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  • Canadian Bankers Balk at ‘Onerous’ Apple Pay Terms

    Fri 5:54pm By Bryan Chaffin
    Canadian bankers are balking at initial negotiations with Apple to bring Apple Pay to Canada. According to online reports, the six banks that control 90 percent of the Canadian markets consider Apple's terms "onerous," are concerned about security, and have…
  • How To Enable Stealth Mode in Yosemite

    Fri 5:52pm By Kelly Guimont
    If you like a change of scenery with your laptop from time to time, you're probably using public Wi-Fi as well. If that's the case, you might want to make sure you're doing what you can to keep unauthorized users off your computer. Kelly explains how to…
  • Ben & Jerry’s Spoofs Apple’s ‘1984’ Commercial to Promote BRRR-ito

    Fri 4:36pm By Bryan Chaffin
    "On April 20th, Ben & Jerry's will introduce the BRRR-ito. And you'll see why 4.20 will be exactly like '4.20.'" I'm not much for stoner culture, but this spoof of Apple's 1984 commercial from Ben & Jerry's is both well done and entertaining. In fact, of all…
  • Understand What Apple is Achieving or Get Left Behind

    Fri 4:25pm By John Martellaro
    Some observers complain that Apple doesn't come out with innovative products fast enough. But, in fact, it's actually quite hard to keep up with what Apple is doing, and it takes personal time and work to appreciate what Apple achieves. The alternative is to…
  • MiFi 2 Unlocked Global Hotspot: $99

    Fri 4:10pm By Bryan Chaffin
    We have another cool deal for you today, this time on the MiFi 2 Unlocked Global Hotspot. This device is a global hot spot that works in 150 countries. It's unlocked, and that means you can use it on all of the supported networks. It has a touchscreen…
  • TMO Daily Observations 2015-04-17: Don’t Hold Your Breath for In-store Apple Watch Sales

    Fri 1:22pm By Jeff Gamet
    Apple seems to be teaching consumers patience, at least as far as the Apple Watch is concerned. Bryan Chaffin and Kelly Guimont join Jeff Gamet to talk about the news that in-store sales for Apple Watches may not happen until June, plus they look at how Apple…
  • Apple PR Veteran Steve Dowling Promoted to VP

    Fri 10:45am By Jeff Gamet
    Steve Dowling has been filling in for Katie Cotton ever since she retired from her job as the head of Apple's public relations team, and now the job is officially his. Apple added Mr. Dowling to its executive list naming him Vice President of…
  • Apple Watch Training Workshops Coming to Apple Stores April 24

    Fri 9:37am By Jeff Gamet
    Apple retail stores will start offering Apple Watch Basics workshops on April 24 so you'll be up to speed on how to use yours when it arrives. The workshops are available in Apple retail stores in countries where Apple Watch is available.
  • OS X Yosemite Photos: Showing Your Recently Deleted Items

    Fri 8:55am By Melissa Holt
    If you've tried deleting an image from Yosemite's new Photos application, you may have wondered where it went. Where's the trash folder? How do you empty it? Should you sell all your belongings and move to Hawaii? Answers to these questions (except for that…
  • Scott Forstall Advising Snapchat, Earning 0.11% of Company

    Thu 9:10pm By Bryan Chaffin
    Former Apple Senior VP Scott Forstall has been advising Snapchat, the popular image sharing and messaging service. According to Sony emails leaked by hackers and posted to Wikileaks, Mr. Forstall is earning 0.11 percent of the company for his efforts, an…
  • USB ChargeDoubler Mini Charging Cable Seeks Funding

    Thu 7:36pm By Bryan Chaffin
    Check out the USB ChargeDoubler. It's a very short charging cable for your iPhone (there are models for Android devices, too), that is smart and clever. It's smart because it has built-in circuity to recognize the device it's plugged into so it can send the…
  • StuffIt Deluxe 16 Instant File Compressor for Mac: $19.99

    Thu 7:29pm By Bryan Chaffin
    Stuffit Deluxe 16 is the newest version of this venerable and excellent Mac compression utility. Right now we have a deal that allows you to get it for $19.99, a significant 60 percent discount. With Stuffit Deluxe 16, you can browse archives, preview images,…
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook Makes TIME’s Most Influential List

    Thu 6:09pm By Jeff Gamet
    Apple CEO Tim Cook earned himself a place on TIME's 100 Most Influential People list for 2015 for his corporate leadership skills and open support for human rights and environmental protection. Mr. Cook received the same honor along side the likes of Anita…
  • 4 Theories That Explain the Apple MacBook Shortage

    Thu 5:05pm By John Martellaro
    The new Apple MacBook was available on April 10, just as Apple said. But not in stores. Online order deliveries quickly shot up to four to six weeks. What happened? John Martellaro looks at some possible scenarios that may have torpedoed Apple's intentions.
  • No Apple Watches For In-Store Purchase Through May

    Thu 4:41pm By Bryan Chaffin
    Apple told employees Thursday that Apple Watch will continue to be limited to online sales through May. According to a memo obtained by The Telegraph, Senior Vice President of Retail Angela Ahrendts told staff it "has not been an easy decision," but that it…
  • Apple Releases 10.10.3 Supplemental Update

