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  • Chuck La Tournous and Chris Breen to Speak at NJMUG’s 30th Anniversary Tuesday

    57m By Chuck La Tournous
    TMO Contributing Editor Chuck La Tournous will speak at the New Jersey Macintosh User Group's (NJMUG) 30th Anniversary tonight. Macworld Senior Editor Chris Breen will be the featured speaker for the event. The group will celebrate its 30th anniversary at a…
  • Don’t Upgrade to Yosemite or iOS 8.1 Before You Read This Column

    2h By Bob LeVitus
    This has been a big week for Apple operating system upgrades: Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite arrived last Thursday and iOS 8.1 came out yesterday. But as eager as you may be to sample their improvements, donât install either until you read what I have to say.
  • TMO Daily Observations: 2014-10-21

    2h By Bryan Chaffin & Dave Hamilton
    Apple launched Apple Pay, and there are a couple of ways to set it up. We walk you through it all. We can also send and receive SMS text messages from our Macs and iPads (in addition to iMessages), and we walk you through setting that up. Then we spent some…
  • How Apple Pay Mitigates Breach Fatigue

    3h By Kelly Guimont
    If you're suffering from breach fatigue, Apple Pay offers a bit of relief. Kelly gets into how Apple Pay actually works, why it's better than the magnetic stripe you have now, and what makes it less susceptible to attacks.
  • How to Enable Apple’s SMS Relay on your Mac or iPad

    10:50am By Dave Hamilton
    When Apple announced iOS 8 at WWDC one feature was met with great applause: SMS Relay. This allows users to send and receive Text Messages (i.e. the "green bubble" messages) on our Macs the same way we've always been able to send and receive iMessages. SMS…
  • Apple Earnings Smackdown Ranks Analyst Predictions

    9:43am By Kelly Guimont
    Each quarter, Philip Elmer-Dewitt gathers analyst predictions on Apple's performance and ranks them in the Apple Earnings Smackdown. Tuesday he released the results for Apple's latest earnings report.The Mac Observer Spin: I'm not sure what the difference is…
  • Apple Q4 Earnings Sliced And Diced

    Mon 9:52pm By Kelly Guimont
    Apple reported Q3 earnings information Monday. Kelly plays a little Fun With Math and shows some interesting stats about how Apple did over the last three months.
  • Apple Q4 MacBook Sales Hit Record Breaking Numbers, Jump 25 Percent

    Mon 8:21pm By Jeff Gamet
    Mac sales hit 5.5 million units during Apple's fourth fiscal quarter for 2014, jumping a full 25 percent in a single quarter. Apple CEO Tim Cook said Mac marketshare is the largest it's been since 1995.
  • Here’s What Apple Wants to Achieve With Apple Pay

    Mon 7:45pm By John Martellaro
    In Apple's Q4 2014 earnings report, Tim Cook was asked by Shannon Cross of Cross Research what Apple's business model is for Apple Pay and whether it will, over time, become a standalone business, like iTunes. Or is it just incremental revenue? It was a great…
  • How Apple’s Tim Cook Explained Away Poor iPad Sales

    Mon 7:33pm By John Martellaro
    During Apple's Q4 2014 earnings report, Tim Cook was asked by Steve Milunovich with UBS about his views on the iPad sales of 12.31 million, the second (non-holiday) quarter of declining sales. Here's how Mr. Cook responded.
  • Apple Store App Update Adds Apple Pay Support

    Mon 6:31pm By Jeff Gamet
    Along with the release of iOS 8.1, Apple released Apple Store 8.1 for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch on Monday. The update for the Apple retail store assistant app added support for Apple Pay, which was enabled in iOS 8.1.
  • China Holds Huge Potential for Apple with First Time iPhone Buyers

    Mon 5:59pm By Jeff Gamet
    China isn't just a big market for Apple's iPhone, it has huge potential for new customers. According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, half of iPhone 5S buyers in the country were new to the platform, and the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus look to be in a position to drive…
  • Apple Teases Future Plans for Beats

    Mon 5:16pm By Jeff Gamet
    Apple has plans in store for Beats now that it owns the company, and an announcement is coming about what's in store, but for now CEO Tim Cook isn't saying what we can expect. Mr. Cook shared his little tidbit during the company's fourth fiscal quarter…
  • Apple Posts a Record September Quarter - $42.1 Billion Revenue, $8.5 Billion Earnings

    Mon 5:02pm By Bryan Chaffin
    Apple posted another record quarter Monday, when the company announced results for the September quarter, Apple's 4th fiscal quarter. Apple had record revenue of US$42.1 billion, with record 4th quarter earnings of $8.5 billion (earnings per share of $1.42).…
  • How-to Set Up and Add Credit Cards to Apple Pay

    Mon 4:45pm By Bryan Chaffin
    Apple launched Apple Pay Monday, a service that allows iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus owners to conduct credit card transactions through NFC at participating retailers. Apple Pay was included in iOS 8.1, which was released to consumers earlier on Monday, and it's…
  • TMO Daily Observations: 2014-10-20

