShowU Instant for Mac records in QuickTime or MP4, can hide your desktop icons, and can share to various social media services directly. You can also…
  • TMO Daily Observations 2016-05-27: Apple’s Car Charging Plans, Eddy Cue’s Time Warner Deal

    Fri 1:49pm By Jeff Gamet
    Apple needs to make sure there's a way to charge its electric car when drivers are out and about. Bryan Chaffin and John Martellaro join Jeff Gamet to offer up their thoughts on how Apple will deal with existing charging station standards, competing with…
  • iPhone SE: Is Less the New More?

    Fri 11:50am By Bob LeVitus
    Apple introduced the iPhone SE earlier this year and Dr. Mac's been testing one. While it looks like an iPhone 5 or 5s from the outside, inside are thoroughly modern guts based on the iPhone 6s.
  • Support for Anti-encryption Laws Crumbles

    Fri 10:44am By Jeff Gamet
    The FBI's hopes for a laws to weaken encryption and require tech companies to build back doors through device security features seems to be crumbling because support in Congress is evaporating. A draft bill from Senators Richard Burr (R-NC) and Dianne…
  • HP Envy 34c Curved Display Video Review

    Thu 11:02pm By Jeff Gamet
    After TMO's John Martellaro shared his thoughts on HP's Envy 34c curved display, Jeff Gamet chimed in with his perspective. There's a lot to like, but a couple disappointments, too. Check out Jeff's video review to see exactly what he thinks.
  • Thinking Differently about Apple Spending Billions to Buy a Big Media Company

    Thu 6:18pm By Bryan Chaffin
    Apple is reportedly planning to ramp up spending on original content to "several hundred million dollars a year," according to an unnamed source cited by The Financial Times of London. The story was based in part around a supposed meeting where Apple senior…
  • Civilization: Beyond Earth – The Collection: $29.99

    Thu 5:30pm By Bryan Chaffin
    Oh, but do I have a fun deal for you today. It's Civilization: Beyond Earth - The Collection. I am a HUGE fan of the Civilization franchise, including Beyond Earth. The Collection includes the original game, the Rising Tide expansion that brought significant…
  • TMO Daily Observations 2016-05-26: Apple’s Siri Speaker, HP’s Envy 34c Display

    Thu 1:22pm By Jeff Gamet
    It looks like Apple may be ready to jump into the home listening appliance market, just as Amazon already has with its Echo. John Martellaro and Dave Hamilton join Jeff Gamet to share their thoughts on the rumored Siri speaker, and how it might stack up…
  • The Display You’ve Always Wanted For Your Mac: HP Z34c

    Thu 1:00pm By John Martellaro
    The Hewlett-Packard Z34c is a 34-inch (diagonal) VA LCD display that is attractively curved. It has a native resolution of 3440 x 1440 and sits firmly on a sturdy, detachable metal stand. It's drop-dead gorgeous, has an anti-reflective coating, stereo…
  • iCloud: Restoring Bookmarks from Backup

    Thu 9:15am By Melissa Holt
    Today's Quick Tip is about how to restore missing or deleted iCloud bookmarks using your browser. So if you find that you accidentally removed a whole bunch of stuff you need, you can easily get it all back as long as you're using Apple's storage and syncing…
  • ACM 361: Purism, Privacy, Apple, and Surveillance Capitalism

    Wed 4:40pm By Bryan Chaffin & Jeff Gamet
    In this special episode of The Apple Context Machine, Bryan and Jeff talk with Todd Weaver, founder and CEO of Purism. His company is dedicated to protecting the privacy and security of its customers, and they discuss the importance of privacy, surveillance…
  • iOS Coding Mastery Bundle: $39

    Wed 4:37pm By Bryan Chaffin
    We have a new developer training bundle for you called iOS Coding Mastery Bundle. It has seven courses from Bitfountain that cover iOS 9, design, layout, Core Data, Swift, the App Store, and a course that walks you through creating an app. It has hundreds of…
  • Apple Can’t Keep a Secret

    Wed 3:58pm By John Kheit
    John Kheit thinks Apple has lost its ability to keep a secret, and that this is hurting the company. He thinks it's time for Apple to either put up-and surprise us-or shut up about its supposed "culture of secrecy."
  • Apple’s Penchant for Privacy Makes Siri ‘Speaker’ Hard, but That’s Why We’ll Want It

    Wed 2:05pm By Bryan Chaffin
    Apple is rumored to be working on a "Siri speaker" that would compete with Amazon Echo and Google Home. Bryan Chaffin argues Apple faces many challenges in making such a product-most especially its commitment to privacy-but that this is exactly why we want the…
  • TMO Daily Observations 2016-05-25: Apple Hires Jon Callas, Microsoft’s Smartphone Failure

    Wed 1:33pm By Jeff Gamet
    Apple just hired security expert Jon Callas. Kelly Guimont and John Martellaro join Jeff Gamet to look at Apple's efforts to ramp up its security and encryption efforts, plus they have some thoughts on Microsoft scaling back its smartphone efforts again.
  • Microsoft Cuts more Smartphone Jobs, Hopes for Enterprise Success

    Wed 10:19am By Jeff Gamet
    Microsoft's big push into the smartphone market seems to have failed. The company recently sold off its consumer phone business, and now is scaling back again to focus on the enterprise smartphone market while laying off 1,850 employees.
  • Bad News, FBI: Apple Hires Security Pro Jon Callas

    May 24, 2016, 7:41 pm By Jeff Gamet
    If the FBI was hoping Apple CEO Tim Cook was all talk when he said his company is digging in its heels to protect user privacy, it's time to put on the disappointed face because Jon Callas is back on Apple's payroll. His credentials in the security and privacy…
  • How Apple Got Ready For an iPhone With an OLED Display

    May 24, 2016, 5:30 pm By John Martellaro
    It took some time. Apple wasn't always happy with the technology of OLED displays. Now, Apple has had the advantage of learning how to put an OLED display into production in the Apple Watch. That technology won't be far behind in the future iPhones.