    Thu 2:49pm By Kelly Guimont
    Mac OS Yosemite 10.10.3 now has a supplemental. Like a Captain's Log does sometimes. So if you updated last week, you have an update waiting for you.The Mac Observer Spin: So many thoughts...where to begin? I'll just make a list.
  • TMO Daily Observations 2015-04-16: Apple Stores as Showrooms and Changing Retail Strategies

    Thu 1:42pm By Jeff Gamet
    Apple's latest products, Apple Watch and the new MacBook, aren't available in the company's retail stores, which has Kelly Guimont wondering if this is the beginning of big changes. Kelly and John Martellaro join Jeff Gamet to look at Apple's online-only sales…
  • LA Schools to Apple: Give Us Back Our Money

    Thu 10:49am By Jeff Gamet
    The Los Angeles Unified School District wants Apple to refund the money it paid into a US$1.3 billion deal to put iPads into the hands of its students and teachers. The district broke the contract last year amid controversy over ties between the former…
  • Apple Posts New Apple Watch Tour Videos Showing Phone Calls, More

    Thu 9:05am By Jeff Gamet
    Apple added four new videos to its Apple Watch guided tour series on Thursday. The short videos show how to handle phone calls, use Siri, work with Maps, and play music from the company's smartwatch device.The Mac Observer Spin: Seven Apple Watch guided tour…
  • ACM 302: Steve Jobs’s Legacy and Pretending Apple Watch Will Fail

    Wed 7:10pm By Bryan Chaffin & Jeff Gamet
    The battle to shape and control Steve Jobs's legacy continues, and Bryan Chaffin and Jeff Gamet look at the latest salvo from Apple veteran Andy Hertzfeld. They also look at the Apple Watch's first week, including preorders, trying them on, and the great…
  • When Did Apple Stores Become Apple Showrooms?

    Wed 6:12pm By Kelly Guimont
    Apple announced a new MacBook during the "Spring Forward" event in March. Think you're getting your skipping out of an Apple Store with one on April 24th? Not so fast, pal. Apple's telling everyone to try their luck online, including resellers and even their…
  • Enter For A Chance To Win The Choose Your Own Apple Watch Giveaway

    Wed 4:51pm By Bryan Chaffin
    We have a kick-butt giveaway for you today: if you win, you can choose your own Apple Watch, up to $750 worth. All you have to do to register is sign up to receive our Deal emails. If you then share your entry, you get additional entries. Check out the deal…
  • Watch This: My Apple Watch Try-On and Ordering Experience

    Wed 4:35pm By Bob LeVitus
    Dr. Mac says his entire Apple Watch try-on and ordering experience couldnât have been smoother. In Dr. Mac's Rants & Raves Episode #119 you'll hear about it along with tips for trying on and ordering your own Apple Watch, plus rare spycam footage of the…
  • Finally - Good Forecasts for Apple Watch Sales in 2015

    Wed 3:35pm By John Martellaro
    A Reuters and Ipsos poll of 1,829 Americans showed that 4 percent of American women and 9 percent of American men plan to buy an Apple Watch. Using the results and U.S. Census data for demographics, the potential sales number is about 15 million Apple Watches.…
  • TMO Daily Observations 2015-04-15: Apple’s Move into Super Computing, Singing Siri

    Wed 1:26pm By Jeff Gamet
    Apple's partnership with IBM's Watson Health Cloud opens the door to new super computing possibilities. John Martellaro and Bryan Chaffin join Jeff Gamet to talk about why Apple getting cozy with IBM's super computing efforts is a smart move, plus the look at…
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook goes on the Auction Block Again for Human Rights

    Wed 11:14am By Jeff Gamet
    Apple CEO Tim Cook is participating yet again in a charity auction to support the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights for the third year in a row. Bidding in the Charitybuzz auction starts at US$10,000, and includes lunch with Mr. Cook along…
  • Apple Buys Mobile Device Camera Maker LinX Computational Imaging

    Wed 9:56am By Jeff Gamet
    Apple has purchased LinX Computational Imaging, a company known for its cameras designed for smartphones and tablets. LinX's camera modules are said to offer SLR-quality while still fit inside mobile devices, which could be a sign we'll get even better photos…
  • 10.10.3 Yosemite: Previewing Links in Safari with a Tap

    Wed 8:50am By Melissa Holt
    There's a brand-new feature in 10.10.3 Yosemite that may just blow your mind a tiny bit and make your browsing easier: you can now preview links in Safari before you click them. Today's Quick Tip is all about how to use this very handy trick!
  • Covers by Siri

    Tue 9:50pm By Bryan Chaffin
    Oh my. This is wonderful. Covers by Siri. The name says it all. Well, maybe not all. Someone has covered three songs (so far) using Siri's voice for the lyrics. It's well done, and I can't imagine the effort needed to get the samples necessary to piece…
  • Andy Hertzfeld Weighs In on Battle Over Steve Jobs’s Legacy

    Tue 9:05pm By Bryan Chaffin
    Andy Hertzfeld has penned an excellent post on Steve Jobs and the simmering fight over which biography is "definitive." Mr. Hertzfeld, a member of the original (and legendary) Mac team who worked with Steve Jobs for many years, calls Becoming Steve Jobs a…
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