    Mon 1:32pm By Dave Hamilton & Adam Christianson
    Spotify announces its upcoming family plans and iOS 8.1 is due out pretty much the moment this podcast stops recording. Two special hosts (and one missing host!) make for this very unique TDO.
  • Apple Releases iOS 8.1 With Apple Pay, iCloud Photo Library, Camera Roll, More

    Mon 1:19pm By Bryan Chaffin
    Apple released iOS 8.1 Monday afternoon. The update includes the launch of Apple Pay for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in the U.S., the return of the Camera Roll in Photos, the launch of iCloud Photo Library "as a beta service," the ability for Messages users to send…
  • Spotify Announces Family Plans

    Mon 11:49am By Kelly Guimont
    Spotify has announced Spotify Family, a way to add additional Spotify users to a single account and yet keep all the recommendations and playlists completely separate.
  • How To Get Ready For iOS 8.1 [Update]

    Mon 9:59am By Kelly Guimont
    Apple has announced iOS 8.1 will be released Monday, presumably with the usual fixes for security and usability issues. Also part of this release will be Apple Pay, enabling iPhone 6 and 6 Plus owners to wave their phones in stores and pay for things.The Mac…
  • Dropbox Releases iOS Update 3.5, Includes Touch ID

    Mon 9:02am By Kelly Guimont
    Dropbox has released its latest iOS version, which now includes Touch ID as an alternate method of accessing Dropbox data.The Mac Observer Spin: It's good to see Touch ID get more widespread use all the time, so this is a welcome update.
  • MGG 524: Cool Stuff Found & Yosemite Notes

    Sun 11:54am By John F. Braun & Dave Hamilton
    John and Dave have been attending all sorts of press events lately, collecting and researching for Cool Stuff Found. That combined with everything sent in by you and fellow listeners makes for a pretty fun list! Plus, Yosemite went live this week and your…
  • 3 More Tips for Making Better Slide Show Presentations in Apple’s Keynote

    Sat 10:30am By Nancy Gravley
    Keynote is a cool app and understanding some of the built-in elements can make for an exceptional presentation. Nancy Carroll Gravley has three more tips for you to help make better looking slideshows using Keynote.
  • Eek! How Did I Ever Live With an iPhone 5s?

    Fri 5:50pm By John Martellaro
    It didn't take long. Right after John Martellaro reviewed the Amazon Fire Phone, he knew that the 4.7-inch smartphone size would be perfect. So he bought an iPhone 6. Then, handling a hand-me-down iPhone 5s confirmed the diagnosis: How did he ever use such a…
  • Apple Posts Full Video for October Media Event

    Fri 5:15pm By Bryan Chaffin
    Apple posted the full video for its "It's Been Too Long" media event, which was held Thursday, October 16th. The company announced iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3, iMac with Retina 5K display, new Mac mini models, launch dates for Apple Pay, the release of WatchKit…
  • Sales Prospects for Apple’s iPad Air 2 Look Good

    Fri 4:15pm By John Martellaro
    Almost a third of the installed base of iPads consists of iPad 2s without a Retina display. As a result, a casual look at the numbers suggests that the iPad Air 2 should do very well in sales. John Martellaro pulls out his calculator.
  • The Dream Desk Giveaway

    Fri 3:12pm By Bryan Chaffin
    It's time for another giveaway through our friends at StackSocial. This one's called the Dream Desk Giveaway, and it includes a 27-inch Apple Thunderbolt Monitor, an Apple Wireless Keyboard, an Apple Magic Mouse, and an mStand by Rain Design. To register, just…
  • An Ode To Chairman Honeycrisp

    Fri 2:17pm By Kelly Guimont
    Jonathan Mann releases a song a day on his YouTube channel. You may remember him from the iOS Autocomplete Song, and today we get a new tune from him about yesterday's Apple Event. Titled "Chairman Honeycrisp," Jonathan calls out some of the highlights of the…
  • Seidio Tetra for iPhone 6: a Rigid, Gorgeous Metal Bumper Case

    Fri 2:00pm By John Martellaro
    If you're a fan of iPhone bumpers, the Seidio Tetra Metal Bumper case for iPhone 6 (only) is one to look at. There's an inner bumper of soft TPU and a machined aluminum outer ring that snaps into place. John Martellaro liked it a lot.
  • TMO Daily Observations: 2014-10-17

    Fri 1:43pm By Jeff Gamet
    Twitpic is shutting its doors for good, and Apple has a fancy new SIM for the iPad Air 2. Kelly Guimont joins Jeff Gamet to talk about the demise of Twitpic's photo sharing service, and dive into what Apple's all-in-one SIM card means for iPad owners and cell…
  • GigSky Is Apple SIM For Everyone

    Fri 1:32pm By Dave Hamilton
    Included with the announcement of new iPads yesterday we saw Apple SIM, a multi-carrier-capable SIM card baked into the cellular models of the new devices allowing customer choice of data carriers. There are some limits, of course, mostly that carrier partners…
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